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  1. TeacherBelgium

    TeacherBelgium Active Member

    I am seriously consider Hauniv but awaiting admissions decion from Gies Business School first. That one still carries away my preference. The iMsM would be so perfect for my goals.
    In a week or less I should know if I can be admitted or not.
    If they give me a negative advice then I will see if eastern university is an option or Hauniv.
    Still rooting for Illinois Gies business school though.
    The brand name of that one is really strong.
  2. manuel

    manuel Member

    Even if the GPA for undergrad is very low, people should be able to enter grad school. It is not that the courses are free and you have to keep out bad students. Also, people come from different backgrounds and circumstances. For instance, there are people going to school at night or part-time while working full time. That could affect drastically their GPA.

    Everybody deserves a second chance and passing one test should not be the barrier. A student could show the capability of graduate work with the first two graduate classes.
  3. TeacherBelgium

    TeacherBelgium Active Member

    The unfortunate thing is that my GPA wasn't even that low to begin with.
    If they would have taken into account the differences between European quotation and American quotation, then my GPA would have been closer to 3. But they literally took the Belgian GPA and didn't adjust it for American differences.
    That's the sad thing here.
    And I don't even know if it would be worth it to fill out the application with what she told me.
    Another week of stress to hear '' you have been turned down '', I don't think I want to put myself through that.
  4. Futuredegree

    Futuredegree Active Member

    You got accepted to Hellenic American University and you are awaiting one more school... If that does not work out you can just go to Hellenic American university get a regionally accredited American MBA for super cheap $3,000 and apply for another program when you finish. Who knows you may go for a doctorate...
  5. manuel

    manuel Member

    You should explain that so they at least take it into consideration. If you mention GPA and don't say anything, they would assume that it is the same as in the US. Good luck!
  6. Then we are in agreement.
  7. TeacherBelgium

    TeacherBelgium Active Member

    Hauniv's summer semester starts on Monday the 7th of June and Gies Business School hasn't treated my application yet. I'm so stressed out by this. Only approach I see is going through with the Hauniv MBA and taking on the iMsM on top of it in case I get accepted. Retracting my application with Gies would be the biggest regret of my life if it would turn out that I would have had a small chance to get in. Turning Hauniv down would be foolish too because they serve as a back-up for if Gies turns me down. So, only reasonable approach to not risk losing both is accepting a possibility where I will have to take both on top of a full-time job. No other feasible options I think.
  8. You could push to the HAU Sep start.
    May I give some advice? I promise you, thinking of things as "biggest regret of your life" is just setting yourself up for stress, anxiety, buyers remorse and general unhappy headspace. The thing about what actually do become our "biggest regrets" is they are only seen in hindsight and most often completely blindside us. My outside observation is that one day you will regret how much worry, thought and hope you put into whatever masters you end up taking. The masters is just gravy career wise, your performance, satisfaction, EQ, work ethic are the main servings. Plus, think beyond career when you look at what will make you happy and what real success is. Money matters, but sure isn't everything
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  9. TeacherBelgium

    TeacherBelgium Active Member

    Got an invitation for an interview with Gies, for the iMsM.
    Does this mean something or does everyone get invited to the interview per default?
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  10. smartdegree

    smartdegree Active Member

    Good luck, I guess that's a good sign?
  11. TeacherBelgium

    TeacherBelgium Active Member

    I started my first course at HAU which is business landscapes.
    Assignments for this course are engaging in discussion forums.
    Each post needs to be 4 to 5 paragraphes in length and with APA references.
    First week was about discussing differences between mixed economies and pure capitalism.
    I need time to get used to the fact that all grades are given on discussion forum posts for this course.
    I never experienced that with any course before.
    The teachers are super kind though.
    I'm taking two courses to test drive the MBA for this semester.
  12. Maniac Craniac

    Maniac Craniac Moderator Staff Member

    The way I saw it, the discussion board posts were basically essay papers that we were sharing with the class. I put a lot of work into them, and got a lot out of them. I might have actually gone overboard, but I really want to NAIL my grades. They were the perfect set up for getting me ready for the final paper.
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  13. TeacherBelgium

    TeacherBelgium Active Member

    My first one was 700 words.
    I would have preferred more live interaction to be honest.
    But I want to obtain a good GPA too because I might finish the entire HAU MBA if Gies interview results in no admission.
    So I'm doing my best too with discussion boards and stuff.
  14. Same, and class discussion both online and on "zoom" was engaging and really added to what we all learned. I am very happy so far with HAU.
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  15. TeacherBelgium

    TeacherBelgium Active Member

    The teachers are super kind which is awesome. They make you feel welcome.
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  16. If you want more interaction z just ask questions, prof and fellow students. We control that as much as prof does
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  17. TeacherBelgium

    TeacherBelgium Active Member

    Can I get some advice? I canceled my MBA HAU subscription because there is basically little to no networking going on which is important for me to accelerate career growth.
    I have applied and received a placement offer from Deakin University through Upgrad.
    I need to pay 10k$.
    Is it worth it the 10k$?
    Will it yield sharp career growth?
    I need to decide within 24 hours.
    I'm leaning towards yes because it has Equis and AACSB and 10k$ is unbeatable basically.
  18. Dustin

    Dustin Well-Known Member

    Will any online degree yield sharp career growth? I don't think it will (personally.) Instead, it gives you a slight edge over those without the degree that, over your career, makes it worth it.

    Something staying flat for 30 years:
    1.0 x 30 years = 1.0. No change.

    Something with 1% increase over 30 years
    1.01 x 30 = 30.3. Significant change.
  19. TeacherBelgium

    TeacherBelgium Active Member

    Worth the 10k$, a degree from Deakin?
  20. Stanislav

    Stanislav Well-Known Member

    1.01 over 30 years yields about 1.35. It's an exponent not multiplication.

    Still, I'd classify this as "significant".
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