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  1. Rachel83az

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    Yeah, it can be difficult to get them evaluated. But ACEI will do it, no problem. https://acei-global.org/ And per https://www.uopeople.edu/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Transfer-Credit-Policy-4.pdf they'll accept any NACES member, so ACEI will work for UoPeople.
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  3. Lerner

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  4. Johann

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    Good point. Could be! Never noticed. Their website claims about 16 memberships - NACES is definitely not one.

    Nice work, Det. Lerner! :)
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  5. Rachel83az

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    Interesting, Like Johan, I never noticed that.
  6. Lerner

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    They are chartered members of AICE.
    I read in the past that AICE may have acceptance level.
    I checked my employer and my wife's employer web site the AICE is not listed but NACES is.
    Not saying that other institutions and employers don't accept AICE member evaluators.
    I didn't research further.
    AICE appears to me as legit and respectful association but I don’t know how their member evaluating agencies accepted.
  7. AsianStew

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    No problem-o!
    In Post #101 from RachelAz83, UofPeople accept NACES and AICE evaluations. Thus, anyone of those members under these two organizations would be acceptable.
    WGU accepts any from both AICE and NACES members and TESU for example will accept "several' members from either, but not all.

    AICE Members link: Evaluation Service Providers | AICE - Association of International Credential Evaluators. Inc. (aice-eval.org)
    Link: International Transfer Credit Evaluation | WGU
    Link: Thomas Edison State University: Apply as an International Student | Admissions (tesu.edu)
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  8. Lerner

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    Hope U of People get RA in the near future and remain low cost for the students.

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