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    I took them separate, and I would recommend everyone do so, unless you have a compelling reason to take them together (like financial aid or an employer reimbursing window closing.) 690 is time consuming in that it is a lot of reading and a bunch of writing: reading an average of 6 articles a week, writing your 300 word response and then writing three other 300 word responses, plus the additional thought that goes into synthesizing and being ready to write. The presentation was also time consuming, since it takes research, probably writing a script or rehearsing what you want to say, creating the presentation, filming a few takes, etc.

    I wanted to dedicate all my time to 691, since it's really, really hard to estimate how much effort a certain project will take. I tried to front load some of that by building a proof of concept for my two leading ideas before I submitted the proposal (good thing too because I found one of them totally infeasible.) Even with a POC, I basically had to start from scratch and implement all the standard ML best practices that I didn't in my first test (SMOTE, train test split, feature selection, etc.)
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    Thanks, the way the catalog states they can be taken at the same time seems almost as if it is an endorsement to do so. I am glad to have your insight so I can plan accordingly with the time comes.
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    Small update: for a while now I've seen the Passed "P" on my transcript (691 is a pass-fail course.)

    Officially my degree will be conferred May 31 and then mailed out sometime in July.
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    My transcript was updated to reflect that my degree was officially awarded on May 22! I'll get the diploma in the mail in a couple months.
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