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    We are now a long way from Newlane University - and more and more, concerning ourselves with other schools accredited by ASIC. I think we've wandered far enough. Our member, Josh can make up his own mind what all this means to him, I'm sure. Yes - after several tries, I think we're done. Thanks to our own sleuthing and the knowledge of well-informed people, we've had access to a lot of relevant info here. Let's leave it at this point. See what develops. If the situation changes - we'll re-examine it. OK? :)
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    Don't know about global, but in Europe, an accrediting body that is a member of ENQA (see and listed in EQAR ( is generally considered an agency that complies with the European Standards and Guidelines ( As far as I know, ASIC was never a full member of ENQA and is not in the EQAR list of registered agencies.
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    Yeah, but at least one of those blokes was already involved with the American Learning Center, which was also ASIC accredited for a while.

    These things happen, I guess. ASIC even saw some value in Dr Sir Syed Shamsul Hassan Azeemi's National University of Penal, Administrative and Security Sciences. But then again, so did an individual who was...well, let's say interested in international travel. The Dr Sir etc is a St Regis University graduate, if memory serves me right.
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    Thanks for the info. Dang these ad-related links here at DI. St. R-e-g-i-s U. was a notorious mill, flying the flag of Liberian accreditation. IIRC it got its American operators some jail time back, after being shut down years ago. Regis University, which is meant to result in a link - is a quality, RA school with no ties whatsoever to its almost-namesake - or ANY shady institutions whatsoever.
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    I get your meaning. Needs someone to keep an eye on him. :)
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    Interestingly, American University of Athens somehow received a .edu web domain. They must have been grandfathered in. I didnt realize their presence until recently.
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    I don't know,

    "Domain record activated: 06-May-2004"
    Edit: I should mention the domain I used for the WHOIS is in case I used the wrong one mistakenly.

    But on this site,

    "The Cooperative Agreement between EDUCAUSE and the U.S. Department of Commerce specifies that all .edu names in existence as of October 29, 2001 are "grandfathered," regardless of current or past eligibility requirements."

    I'm not sure if this is a failing in the Educause WHOIS recordkeeping or something else.
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    Bad things happen from time to time. Domains get passed along to other schools (or assumed when they shouldn't be). I remember a .edu domain that got passed along to a succession of unaccredited schools. once belonged to an unaccredited school - Plantation Christian University. That school became accredited, changed its name and the domain stayed behind. Somehow, it changed hands - to unaccredited Pass Christian University (never located in Pass Christian MS, btw.) It changed hands again - to Paramount California University, another unrelated, unaccredited school, that had ASIC accreditation for less than a month before it was rescinded. I'm not sure if it passed along again - to Pacific Coronado University, which did not last long, before being sold to Axact, the friendly fraudulent firm in Karachi.

    I think it's fair to say that, over the years, Educause has failed to react to a fair number of slippery .edu domain situations.
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    Correction: I meant to say "I'm not sure whether or not it passed along again - to Pacific Coronado." Timer got me. Apologies. -J.

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