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  1. La321

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    Hi, i attend Southern New Hampshire University attaining my B.A psychology 3.5 i graduate in 2017 and my refund is only around $400 and next term it will be $600 i thought they were cheaper but the financial aid office told me their tuition for undergrad to complete the 120 credits is $38,400 and not including other fees i found SNHU on a website to look for affordable schools is this the normal amount or is it really affordable?
  2. GoodYellowDogs

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    There are much more affordable school depending on your situation. Give a little more info about how many units you have, how old you are, are you working, etc.
  3. Neuhaus

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    For starters, I never trust another website to tell me tuition. Even this one.

    It isn't that I don't trust people, but I'm not cutting a check or handing over a credit card until I view the fees and tuition myself.

    For Southern New Hampshire University, the tuition and fees are listed here.

    Chadron State College has a pretty affordable distance learning program. Thomas Edison State College can be incredibly affordable if you play it right.

    Ashworth College is somewhere around $1,000 per semester for an associates (and I believe the fourth is free) and they have articulation agreements with a few regionally accredited schools (plus any school that might consider NA credits anyway).
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    I'm 24 I have 18 credits I'm on my last term I volunteer at a mental health agency I also have disorders so I'm a client of the agency in adult area and volunteer at the child service area helping children cope with their disorders and issues at home or school it's another form of therapy SNHU program is 3.5 years so I need a program that takes about the same my concentration is child adolescent development I was looking at California Southern University and Ashworth but they aren't regionally accredited yet
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    SNHU's tuition is much more expensive than I thought. Peru State college charges $225 per credit hour for their online programs, close to 1/3 what SNHU charges.

    Peru State College
  6. La321

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    How is University of Texas Permian Basin? are there more schools that offer a B.A psychology with concentrations and program is 3.5 years
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    Can’t speak directly to the UTPB psychology department; however, I did school district superintendent certification coursework through them (2005). My personal experience was that the education department and professors was highly responsive and actively engaged towards their students’ success in the program.
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    I'm trying to find a school that offer their B.A in 3.5 years UTPB says their program is 12 months but they won't give me more information until i complete application and pay for transcripts to be sent to them so don't know about their tuition
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  11. La321

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    This is what SNHU said "For an undergraduate degree, the cost of tuition to complete the required 120 credits cost is $38,400. That does not include receiving refunds, grants, and book costs. It also does not include repeating classes." I thought my grant was supposed to atleast cover some of this or unless i'm misunderstanding something thats too much for an undergrad degree
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    Honestly, that tuition is ridiculous even with refunds and grants. I earned an RA BA, an RA MPA, and about half of an RA DPA (all from regional state universities) for that much money.
  13. La321

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    Is there a website i can use to compare prices? i've read that fort hayes state university was affordable and need a college that doesn't charge application fee
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  15. Jason9934

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    I attended a webinar that spoke highly of It seems to be a great website fore determining the actual price of schools.
  16. GoodYellowDogs

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    I'm not trying to be mean...

    One thing I would say is that you need to really pick up your research and navigation skills on the internet before you try to do an online degree. Many of the online courses require that you be able to find things, interpret things, etc.

    When you say you can't find tuition, etc., on a website that sends up red flags that maybe you aren't ready for the rigors of independent and online learning.

    Just my two cents, as I would hate for you to pay for an expensive degree and then get frustrated and quit.

    Good luck!
  17. La321

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    My research is fine i'm good at it it was my first time in college so i didn't understand the per credit which is why i came on here when i was first looking and other colleges wouldn't accept my high school because it was accredited but not regionally accredited i found the tuition's on the websites but they didn't give the total amount just showed per credit so i came on here asking for help since i couldn't find it some schools don't list the total i found American Public University to be the few to post theirs SNHU doesn't post theirs either they just list the per credit hour i found theirs on the website and from an ad on their website i'm not quitting at all i might switch if i find something a little cheaper but not quitting i've been through abuse and suffering from disorders/disabilities and continuing to advocate for children i'm not going to quit at all i have seen that their masters is expensive so i will probably get my masters psychology from another college since i need a masters psychology that offers courses in psychopathology and mental health
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    I talked with California Southern University they are still in process of becoming regionally accredit they have a site visit coming up in April it must be a long process because they have been in it since 2012 from what i read they just charge per month i might also get a doctorate in the future
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    that's a welly welly welly long sentence.
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    yeah it is

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