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  1. tulsalord

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    I am looking for a quick and easy assignment based MBA
    Is Paramount California University a scam or its legitimate?
    If its legitimate, can I apply for jobs using it?

    Thank you
  2. Ted Heiks

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    I went to their website and could not find an accreditation page. Usually, this is not a good sign.
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  4. mbwa shenzi

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    According to some, there were two universities called Paramount California. One was an Axact clone, while the other was a US school run by Stephen Barnhart (The International University, Missouri, American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation etc) and Yanni Zack who was involved in both Victorville International University and Charisma University. PCU was accredited very briefly (11 February to 8 March 2015) by a UK agency but the website disappeared in the wake of the Axact scandal. For a while, there was a Coronado Pacific University around that was very similar to that of PCU.

    I think Dr Barnhart has categorically denied being involved in Paramount California University, though, but Dr Robert Ray Hill (US representative of World Information Distributed University, Russia) did post information about PCU being accredited to the American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation's Facebook page.

    Confusingly, Paramount California University has two presidents, Yanni Zack and David Rivkin, but the site hasn't been up again for very long so I guess that will change, eventually.

    Contentwise, the present reincarnation of PCU has two relatives in the UK, the London College of Information Technology - www dot lcit dot org uk - and the London School of Management Studies - www dot lsms dot org dot uk. Both have similarites with Axact schools and neither LCIT nor LSMS is either a recognised or a listed body in the UK.

    Here's some information about PCU: [Archive '2014] Office of the President| Paramount California University
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    There is an accreditation page, Ted. Strangely, no accreditor is listed on it, though. The page is here: www-dot-pcu-dot-edu/why/accreditation/

    It has wording that would indicate (to me) the presence of an accreditor. But which one? Here's a quote:

    The Paramount California University education is recognized throughout academia as a prestigious higher education organization. The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for coordinating University efforts to prepare for the accrediting agency's periodic site visits and reviews.

    That would seem (to yours truly) to indicate that there's an accrediting agency that visits, reviews etc. But is there? If so, which agency? Nobody's saying! Coupled with this omission (?) is the lack of any (required ?) disclaimer about the school not being accredited by an agency recognized by CHEA/USDoE. It either is or isn't. The info should be plain -and it's not. Yes - as you say, Ted, not a good sign.

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    Thank you all, i really appreciate the information and kind replies
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    The Teflon Dean? :laugh:

  9. Johann

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    Okay - but what's this all about, then?

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    Let's return to the OP's original question:

    First, if you're compelled to ask the question of whether a school is a scam or is legitimate, the answer is that it's a scam. If it weren't, you wouldn't have felt the need to ask the question. Don't hold any false hope - if it walks like a duck and smells like a barnyard, it brings to mind the old legal adage res ipsa loquitur - the thing speaks for itself.

    Second, learn to read websites with an investigative frame of mind. Start by looking at their faculty listings. If a school lists, say, 20 faculty, includes the source of the terminal degrees for two or three of them but does not list the source of any of the other faculty's degrees (whatever the degree level), it's a scam.

    Third, when the school goes through much merde de boeuf about accreditation but does not state the source of its own alleged accreditation up front, it's a scam.

    Conclusion: This school is a scam.

    Now, to the rest of tulsalord's post:

    If you're looking for a "quick and easy" MBA, you don't deserve an MBA. You're being lazy. And if you have to ask if you can apply for jobs using a legitimate MBA, you're definitely not ready for an MBA. Learn how the system works, then go for it without compromising. Good luck.
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  13. mbwa shenzi

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    Pass Christian University, then Paramount California University, then possibly Coronado Pacific University and/or Hollywood International University. After that, gone for a while only to resurface as Paramount California University but apparently, a name change was needed. Now it's Pacific Cambria University. The website looks basically the same, but both presidents (Yanni Zack and David Rivkin) have gone missing. And there's still some Axact stuff around.

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