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    I have to agree with you Unc, it seems that SA is the only country in Africa that currently offers DL. There are some excellent universities in Northern Africa that haven't expanded their programs to include Distance Learning.
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    The boy scout motto is... prepared.

    Perhaps SRU got wind of the Liberian Embassy's attempts to figure out what was going on, and beefed up their Liberian-in-appearance documentation. Note the September 11 date: the embassy statement went to the real Embassy web site two weeks later, on September 25.
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    Considering that I have an article from AACRO that states the Liberian Embassy doesn't know anything about SRU, and the fact that the State board of Education in Georgia won't accept SRU for their teachers I don't understand what all the fuss is.
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    link, please

    Could you post a link to that AACRAO article please?

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    I can't post to where it is currently linked. But here it is. You can probably find it on the AACRO site. Its basically just the letter from the Liberian Embassy saying that they don't know who SRU is.

    Written by: Dale Gough
    Published: 09/29/2003
    Embassy of Liberia Dissociates with St. Regis University
    Officials from the Liberian Embassy in Washington D.C. announced Sept. 26 that it has no official dealings with the online St. Regis University and cannot verify or authenticate the accreditation status of the institution. The announcement states:
    “Liberian Embassy Announcement

    The Embassy of Liberia in Washington, DC wishes to dissociate itself and to announce that it has no official dealings with the online St. Regis University. The Embassy of Liberia is not a source to verify or authenticate the accreditation status of St. Regis University, and would as such assume no responsibility for any reference to the Embassy. Anyone seeking clarification on the status of St. Regis University should channel same directly to St. Regis.

    Sgd: Aaron B. Kollie, Charge d'Affaires”
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    embassy web site 1/2

    It's good that AACRAO's picked up the statement to keep it on the web!

    The original source for the declaration by Mr. Kollie is the entry page to the real Liberian Embassy's web site: They kept it there for about a week before replacing it with information about other matters. I'll include a screen shot of the page; the resolution isn't so good (file'd be too big) so I'll post it in two pieces. Here's the first...

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    embassy web site 2/2

    ...and here's the second.


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    I don't think they have cooked any missionaries in at least 100 years. Have they?

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