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    I talked to UTPB University of Texas of the Permian Basin they told me their total tuition for the program is $9,936 under $10,000
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    Your least expensive option is going to be an in-state school using the Hope scholarship. I think I've posted some options for you before, like Fort Valley, so I'll let you use the search function to find those messages rather than looking up those programs again.

    I remember you put a lot of effort into finding your current school, and it sounds like you are doing well there. While you are paying quite a bit more than almost free (with Hope), the cost does not seem unreasonable. My 18 year old is at Emory. He was valedictorian so he's got the Zell Miller Hope scholarship plus a very nice package that brought the amount he pays to be less than what we would have paid for room and board at the local state school, but to give you some perspective on college costs, I think one year at Emory costs more than the cost of the full degree at your school. If you are enjoying the classes, feel like you are learning a lot, and doing well, you are making a good investment.
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    Barry Kripke? LOL
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    I realize it isn't exactly what you asked for, but CSU-Pueblo has some related degree programs that would be considerably less expensive. Undergraduate Degree Program > Division of Extended Studies > Colorado State University-Pueblo The courses, offered through the Con-Ed Dept. are self paced, financial aid eligible (with some caveats), and the degree is from a State university. CSU-P's Con Ed Dept. also offers exemplary customer service, really among the best you will find in my experience. Consider that they allow quite a bit of transfer credit which could come from other sources such as online CC's, State CC's in Georgia, and even some credit by exam such as CLEP. If you took all 40 classes (120 credits) at CSU-P the cost would be somewhere around $19,000.

    Cheap colleges that offer online credit that could be transferred would include New Mexico Junior College Tuition and Fees - New Mexico Junior College at around $100/credit (fa eligible), and the University of Idaho IS Find a Course-Independent Study in Idaho-University of Idaho at around $130/credit (not fa eligible).

    CLEP exams allow you to prove proficiency without taking an actual class, this can save a lot of money as a CLEP exam runs about $100 for exams that grant 3-6 credits. Clep Difficulty List -

    In your shoes I might recommend a school like NMJC for an Associates or 60-90 credits, then transfer to a place like CSU-P to finish up. With a little creativity you could likely bring in a bachelors in sociology/psychology for under $10,000. Taking good use of financial aid resources, your out of pocket could be nothing, or perhaps even put money in your pocket (PELL Grant, dependent on your situation).

    I like SNHU, their College for America is innovative...but there are definitely cheaper, likely easier, ways for you to complete this degree.

    Good Luck,
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    I don't usually check tuition rates much because they change fairly often and it's hard to keep track. However, I did check Fort Hays State several days ago and they're coming in at a hair under $190. per credit.

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