RA MBA for $3000? Hellenic American University

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    Each class is different but the first-course BUS 511 it was mainly blackboard posts and a final paper. Courses are 7 weeks long each which is great. Other courses may require Zoom meetings which are two hours long once a week and group projects.
    Overall my first course was good I am currently pairing it up with my doctorate in healthcare administration at Virginia University of Lynchburg so I found a way to balance and manage. If I could change anything it would just be the number of students in the course, We had three students and it was down to two so we didn't really have interaction. A good feature is the work is flexible online each course you have a week to submit your work typically Sunday by 11:59 est. So far the work is not too heavy they use Havard Case studies and assigned readings from the textbook which are not bad.
    I would say the investment is worth it for $3,000 if you just need a master's degree or looking to add another one under your belt for sure. If you are worried about the whole big three accreditation for business you should look elsewhere because I do not believe they will be getting it anytime soon but overall you cant beat the value plus the credits are regionally accredited and can be transferred to another program or if you complete the program you can use the degree as an admissions requirement to go for a doctorate as most of them do not care where the degree came from rather that it is regionally accredited.
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    Thanks for the information. Sounds similar to my M.S. - usually some online interaction/posts each week (Canvas), readings and videos to watch, a paper or presentation or other project due each week as well as responding to others posts/etc. A few group projects were scattered throughout, but I never had a ton of interaction with other members of my cohort - but in the end felt like I got to know them a bit after the year was up. About how many hours a week do you think you put into the course?
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    to be honest I put about 5-10 hours total a week but in other courses, this can change. What MS and which school are you currently pursuing?
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    I'm not pursuing anything right now, I meant from the MS degree I completed in 2019 at Anderson University. I found myself putting about 15-20 hours a week into that, but it was an accelerated course, and some classes were a little lighter - and there was a break for about two weeks in the summer.
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    Deadline is approaching for September 7 admissions to the MBA program for $3,000. I am not sure if they are going to run it again just keep in mind you can take one class at a time they are 7 weeks long and if you want you can take two at a time.
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  6. Started in March with HAU in their MBA program.

    Based on previous college level courses in UL and life experience of business management I received waivers for doing Accounting for Decision Making, Operations Research and Functional Skills Integration. I have completed The Business landscape, Marketing management and Managerial Finance.

    In the fall term I am doing Business Policy and International Economy online over 15 weeks and HR Strategic Human Resources Management in the standard 7 week blackboard and zoom format (which I actually enjoy more than online only).

    That will bring me to 24 credits of the 36 needed and the current plan with Dean Martin is to starting my capstone second spring or summer term next year. So, I will have completed the MBA in 14-17 months is what it is looking like.

    I have really enjoyed it mostly, the people at HAU are great, I have enjoyed the student interaction while wishing for a bit more. It's real work but other than a few times where life got the better of me and I waited until the last few days for assignments it has not been taking up my entire life (like my TESU Undergrad did).

    I really would encourage anyone that has been considering but on the fence to consider jumping aboard. The truth is this is an amazing chance to get a RA MBA for an unheard of price. I suspect in a couple years it will be mentioned on this board as "I wish I had".
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    I found a copy of someone's degree from Hellenic American University. Very interesting looking degree

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    Kind of pretty.
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    What's with the flower or whatever that is? Looks unprofessional.
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    It's the greek leaves the school is from Greece. I think it looks different I don't mind honestly.
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    Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, is also the one who brought olive trees to humankind.
  12. https://simple.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laurel_wreath

    Ummm..it is a wreath, very much a symbol of Greece.

    Hellenic is Greece. Hellenic American University. Makes perfect sense
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    Interesting definition of Laurel Wreath also found this within that link:
    "In some countries the laurel wreath is used as a symbol of the master's degree. The wreath is given to young masters in the graduation ceremony of the university. "
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    Hey! Thanks for finding this. I saw a copy of this exact diploma a few months ago, but could never find it again.
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    no problem hopefully hope to finish by summer 2022 , I would hope they one day put the Masters in Sale Management also on the $3000 deal, I would do it in a heart beat.
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    The illustration looks amateur. The Laurel Wreath doesn't have to look cheap.
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    I like it.
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    I don't care for the leaves either, but they also figure prominently in the school's logo so I can't really complain: https://twitter.com/haunivmea

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    Thanks to everyone for educating me on the school's origin. I did not recognize that it was a laurel wreath. The Jamaica Constabulary Force, which I was a part of for almost four years, uses the laurel wreath on its crest/insignia and on a few of the senior-most officers ranks.

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    Honestly, people complaining About one of the most ancient symbols of victory and accomplishment on the diploma of a school with Greek origins makes me wonder what the heck you’ve ever learned in your degree programs. Profound ignorance on display here and I’m kind of surprised and disappointed.

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