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    No, not me. I do find it interesting how one who graduated in 2006 with a bachelor's degree is calling himself Doctor.

    thank you for the research. It appears my ID is not as creative as I thought. Like they say, there is someone very similar to each of us somewhere in the world. I would like to think I am unique in this regard.

    With my BSU degree soon to be proudly displayed in my office, I am again happy to be a doctoral graduate from Breyer State University in the state of Alabama.
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    The State of Alabama is currently considering a change to its educational licensing policies that may affect Breyer State University.

    Currently, Breyer State is licensed by the Alabama Department of Post-Secondary Education (ADPE), an agency that primarily deals with vocational schools. ADPE's standards and enforcement are not considered rigorous, but they have oversight in this case because Breyer State is classified as a "proprietary school".

    However, Alabama Senate Bill 444, which is currently pending in the state legislature, would transfer "proprietary schools" to the oversight of the Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE), which licenses most of the colleges and universities in Alabama. If this bill passes, then Breyer State degree programs will likely be subject to a higher degree of scrutiny.

    ACHE appears to be concerned about diploma mills, and it also appears to have relatively stringent standards for doctoral-level programs. For example, a search of their database finds some 75 ACHE-authorized business degree programs, but only two institutions (Auburn and University of Alabama) with authorization for doctoral-level business programs. It is unlikely that Breyer State's DBA program would be accepted as equivalent by ACHE, and so it is likely that the State of Alabama's authorization for this program will expire if SB444 passes.
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    Caldog, I must applaud your research and post as this is a well researched and written posting. thank you for the info.
    I agree that should the ACHE obtain the oversight of BSU, then I may in in even more unchartered territory with my degree.
    I am not one to place bets, but I sure hope to see BSU make some positive arrangements to either decrease the majority of their offerings and focus on a select few and seek accreditation or simply reorganize, revamp and change their approach if needed.

    Kennedy Western, now named Warren National U, has made this attempt to recoup a lost image and poor reputation, perhaps Breyer can at least seek to attemtp the same.

    thanks again for your information.
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    Well, the name back2cali would be difficult to trademark, methinks, and anyone who wishes to go back to California could use the name.

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