Pride is a terrible thing to waste

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    I just wanted to update all the nay-sayers of KWU, that a recent Phd graduate has just been accepted into a professorship of a major RA U, based on his KWU Degree.

    I realize that many do not understand the school, but, if any readers knew how hard I am working on my thesis, and that I still have a class to take, I feel that the school would get the respect it deserves (sweat equity).

    I realize that many feel their lack of accreditation is a hinderance, but, given that they do not offer Liberal Arts courses, and that they issue Doctorates, they could never be accredited. ... But does this make KWU substandard, I think not. Pehaps the mold is being broken by the school that didn't want to join the team but formed it's own leauge instead (yet did not compromise eduactional quality).:eek:

    Proud of my KWU work!

    After I graduate and visit other RA U's, do so for my job, I will proudly state that I am a graduate of KWU.
  2. I... just... can't... help.... myself.

    Pray tell. What professor? What "major RA university?"

    (I'm somewhat reminded of the movie, A Christmas Story. "Look! I'm a major award winner!")
  3. Dennis Ruhl

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    I just happen to be the first here so

    What's the professor's name?

    What RA school is it?
  4. RJT

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    In Response

    In response to your questions, I wish I could describe, but, ethically as a student I do not think it appropriate, for concern that the professor has not broadcast it external to the university. However, run an internet search, and you will find, many RA Professors w/KWU PhD's. Oh yes , Oz is the other way.:)
  5. Dennis Ruhl

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  6. Bill Huffman

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    One specific item that has come to my attention that apparently makes K-W substandard is their policy of accepting work/life experience for a significant part of the 120 credits required to graduate. I got an email from someone that said at least as of a couple years ago, 5 years of work experience was worth 60 credits. This means that people graduating from K-W cannot be counted on to have learned and to have demonstrated in a controlled way (i.e., testing, portfolio, etc) that they have learned what is required to earn a standard degree. Assuming that this is all true then K-W is a degree mill, in my opinion. According to the dictionary a degree mill means a school that offers a substandard education. This is a significant policy that will lead to substandard degrees.

    You can be proud of your degree. I don't even bother denying the possibility that you could have done the work for a standard degree. (Since you claim such a large number of RA credits I think it is a real possibility.) However, since your degree is from a degree mill people will not be inclined to believe you've accomplished what you actually might have accomplished.
  7. Myoptimism

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    You are an enigma. Sometimes you are very articulate, even poetic, other times, well we have all seen the nasty but accurate posts.

    So who are you?

    I do feel for the HR department you run, decisions are seldom made well by committee.

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    Bill I appreciate your view. However, I had already completed 103 RA credits at Phila. U., I still was required to take 5 classes and do a thesis. 5x3 credit hours = 15 credits.

    Therefore, I will have completed 118 credits, and I still have to wirte the 75 page thesis, that will be graded by a RA professor, which I have reserched and spoken with. This is no joke porgram.

    The work I am doing is more work than friends of mine had to do at Drexel and Penn State. they had doubts about KWU, but after seeing me study thru all my lunches and gather research for my paper, they have come to respect the school. KWU is not RA, but they do have a quality program, and a loyal following. Looking forward to getting my degree. ...

    When I recieve it in Septmeber, can I forward you guys my graduation pictures? (Only Kidding ... Forgive my spelling, no time to cut and paste to Word and visa-versa .. have to study).

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    Re: In Response

    LOL! Our anonymous poster continues to plaster falsehoods about degree mills, and continues to not answer questions. Just take his word for it. Wink, wink. Nod, nod. What is the expression? Laughing My Azz off?! :) :) :)
  10. Mike Albrecht

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    Well I found five:

    A. K. Huseonica - UMUC
    Roland J. Keefer - EWU
    angela.ambrosia -Rio Salado
    Anne Grinols - UIUC
    Newman, Richard L. - Embry Riddle

    The last one is scary- safety specialist.
  11. Bill Huffman

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    Re: View Appreciated

    One exception does not a rule make.

    K-W policy apparently is 5 years work experience = 60 credits
    That means that K-W = degree mill

    K-W is a degree mill. K-W offers a substandard education therefore it is a degree mill. It is irrelevant to the equation that you may have done more than is required of many K-W graduates. It is irrelevant to the equation that you may have even done the standard level of work for your degree. You got your degree from a degree mill. It is going to have the utility of a degree from a degree mill because that is what it is.
  12. It was unethical to post this story in the first place if you are unwilling to back it up with facts. In any case, the names of the person and university involved are freely available to anyone who peruses the KW board.
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    Re: In Response

    And Gus said I was evasive!

  14. Peter French

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    Well, I wasn't going to tell anyone but Geroge Brown, Peter Tucker and I - well we may just have pulled off the first joint thesis.

    P J French BEd MEd MAcc [UNE] PhD [KWU]
  15. Bruce

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    The person in question is Roy Cohen at Xavier University in Ohio. One look at his adjunct faculty page will show his K-W degree is in Adult Education, not Chemistry, so I find it highly unlikely that he's going to be hired as a full-time Chemistry professor based on a Ph.D. in Adult Education from an unaccredited school.

    His listed e-mail domain ( appears to be some sort of EPA-funded clean-up project of hazardous waste, so it's much more likely he was hired based on his other (RA) degrees and his work experience.

  16. Guest

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    Re: Re: Pride is a terrible thing to waste

    I agree, Bruce. With the RA M.Ed. he is certainly qualified to teach. I don't believe he was hired "based on his KWU degree" alone.
  17. On the KW site, Roy Cohen writes that he has been an adjunct at Xavier for 7 years, teaching the same courses that he has now been asked to teach as a full-time instructor.
  18. EllisZ

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    Wow. What's the URL referencing to that guy?
    (I used to know some folks at that school ... not sure if I still do.)
  19. RJT

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    Acceptability is there ...

    I feel that fact that KWU Professors are recognizably able to list thir KWU Degrees on RA University Websites, therefore syting that the degree earned is a level of accomplishment - speaks to the fact that the school does have positive recognition. Now add that recognition with it's acceptence in Business (reimbusement by GE, Howell, Hewlett-Packard, PwC) and I think it can be easily seen that KWU is a credible scholl, which offers a qaulity eduaction - that is recognized.

    You may not agree with me, but the proof is in it's acceptability. My employer is paying for my education and I work for a Fourtune 500 company.

  20. Mike Albrecht

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    See at bottom of page.

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