Regionally accredited life experience degree ?

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  1. Kizmet

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    Mills come and go. They change names and locations but we're not very surprised when we learn that it's the same group of people behind the new name. Rather than create a list I'd invite you to use the search engine, keyword mill(s). You'll turn up a lot of threads that will not only include the names of the "usual suspects," but also their owners and some interesting background/history. In recent years, as regulations have tightened across the USA, many mills have moved to other countries or, at least they are marketing to other countries and so we are becoming less and less aware of this problem because it isn't poluting our own back yards. Here's an interesting example from 10 years ago - - - MIGS

    There are many other threads on this particular "school."
  2. John Bear

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    newbie: "Surely there must be other online universities that will take 100% of PLA and transfer credits and certification ACE credits. These can't possibly be the only regional colleges."

    John: When the bug 3 all started up in the early 70s, most experts and authors in this field, I among them, were predicting that this was the vanguard, and before too long, nearly every state would have its own comparable school. Never happened. Not even one. Nearly 40 years later, it is still only those three (and possibly Athabasca in Canada).
  3. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    TheProfessor: "Where can I find an updated list of degree mills?"

    John: Unless the publisher gets kalte Füße, there will be an updated list of more than 1,000 in the forthcoming revised-expanded edition of our book.* Also a list of more than 300 fake or unrecognized accrediting agencies.
    * Degree Mills: the billion-dollar industry that has sold more than a million fake diplomas by FBI Special Agent Allen Ezell (ret'd) and John Bear. Amherst, NY. Prometheus Books, January 2012.
  4. ms12891

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    It is all EXPENSIVE ! I have a degree from a PLA online degree program will not say which one BUT it IS A FAKE !! Almost went to JAIL using this "LEGAL" degree . SAVE your money go to a real college ! NOTHING is easy and its sure not free to get a college degree. I had to find out the hard and expensive way about these so called PLA and life experience "DEGREES" but now I am in a real college who did give me credit for Prior learning and life experience but I had to complete their version of the CLEP and show I really knew something. I have one semester left and I am very glad this forum was hear so I could help people learn from my mistakes. DO NOT BE FOOLED THE ON LINE IMMEDIATE TYPE DEGREES ......ARE FAKE AND YOU CAN GO TO JAIL IF YOU USE THEM IN SOME PLACES IN THE USA. If a degree like lets say a bachelors costs 500 or less , DONT BUY IT !! I mean come on people the cheapest "REAL" college degree even an associates is around $9000 US but yet give me $499 and BAM !!! you have a degree !!!What a JOKE ! oh yea one more thing try and get the "DEGREE" verified or get a transcript sent to a "REAL" college as I did ..... WONT HAPPEN they will tell you to "REVIEW" your so called FAQ ,I call it LIE section on why they will not do it. PLEASE do not waste the free time it will take to fill out the information online for these "SCHOOLS" they tell you that they "REVIEW" your qualifications yet as you get finished with your "APPLICATION" and give them that credit card number even though itS 3 am BAM!!!! you are a Graduate !!!LOL I guess in the other countries of the world where these "DEGREES" come from no one ever sleeps !!!! and the "Panel of Teachers" that review your documents" just happens to be standing by waiting on YOU !!!!!! LOL
  5. Maxwell_Smart

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    Anyone who would buy a "Life experience degree" that's unaccredited and requires little or no coursework, falls under one or both of the following categories:

    1. Scammer

    2. Dummy
  6. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    100% correct, Maxwell. Or perhaps a combo -- "Scummy." :sad:

  7. thomaskolter

    thomaskolter New Member

    Or someone who is a confirmed social critic and finds the whole system of working for pieces of paper just to impress those who are properly impressed with the same pieces of paper largely comical. A friend even paid for my recent addition to my pieces of paper a Professorship since its not a degree title I can use Professor all I want from a wonderful option. If you want a legal use title Doctor get a religious degree from the church I belong to for $29.95 you can't go wrong and the 1st Amendment will shield you - yay. Or go there and buy a doctor sounding title and use that its even cheaper at $10. Paper for everyone! weeeeeee!

    More seriously now and to the question. No legitimate school as most here see it would offer a sanctified, authorized, canonized and certified degree solely on life experience. Credits of course some will but not a degree. If you need a piece of sheepskin you need to do it the "right way".
  8. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    One thing I'll add to this; even credits are not good forever. Some schools won't accept any credits that are more than 7 years old. Some will stretch to 10 years. A very few are more generous. You can not assume that your credits have an unlimited shelf life.
  9. Johann

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    True, indeed. But back in the day (no longer - years ago) I found that whiskey indeed DID have unlimited shelf life. And the more years it aged in the barrel, the better it was. Plus, I NEVER had to take any back to the liquor store because it "didn't meet my current or anticipated future needs." :smile:

    Then I spent my spare money going back to school -- couldn't afford whiskey any more -- and felt better for it. :smile:

  10. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    More seriously than my post above, at least, I agree with that statement. I'd consider earning a degree just to impress others more pathetic than comical -- but yeah, I can see it as a laughing matter, for sure.

    However, I'd consider someone wise - not comical - who

    (1) wanted to ensure their earned degree would get them into the work field they wanted, or
    (2) wanted the right credential to get into a valuable program of further study, or
    (3) didn't want to weather the continued strain of having to "defend" a possibly-legal-but-worthless "degree"

    Just sayin' - there are many valid reasons for going the right route. Merely "impressing" others hardly makes the list. If someone solely wants to impress people, maybe they should go buy a few good suits / outfits and/or a newer car. It's quicker, possibly cheaper...and definitely more effective.

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  11. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    And there's this question: Even if attaining a (valid) degree solely to impress people is funny or pathetic - and I think it is, ask yourself:

    What sort of people (in general) are going to be impressed by a fake, spooflicate or other "bought" degree?
    Yep. :smile: And why would someone waste one minute or one dollar to impress those people. What's the point?

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  12. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    And hand out lots of snazzy business cards -- they're real cheap, these days! :smile: Yeah...and build a website!

  13. RAM PhD

    RAM PhD Member

    So one can obtain a degree for merely being alive?
  14. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Indeed - for that and parting with $20 or $30... Sure it's a "degree," if someone says, I guess. Or a worthless facsimile, as I prefer to think of it. Or a big joke, to a few wiseacres, I guess.

    It is what it is. :sad:

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  15. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Come to think of it, that's not even necessary! If someone was willing to pay ULC $25 or $30 on behalf of a dearly departed, I'm sure they'd award the late loved one a degree posthumously, on request! :jester:

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  16. RAM PhD

    RAM PhD Member

    No doubt! And someone would argue for its validity. :(((
  17. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    And why not? :jester:

    There are "schools" which have been known to confer degrees on people's pets - dogs, cats. etc. This link on "Ashwood U." deals in part with a medical degree issued to a dog named Sunny. Ashwood University - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    For seven years, my granddaughter had a wonderful grey and white pet rabbit. His life ended a couple of years back. My granddaughter and her bunny loved each other and I'm sure those years together were a great learning experience, both ways. Perhaps that good animal deserves to be remembered with a doctorate.

    Yes - Dr. Whiskers has a nice ring to it! ....I'm making application today on his behalf.... :smile:

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    I had asked a question about a post that someone had made here, but I had actually just missed the post that had answered it, so I've found the answer to my question. I apologize for posting here, but it won't let me delete this post, just alter it.
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