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    Jarvis Christian College has a bunch of adjunct gigs (Finance, Accounting, Micro-Economics, Cyber Security)

    Middle Eastern schools usually pay expats well. Not sure if this is true for Afghan or even online. There are some adjunct online opportunities in the Humanities & Social Sciences and Business divisions American Univesity of Afghanistan.
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    Schools in high income Persian Gulf countries pay well. That's a small subset of the Middle East.
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    The Admission Counselor is kind of neat. You do 20-30 minute interviews with prospective MBA and EMBA students. You're expected to devote 20-30 hours a week to it. I'm not sure of the pay, but my counselor seemed genuinely interested in my career goals and emailed me later with follow up information related to some of the questions I asked. Admissions is a usual path into other roles like Engagement Coordinator (who oversees the student Slack that we all worked in and facilitated graduation), and on and up in the school.
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