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  1. Dave Wagner

    Dave Wagner Active Member

    That is the point. You may get away with pretending that you have an accredited doctorate, but it will be revealed at some point. You just need to avoid the deception up front by stating where the doctorate was earned and that it is unaccredited. If people don't accept what you've done, then no harm, no foul, but if you misrepresent your credentials, then you have set yourself up for embarrassment. Heck, you don't even need to bring it up if it isn't relevant.

    Personally, I've never needed a badge to bring ignorance to justice...

  2. carlosb

    carlosb New Member

    If you are considering a doctorate you should start your research as early as possible. For example, you can begin a PhD or DBA at Northcentral University with just a bachelor's degree. When I was considering my next move I did my research so not to make the same mistake others did here. Decided on the MBA and then took it from there

    You have some people here with unaccredited doctorates going through the entire doctoral process at a RA school all over again! In my opinion what a waste of time! If only they did their research early on!

    The Internet is a great resource. Unfortunately, this great resource can turn out to be a bitter enemy if you try using your unaccredited degree. Why take the chance?
  3. CalDog

    CalDog New Member

    It may look that way at this stage in your career.

    But there's a problem. As you progress in your career, and become increasingly more senior and more responsible, your resume and credentials will be scrutinized more and more carefully. Furthermore, you may increasingly come into contact with people who are older, wiser, and more sophisticated than your current colleagues. For example, you might start meeting people with real, accredited DBAs -- maybe even accredited distance DBAs. You should expect that other DBAs that you meet professionally will be curious about your degree, and you should also expect that they will know something about the accreditation and status of such degrees.

    In other words, the more successful you become in your career, the greater the risk of exposure. And the more successful you become, the greater the embarrassment of exposure as well.
  4. carlosb

    carlosb New Member

    I agree. That is why I have listed the resources in my sig line. Opinions are useful but the truth is always better. A quick search of the Internet is all it takes to find the negatives of having an unaccredited degree.
  5. back2cali

    back2cali New Member

    Thank you again for your responses. I take all of what has been discussed here to heart.

    To update my current and future needs with such a degree, I will and have always planned on being honest in my display of my Breyer State degree and will ensure that should I be questioned or even implied upon, that I state to where my degree was completed.

    Will I or should I not utilize this additional designation within my scope of work, yes, indeed I will, but again with honestly and in full disclosure that my degree is unaccredited and an inexpensive online program that allowed for me to increase both my knowledge and practice within the managerial and leadership arena.
  6. Vinipink

    Vinipink Accounting Monster

    Well not everyone has the same agenda, but I can say and this is my own agenda, that despite I waste my time With Scups(Unaccredited and owner of NCU), I learned something (that I will keep it to myself). Carlosb you are soooo passionate in defending NCU, that I will start to think that you are for real what has been comment in this forum!

    But, I respect the right of anywone to seek the best means of education they can find, as long is that they are legal and they are honest about it (Of Course).

    Hell, I might consider going back to NCU after I finish my DBA from a well established RA University, If the following should happen (Not in this particular order):

    1) NCU changes a lot issues ( I think they are working on it) they have.
    2) Will see how graduates are treated and a solid foundation has been established by the school in Academia.
    3) I can find someone to paid for( If it is my money then I choose where I go).
    4) They finally break all connection with SCUPS.
    5) Stop using MBA to teach Doctorate courses( I hope the stop this).

    Everything has it place and it time. Good or Bad it has it's karma.
  7. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    With that fake DBA, your only hope is that things remain the same. Because when people find you out, it's going to hurt.
  8. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    back2cali: "Is there by chance an example of the penalties of using such a title within a state that claims to have a law forbidding the use of an unaccredited degree and if so, what was the outcome?"

    John: One case that comes to mind is John Davy, the gentlemen hired several years ago as head of one of New Zealand's two public television networks. He had an American doctorate from Denver State University, which I would have said, had he asked me, was equivalent to Breyer State. When the Auckland newspaper revealed this (it was page one news), the man was promptly
    1. fired
    2. indicted
    3. arrested
    4. tried
    5. imprisoned for 8 months, and after his sentence,
    6. deported to his native Canada,
    and the fairly large headhunting firm that found him, and had done its own 'approval' of the degree lost most of its clients, and went out of business.

    Another case that comes to mind is a state environmental official in Colorado whose doctorate was from the Sussex College of Technology in England, which had operated, apparently legally, in England for nearly 20 years (thus, I think, equivalent to Breyer State), and which was widely called a diploma mill by various experts and authorities. This state official suffered the same six steps as the other chap just described, except (he was in the US on a green card), his deportation, following his imprisonment, was to his native England.

    Dozens more case histories are given in the Degree Mills book I coauthored with the FBI's degree mill expert, and there were several thousand more in the files which I turned over to Pearson PLC when they bought my copyrights and records in 1998.

    The man in NZ, the man in Colorado, and the man on this forum all carry what I call a 'time bomb in the resume.' Sometimes they don't go off; often they do.

