Old fashioned-correspondence schools? Where are they?

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    Is all distance learning is online?
    Are there any distance learning/correspondence schools out there that send the student by mail, not online, the textbooks, syllabus, and you can meet your proctor somewhere to take the exam? What do people do that have lmited internet access, such as myself?
    Are there any decent schools out there that still do this?
    I live in a remote area....and have to travel to the library for internet usage. When I received my Bachelor's degree over 10 years ago, I went through Liberty. The clases were the toughest I'd taken, but everything was mailed to you, even videos/DVD's of the class...which I really enjoyed!
    Any ideas out there?
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    The two that I know are the University of London and the University of South Africa. As for single courses, all the courses offered through the Louisiana State University independent study program are by correspondence. I'm sure there are others.
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    ACT | Advancement Courses for Teachers

    There are 250 graduate level courses here, use the search box for "traditional" which is their term for correspondence. These classes are CHEAP at $300 each, and will be on a transcript form California State University Monterey Bay Campus. (regionally accredited)

    They do not offer degrees, and CSUMB does not allow you to use them toward their own degrees- however- there are several schools that have a generous transfer option (Amberton) should you decide to seek a graduate degree. In addition, I think a person could use these graduate level courses to transfer back into one of the big 3 as upper-level courses inside their undergraduate degree!
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    Colorado State University Pueblo is moving towards online options, but still has many courses that can be done via paper. In fact all of the courses I took in 2011 were really based this way, though I did e-mail the assignments instead of snail mail. They even offer a degree program through the Con-Ed department. Independent Study > Division of Continuing Education > Colorado State University-Pueblo

    And they will allow the use of F/A for these...
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    CSU - Pueblo offers courses and a three entire degrees via correspondence.
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    I believe Global University has a majority of their courses through a correspondence method. They focus on Christian Thelology degrees, but some general ed courses can also be taken via this method.

    I believe there are some in Hawaii Pacific University, but I don't know all the details. The great thing about the WASC website is that you can search by course and by method of course (on campus, off campus, online, and correspondence).

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    It's possible to complete the Cal State Dominguez Hills external MA in Humanities by correspondence. (I'm a HUX graduate.) It's also one of the least expensive American DL masters degrees, no doubt due in part to its old-school delivery format.

    HUX Master of Arts Degree
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    When I attended Cal Coast, they mailed study guides to you, along with exams that would be faxed back for grading. The same seems to apply now, except I am sure that you can get the study guides online. Although some would decry this method of learning (androgogical), it is entirely self paced and I learned a great deal this way, as much as from my "online" courses with requirements for heavy writing at other schools.

    Instructional Process - California Coast University
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    I would fix that internet problem right away. There has to be some option for you such as satellite or cell access.
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    World College and Cleveland Institute of Electronics
    have dual option. On Line and via snail mail.

    I'm told you get answer forms and envelopes to send home work and exams. The final exams are mailed back to WC/CIE by proctor.
    Study guide and text book come by mail for both options.
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    FYI, the link automatically does a download. o_O
    I know they stopped the degree but don't know why. Will create a new posting asking if anyone knows.
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    CIE World College stopped the degrees when they lost their DEAC accreditation, several years ago. We had a long thread on it. Suggest you use the search thing.

    We also had a thread on the cancellation - after many years - of the CSU Dominguez Hills external degree program that Bill Dayson mentioned. That program is, and will continue to be, sorely missed. Again, suggest the search thing.
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    The HUX program was so unique because it was flexible, could be done almost anywhere, wasn't all that expensive, and was a rare opportunity to earn an accredited master's entirely by distance learning. Unique in its time. But its time has passed--at least in terms of correspondence study. But as John illustrated, the program was extremely valuable beyond its delivery method.

    But this happens for a variety of reasons. Beacon College, Union Graduate School, University Without Walls (mostly; remnants remain), University of Sarasota (absorbed), and many others. Times, money, and circumstances change.
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    Right. So do mine - more money, :) who knows how much time left? Circumstances? Same old same old, mostly. But I have four really nice guitars. Now I also have adult grandchildren. That's nice, but a bit scary... my kids are counting the time till their retirements...mine was 26 years ago. How old can I get? :eek:
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    Taft Law School offers a pure correspondence version of both its "executive" and Bar qualifying JD programs. Www.taftu.edu
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    Incidentally, I'm a big fan of the old fashioned correspondence program. All the bells and whistles of on line education don't really contribute much to the ultimate goal of assimilating a body of knowledge. Reading and writing are the really effective ways of learning. Lectures are time consuming and not terribly useful in comparison. My opinion, anyway.

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