Masters Propio (ENEB, etc)

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    Gratias tibi, Greg. :emoji_laughing:
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    From the "infamous" Ecole supérieure Robert de Sorbon® celebrating its "infamous" 17th birthday. Operating not through a "Loophole" but thanks to Title III Book VII of Code of Education of the French Republic.
    Even for you, which shows our Christian behavior ...)
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    Showing Christian behavior is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't.
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    Well from the looks of what I saw on, ENEB was evaluated by WES as an unaccredited Masters degree. This is likely because it was not evaluated as attached to Universidad Isabel I but as its on institution's credential. The good and bad news of this is that ENEB is now considered a recognized institution that is awarding non-accredited degrees equivalent to what we consider in the US as state-approved degrees. Therefore, these degrees will be legal to use here in the states based on the laws of the individual states. They are also still good for resume/CV boosters in using the MBA or Masters title.

    When ECE evaluated Universidad Isabel I - Masters Proprio as a Bachelors degree having credits from ENEB, they likely evaluated those courses as alternative learning credits used to add another specialty for the same degree at that level since the degree is Proprio. They were speaking in code about the courses being able to be taken with a three year Bachelors degree.

    I would suggest those that are wanting to have the Universdad Isabel I/ENEB degree evaluated as a Masters degree to get a course evaluation done by ACE for alternative credit that would be equivalent to 30 graduate hours and submit the transcript from them to one of the NACES credential evaluators. So far, Masters Proprio degrees that grant ECTS credits do not have any recognition but a few evaluators may recommend them for transfer credit. Having ACE submit a transcript to the evaluator along with your Universdad Isabel diploma and ENEB degree may move some evaluators to grant equivalency to a Masters from a regionally accredited school based on validation (similar to UCN). Most credential evaluators may not budge but some will, namely IERF and SpanTran.
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    Rather, therefore it makes sense to go with an evaluator that has a more favorable opinion, since we already know some do.

    I believe that ACE only evaluates courses based on applications made by the course provider, not individuals.
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    I still hope one of these evaluators gives this an equivalent regional accredited Masters degree even though I don't necessary need an ENEB degree but would pursue one with a favorable evaluation.
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    So do I, but worst case scenario there's the one that said it was equivalent to a postgraduate diploma. For the price that should be close enough for a lot of people.
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    Another way to get this recognized at the graduate level would be to have Universidad Isabel I for a fee transfer ENEB courses into their their program and issue the transcript as officially coming from Universidad Isabel I. I'm reading that they do accept transfer credit from propio coursework. If this is really true then that transcript and diploma would be official and the equivalent recognition would be a Masters degree from a regionally accredited school.
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    Regarding the Ecole Superieure Robert de Sorbon: if you go on their website, you are redirected to a site where, um, performance improvement pills, if you know what I mean, are sold.

    Guess they decided to change to a more honest business!!

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