    John Bear, Ph.D. (Michigan State University)
    Co-author, Degree Mills: the billion-dollar industry that has sold more than a million fake diplomas (Prometheus Books, 2005)
    Author/co-author, first 15 editions of Bears Guide to Earning Degrees by Distance Learning (1974-2003).
  9. carlosb

    carlosb New Member

    NCU shrill? Have you read my comments on their doctorate program? It is not on my list. My recommending AACSB accredited MBA programs whenever possible? How about my post here regarding the Hanoi DBA? I said here many times I would not attend SCUPS even if it was free. Do you and your buddy ever check facts before posting?

    Anyway, Dr. Douglas stated to another NCU learner: "Besides, one cannot "shill" if one's connection to the organization in question is out in the open." I am a student\learner, nothing more.

    The fact is my comments on accreditation are supported by facts and citations. The best counters some of you can come up with are unsupported opinions and deliberate disinformation. I read the same tired anti-MIGS, SCPS, and NCU ramblings at the old military forums and other such places. In fact, they are VERY similar to comments made here.

    If warning others about the dangers of unaccredtited degrees angers the unaccredited degree holders too bad!

    Anyway, since I not not wish to hijack this thread I will close with a quote from your CPU buddy:

    "You can always tell when you start to "win" the argument, by the way; people start attacking you and not the line of reasoning under discussion.":D

  10. carlosb

    carlosb New Member

    I first bought your book in the mid-late 1980s. You warned about the limited useage of unaccredited degrees even then. I was looking into doing a distance ed degree and your warnings made me investigate even more. A quick call to an advisor at the local community college confirmed what you said was true.

  11. Shawn Ambrose

    Shawn Ambrose New Member

    1. Doctor Who? What is your name? I'm not accustomed to calling anonymous people on the Web "doctor."

    2. Under whom did you study? Who was your dissertation advisor? Who were the rest of the committee members?

    3. What was the title of your dissertation? What was your main thesis?

    4. Where might we find a copy of the dissertation to review?

    Notice the sound of silence...
  12. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    Just that, "the Doctor".

    A boffin from the far end of time. The other Time Lords periodically called him on the carpet for messing with the past, but I don't recall them ever calling him by name.

    And I don't recall him producing no stinkin' dissertations either. I do remember a couple of times when he was in 20'th century England (he always turned up there), when people would give him a skeptical look and ask, "Doctor of what, exactly?"

    I'm willing to bet that the degree wasn't RA, though. Maybe that's why Doctor Who never visited Oregon.
  13. back2cali

    back2cali New Member

    thank you for the additional posts.

    I still consider myself "Dr."

    thank you
  14. Shawn Ambrose

    Shawn Ambrose New Member

    But you refuse to answer Rich's questions about your chair, committee, or dissertation/project. Part of the doctoral exercise is showing the ability to add to the body of academic literature.

    Why are you so reluctant to do so?

  15. Shawn Ambrose

    Shawn Ambrose New Member

    My wife is a huge Doctor Who fan - so your post had me ROFL!

  16. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Ah, but you told others to call you "doctor."

    No sincere academic would refuse to answer the simple questions I've asked.
  17. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    Dr. Who?

    When my wife had spinal surgery two years ago, her surgeon was Dr. Serena Hu at the University of California, San Francisco.

    There ensued at least a year of either

    (a) Dr. Who jokes, or

    (b) the Abbott & Costello routine, with serious inquirers:
    "Who's your doctor?"
    "I said, 'who's your doctor?'"
    "Yes, Hu's my doctor."
    "That's what I said, 'Who's your doctor?'"
    (The fact that her anaesthetist was Dr. Chu, her physiatrist was Dr. Woo, and her palliative physician was Dr. Koo, just made the dialogue even better.)
  18. back2cali

    back2cali New Member

    My dissertation was titled, "The Global and Sustaining Effects of Gender Based Groups Within a Team Collaborating Environment." The main thesis was whether or not variances in Gender affect the sustained outcome of a team's ability to reach productivity in the collaboration of brainstorming ideas.

    Through research within several Fortune 500 companies who offered an in-depth research survey and monitoring format, the conclusion found that those whom held either male only or female only groups found brainstorming sessions to be more less productive within the overall end results from collaborations efforts.

    My dissertation has been submitted and should be available from Cambria Press. Non-electronic version only.
  19. Vinipink

    Vinipink Accounting Monster

    I did not called the NCU shills, they came by themselves!

    Since I studied at NCU, That does makes us boddy too? :D

    I don't know which buddy your talking about, I have many, and because the above quote was not given properly credit or cited the source (Wagner, 2007) or according to Dave Wagner etc.., I will assume you talking about Dave Wagner.
  20. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    One is not a shill if one reveals his/her affiliation with the organization in question. Now, one might be biased or have an over-riding self interest, but that's out in the open for people to see and weigh.

    Vinipink is not a shill.

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