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    Your analysis is right on the money. Australia has signed a defence pact with Japan. A little uncomfortable for most older Australians, but needed.

    Our borders are a problem. We are resource rich. Recently, China wanted to mine here without using our workers. It has tried ot has bought a major slice of a major Australian company which upset the PM. Harsh words were said. I don't understand the finer points about it, but it was intended to be a resource grab in some form.

    The "times they are a'changing" , maybe not for the better.
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    When I was in Australia in 1992, the threat from Indonesia was a common topic of conversation; with a standing Army of 300,000+ it's certainly understandable, especially considering that's about 10X the size of the Australian Army.

    However, the previously mentioned George Washington battle group could probably annihilate the entire Indonesian Navy and Air Force within a couple of days, negating any invasion or blockade concerns.
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    Indonesia and Australia have had a checkered past. In the 1960's we had a shooting war in Malaysia when Indonesia was infiltrating Malaysia. Australian and British troops had head to head clashes. The war was called "The Confrontasi". I think there is book called that actually. The East Timor problem and the border issues with Papua New Guinea didn't sweeten the relationship. We did step up though "to bat" for Indonesia when the Tsunami hit Aceh. We supplied $AUD 245 million in aid.

    I think Indonesia and Australia now have common threats. We have a very close relationship with the US, if that goes down, then our threat levels go up. The only surefire way a small country like us can neutralise the threat is to go nuclear ourselves. We have all the ingredients and ability, even the testing ground. We don't yet have the will, threats can change that.

    India, Pakistan, and China all have nuclear weapons. The US umbrella keeps the balance for us. Self reliance in this area may be the next "order of the day" for us, if the political landscape in the US changes dramatically towards isolationism. Tactical nukes also sure make up for lack of numbers on the battlefield.

    I guess a number of us are watching the US election with interest to see what it means for us. I am sure that we won't be the only country.
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    A point of clarification: British and Australia troops had head to head clashes with the Indonesians. Usually we don't fight the British, unless it is in bars after cricket. We don't care where we come in the Olympics as long it is in front of the Brits. Beating them in London will be especially sweet.

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