MIGS Silence is Deafening

Discussion in 'The Monterrey Institute for Graduate Studies' started by Guest, Oct 19, 2001.

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    What was once a great battle field has become silent. The bombs have ceased to explode, the dust has settled and vegetation has begun to grow again.

    One final tribute to what seemed a promising enterprise--MIGS!

  2. tcnixon

    tcnixon Active Member

    Quite true. Haven't heard anything from them in quite a while. And, for me, the truly sad part is that it could have been something good. It could have even been something profitable for the owners.

    Tom Nixon
  3. Timmy Ade

    Timmy Ade New Member

    Russell Morris,
    You are one heck of a Clergyman :.)) You have a way of starting these controversies and then retire by the way side just to see folks at each other’s neck. We got to watch out for you Carolinas not with old man Helms still kicking anyway..)) Seriously though, I think Migs has gotten a real bad rap on this forum on issues that are often motivated by individual’s personal biases and prejudices. One thing I know for a fact is that Migs has been scrutinized probably more than any entity around here. Folks have gone as far as Calling Mexican authorities, Florida’s authority, Embassies and even the UNO (UNESCO) For God’s sake nobody has came back with any “TIME BOMB” other than same old rubbish of talks like well they don’t have Florida’s license, (to wish Florida authority has said they do not need as long as they are not claiming to be issuing degrees out of Florida or operating in Florida)
    Then you here stuff like well CEU has no experience in managing Doctoral Programs, and Then of cause you wonder which School did not start theirs one day. In other words, didn’t Your Union, Saybrook, Walden, Touro etc started one day? Oh I forgot the Sheila Danzig connection, Very important considering the fact that POPES & SAINTS founded all the schools in the US.

    The Folks in MIGS/CEU told me that they are no longer interested in responding to any of the misinformation here or on AED, because they see such endeavor as purposeless and potentially futile. In fairness to MIGS/CEU, They have volunteered more information about themselves on their web page and to anyone sincere enquirer. According to them, that is their major obligation to the public. In other words they are not keen in convincing anyone, instead they expect you to get all the facts, do your homework and decide on your own for yourself and hopefully “BIAS FREE”.

    Peace, Timmy Who is not yet registered with MIGS/GC / CEU
  4. Timmy Ade

    Timmy Ade New Member

    "for me, the truly sad part is that it could have been something good. It could have even been something profitable for the owners".
    MIGS/GC/CEU is doing just fine. They just deemed it necessary to ignore distracters. (I am not implying you)

  5. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    In order for a time bomb to detonate, it has to be placed in a resume. Considering that MIGS/CEU has awarded no doctoral degrees yet as far as we know, it's impossible to assess the utility or acceptability of a MIGS degree.

    My personal opinion is that MIGS was a good concept with horrendous execution. The PTB at MIGS have shot themselves in the foot so often that they should invest in some Kevlar shoes. The whole Levicoff lawsuit was a disaster, which had the dual effect of both highlighting how petty and defensive the MIGS crew is, and also showed how incompetent the MIGS legal team is. Good publicity it was not. They did use a Florida address until they found out it was a big no-no (thanks to Steve Levicoff's investigation).

    Perhaps the CEU can still pull out a victory, but (once again my opinion) they really need to cut any and all ties with the original MIGS Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight.

  6. Guest

    Guest Guest


    My intention is not to create controversy, after all, clergymen are supposed to be men of peace. I do enjoy DL and humor, I know, a rather odd combination, but it sure beats serving as faculty for an ACI accredited school. [​IMG]

  7. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    From the content of this post, the usage of the second person plural would seem inaccurate, to be substituted by the first person plural.

    MIGS didn't get a bad rap from people posting here. The only serious disagreement was/is the utility of degrees issued by them. There remains doubt as to the legitimacy and legality of whatever degrees are eventually issued. But everything else discussed was not in serious dispute, but definitely in serious disrepute!

    The're still operating in Florida in violation of the law (IMHO). (And remember, they themselves stated in their lawsuit against Levicoff that they were doing business in Texas and Florida. Now they say they're not?) Nothing has changed except a mail-forwarding address in Mexico. The phone rings in Florida. Mail is forwarded to Florida. The two main operatives, Bruce Forman and Ric Fienberg both live and work in Florida. The administrative offices are in Florida.

    Don't "shoot the messenger." This forum had serious questions about the Touro College/Touro International University setup as well. But that was resolved in good time and without the rancor that MIGS generated. Of course, Touro International is properly accredited, didn't advertise itself with a term paper service (not to mention Macarena lessons) and other tawdry internet services, wasn't run by someone associated with two other disreputable schools, didn't make misleading claims about accreditation, didn't have phantom faculty, didn't give the house away in the form of life experience credit, didn't ineptly sue Steve Levicoff, didn't falsely claim to operate in two states, and on and on and on.

    Rich Douglas, who knows a few things about MIGS.
  8. Timmy Ade

    Timmy Ade New Member

    “ It’s impossible to assess the utility or acceptability of a MIGS degree.”

    It is impossible to assess the utility or acceptability of any foreign degree in the US period. (Especially those with non-English origin like MIGS.)

    Enjoy Your Sunday.

