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  1. AsianStew

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    Yes, getting the NA is awesome, adding the extra majors in the future is great as well...
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  2. Rich Douglas

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    I've urged the OP to share the story of his/their journey. I hope he does.
  3. SamSam

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    Apparently when Newlane got accredited by DEAC, they removed the ASIC logo from their website, despite the fact that ASIC Directory still lists them. I wonder why, since the co-founder was so fond of ASIC and its credibility/importance to international students.
  4. Dustin

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    Some more info on the pricing model that I haven't seen listed elsewhere (though I may have missed it in the previous pages.)

    You pay a $249 flat fee and then $40 a month until you hit $1500. You can keep studying at no cost if you haven't earned the degree yet, or if you're ready to graduate you can pay the rest owing of your $1500.

    And from their website I see 20 faculty and staff right now. (7 staff, 14 professors.) 9 PhDs among the faculty.

    Weirdly only 2 staff and 2 faculty with doctorates in Philosophy.
  5. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Well, at least it proves that, despite what I hear, SOME people with advanced degrees in Philosophy get jobs.
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  6. Dustin

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    14+7 != excuse is I'm on mobile
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    Close enough to 20. It's not like it was 40+7. :D
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    Close enough for a DI post. NASA trajectories -- nope. It's like tuning my guitar. "Close enough" is OK for folk music (mostly). Jazz is different, and has to be spot-on. Remember the old Russian pop song - "Don't throw your mobile in the Volga, Olga!"
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    My professor in cosmology would say "spot landing"! - As the order of magnitude is correct and constants don't bother anyone.
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