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    I couldn't find any threads about this so I thought I'd post it here in case someone is looking for a program such as this in the future.

    Flinders University in Australia offers a program in Maritime Archeology via distance education. You can pursue a certificate, diploma or a full masters in the subject. It can be done from anywhere in the world but a 2-week field school in Australia is required for all three levels. It's one of the top rated programs in the world for marine archeology.

    "External studies are available through a combination of distance learning (CD ROM and printed readers) and online (E-learning) topics, some of which are jointly offered by Flinders University and the University of Ulster (Northern Ireland). This flexibility means that students can study in their own time while still living and working at home."

    Maritime Archaeology - Flinders University
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    Very interesting!
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    Related: B.A. in Maritime Studies, University of West Florida. Available online, but:

    UWF has offered a distance learning B.S. in Oceanography/Ocean Sciences. This is being taught out – "If you plan to pursue this degree from us, you will need to matriculate by Summer 2013, and our Summer 2013 classes will begin May 13, 2013." But the Maritime Studies program, more interdisciplinary with social science and humanities, remains.
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