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Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by chrisjm18, Jun 12, 2022.

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    That is awesome news. Does UVI hire online only adjuncts? St. Thomas is beautiful, but I’m not sure about moving yet. :)
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    UVI hires adjuncts on St. Thomas, St. Croix, and UVI Online.

    St. Thomas is indeed beautiful though I only lived there for 7 months. I couldn't handle the frequent power outages.
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    Good to know about the power! I looked at some CIO positions at the hospitals on the Islands. It seemed interesting, but the pay wasn't competitive. I'll check out UVI Online.
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    Spoke to the chair this morning. He said the Full-Time Faculty position would have a teaching load of (5) courses per semester. He also said most, if not all, of the courses would be online courses. He said so long as the work is done, he does not mind me maintaining my current employment.

    He gets the budget in February for the department and will move the process forward. I’d likely start in Fall 2023. The extra $40,000 per year would be nice as I could take the entirety of my pay and just dump it into getting my mortgage and student loans paid off quicker.
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    That is awesome. Nothing tried, nothing done!
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    In June 2022, Parami University was incorporated in Washington, DC, and licensed by the Higher Education Licensure Commission, a regulatory authority of the government of Washington, DC.

    Employment Status: Full-time
    Base: Ideally in Southeast Asia, but it can be anywhere virtually
    Start Date: July 1, 2023

    Faculty of Statistics and Data Science (3 positions)

    Faculty of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (3 positions

    Faculty of General Education (2 positions)
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    Parami U. looks like a very interesting school - their mission appears to be educating people in many countries. I read the job posting and the Parami site. Although they're not yet US accredited, they're licensed in Washington DC and have a partnership and Memorandum of Understanding with Bard College, NY.

    I'm starting a thread on Parami U. as it's a new school that may well be worth the attention of DI members.

    @chrisjm18 Thanks for a very good find. :)
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