Ph.D. in Clinical Research

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    Not sure this was mentioned before.

    As one of the only universities in the world with an accredited, all-online PhD in Clinical Research, University of Jamestown helps you advance in the field of your choice—without having to pause your career.
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    Within the landscape of North Dakota higher education, this program pioneers significant new ground. I believe it is the first regionally-accredited PhD program offered by a North Dakota institution other than the two major state universities, UND and NSDU. Trinity Bible College in Ellendale offers a distance-based PhD in practical theology, but it is accredited through the Association of Biblical Higher Education.
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    Wow, seems like a good PhD program to get into for 35K total... if it's entirely online...
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    It is. From the site:

    Online"(their emphasis, not mine - J.)
    "Our curriculum provides a rigorous, yet flexible, option for working professionals interested in earning a PhD."
    BIG print here: About halfway down the page.
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    No one is talking about the subject, which is clinical research. That's a pretty narrowly defined field that, in turn, applies to a lot of fields that use clinical research.
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    That's really cool! I like the focus, but I imagine the audience is those who already have an MD or master's in a healthcare or science field. I'd be worried that students who exit that program would not be treated the same as researchers from other disciplines.
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    I applied and was told this fall class is too full. I am put on the waiting list.
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    It sounds like they accept everyone who meets the minimum requirements, which aren't much, until they reach a cap. So, it'll help to apply early for the next open application period if you don't get in off the wait list.
  10. Jonathan Whatley

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    The University of Jamestown "plans on launching a professional doctorate in leadership in fall 2024," The Jamestown Sun notes.
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    My chair, when I was an associate faculty in the Psy.D. program at UAGC is now an Associate Professor in the Unruh School of Character in Leadership at UJ. Maybe he's instrumental in the launch of this new doctoral program.
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