NA RA or State level accreditation to teach?

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  1. catlin0915

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    Just found this online at Central Texas College, a community college in Killeen, TX. Will paste their educatoin/experiance requirements.

    Masters Degree from a nationally, regionally or identified at the state level accredited institution of higher education and the following is required: • 18 graduate hours in Visual Arts (outstanding experience/performance in the field (s) taught may count towards part of this requirement). Teach evening and weekend sections of Fine Arts Appreciation and Art History I.
    The following is preferred: • Two years wage earning post secondary teaching experience.
  2. Rich Douglas

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    The "state level" they're referring to is Texas. This leaves the possibility of a non-RA, Texas-approved school. I don't know if such a creature exists.

    It is accredited by its regional association, SACS. You should contact CTC directly to determine if other-than-RA credits/degrees would be acceptable to them. If you do, please post the results here.
  3. Kizmet

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    Progress for NA schools.:yup:
  4. Rich Douglas

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    I'm not sure where the support for that concept lies?
  5. Bruce

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    A lot of schools are still "RA or the highway", but I have noticed more RA schools saying that a degree from "an institution accredited by an agency recognized by the US DOE or CHEA" is acceptable. Mostly schools that were or are still also nationally accredited (almost always DEAC).

    Speculation on my part, but I believe that the Federal government now accepting NA degrees for employment was or is going to be a factor in NA degree acceptance for schools, particularly for graduate school admission. Which I think is a good thing.
  6. Bruce

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  7. sanantone

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    Technically, there are accrediting agencies operated by states, but they either fall under the regional or national accreditor category. There are also unaccredited schools that are licensed to operate within the state by the Texas Workforce Commission. I believe CTCD is more flexible on the accreditation requirements either out of desperation or because it is primarily a military-serving school.
  8. Rich Douglas

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    The only state operating a recognized accreditor is New York. Their Board of Regents is an institutional accrediting agency operating in one state. It is neither a national or regional accreditor.

    I'm not aware of any other states operating accrediting agencies. Which are these?
  9. sanantone

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    The New York State Board of Regents is categorized as a national accrediting agency. From the link below, you can see state boards that are recognized as regional accrediting agencies.

    View Agencies
  10. Neuhaus

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    What makes a national accreditor "national" is that they will accredit a school without regard for its geography. This isn't the case with regional accreditors. A school in Vermont can't just opt for WASC or HLC. NYSBOR only accredits schools in the stage of New York. They are neither NA nor RA.

    Faith Based Accreditors are also generally regarded as their own breed. CHEA breaks them out separately as "Faith Based Accreditors" apart from the NA list entirely. CHEA doesn't classify NYSBOR because BOR isn't a member of CHEA. It's probably best to consider it as a separate entity entirely as it is a rather peculiar arrangement. Otherwise NYSBOR has the distinction of being the only national accreditor to have accredited an Ivy League school and to presently accredit two top tier doctoral (PhD) programs. In fact, I believe they're the only non-RA accreditor that accredits PhD programs at all.
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    My fiancee graduated with his PHD from Rockefeller. Just told him his Phd isn't Ra. He had no idea what the accreditation was. He also told me he doesn't care, lol.
  12. Neuhaus

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    Rockefeller is top shelf. They have close ties with Weill Cornell Medical School and Rockefeller graduates are well represented on WCMC's faculty. They are definitely more of an exception than a rule but they are, in my opinion, a very important exception for those of the RA or the highway school.
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    Ha! Love it!

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