  9. Timmy Ade

    Timmy Ade New Member

    You have a terribly exaggerated opinion about yourself. You are an empty barrel that makes a very irritating loud noise. You are now registered with the third School for the same program. Normal people finish up with one no matter the odds. My prayer for you is that the “SPIRT OF FAILURE” That has followed you through Life’s endeavors will now allow you to finish this program by the time you exhaust all doctoral DL programs in the World.
    You were a glorified Clerk with MIGS / CEU.
    You knew nothing about the real situation their. I will try as much as humanly possible to make this my very last response to you on MIGS forever.

    Timmy Ade urging all good Christians in this forum to fast and pray for Rich Douglas’s Condition to get better.

  10. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    As usual, apologists for bad schools turn the discussion away from their bad schools and to the critics of the same.

    While I applied to MIGS, I didn't do any study with them.

    I will be returning to my original doctoral program. That makes it either one or two, depending on how much you really care about it.

    Funny, Timmy choses not to stick to the issue at hand: MIGS and whether or not MIGS is separate from the CEU.

    As for being a "glorified clerk" with MIGS, how would you know? Unless, of course....

    Acutally, being a "glorified clerk" would have been a step up. And, boy, they sure could use one! [​IMG]

    Again, I suspect "they" is really "we."

    Rich Douglas, glad not to be one of "them."
  11. DaveHayden

    DaveHayden New Member


    Your last post was insulting to say the least. Could you please stick to discussing the subject at hand, the lack of crediability of MIGS/CEU? The best information at hand is that MIGS/CEU has never had a PHD graduate. Not one. CEU until the creation of MIGS had a High School, several Bachelors and one Masters program. Certainly below ANY state college I have heard of. Maybe a step up from what we call a Community College.

  12. Timmy Ade

    Timmy Ade New Member

    “The best information at hand is that MIGS/CEU has never had a PHD graduate. Not one. CEU until the creation of MIGS had a High School, several Bachelors and one Masters”

    Perhaps you will tell us the individual experience of Touro, Walden, Fielding, Saybrook Union etc in managing a doctoral program before starting their very first one. in other words, don’t all Schools start a PhD program anew at some point in time? Or is there such a thing as experimental PhD program prior to the real thing?. Now I see that the Gangs are coming out. 3 down, 4 more to come (thanks to Russell:.)) Anyway, I am out of this thread for good.

    Timmy Ade escaping on sabbatical with minor “Bruces” I mean bruises. Ok apologies to any ego bruised with my last posting, good-bye.
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Timmy comes aboard this thread making some personal observations, and its my fault? Like OJ Simpson, the glove doesn't fit. [​IMG]

  14. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    <<Timmy comes aboard this thread making some personal observations, and its my fault? >>

    Yes, Russell, it is your fault. No, wait, it's my fault. No, wait, it's Rich's fault. No wait . . .

    Mr. Ade says "I'm out of this thread for good." Shall the betting pool begin. I suggest the average time to return for makers of such statements is 83 1/2 hours, but the range has been nine minutes to never.

    John Bear, who will never post in this thread again.
  15. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    But those were mighty fine macarena lessons.
  16. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    On the other hand, the term paper I bought, for my program at the Turalura School of Dog Grooming was rejected.
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If the godfather of DL says so, then I concede. I would have accepted it from no one else, John, nevertheless "at thy word" I shall apologize and take full responsibility for Timmy's personal decisions. [​IMG]

  18. DaveHayden

    DaveHayden New Member

    Hi Timmey

    I guess you won't be reading this but if you are I would like to respond to your points. If you are saying that MIGS/CEU is roughly equivilent to Saybrook, Union, etc (preacreditation) and also the institutions that never made it to accredited, ie CPU, CCU, etc I think you have a good argument. While MIGS/CEU will never be RA it does appear to be GAAP. TUI is not a good example because as has been mentioned it has been very straight forward about its creation and actions it has made. Even so it has attracted a fair number of critics. If warning signs such as Sheila's involvement, MIG's illegal operation in Florida, frivilous law suits, etc have no importance to you I believe you should sign up. I long ago learned to look at similiar signs to see where an organization is headed. Thanks you for addressing the issue at hand and good luck with what ever school you choose.

    Dave Hayden
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Which reminds me, does Shiela Danzig still have the site which sells term papers? I need another chapter for my thesis. [​IMG]

  20. Chip

    Chip Administrator

    Why yes, in fact she does. She proudly trumpeted the fact some months back that she'd deftly transferred ownership of the domain name from herself to some dude in India that does her website design, so it wouldn't be easily traceable back to her (this at a time when MIGS was being criticized for having ads for said service on its site).

    There is another indicator that it's still a Sheila operation, but I'm not going to reveal it here, because as soon as I do, it will magically get fixed. So I'll just let Sheila (who carefully monitors this board) tear her hair out trying to find the incriminating evidence.

    The site itself, far from being a "free research" site, is mostly links to other sites that charge money for their papers... more of the typical Danzig schlock. And Sheila admitted at one point that the whole purpose of the site was to collect email addresses (one must enter a valid email address for access to the site) that she can later use, presumably to try to sell crap to people.

    The web address is freeresearch.com. The site doesn't look as though it's been updated at least since February, when I last visited.

    So that no one has to risk their email address being spammed by Sheila, the username/passwords (which I'm sure are the same for everybody) are

    username scholar
    password graduate

    Somewhat ironic with the MIGS thing...

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