Masters and PHD through publication

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    Good Morning.

    I cannot find the thread that mentioned this previously but know several people through work and myself who are interested in this option. I am doing research currently with the help of my local librarian but wonder if anyone has successfully done this. It can be through a foreign but recognized entity.

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    This subject--at the doctoral level--is discussed a lot. Keep searching. Perhaps The Google can help.

    Master's by publication? I don't think so, but I haven't looked. Again, consider using The Google.

    I don't recall anyone on this board actually doing it, though. It is not a simple thing. These programs are primarily designed for academics who lack a doctorate, yet have done a substantial amount of published research that could be "tied up" into a cogent doctoral thesis. I would imagine such a program could also be useful for someone in a non-academic setting who's done a similar body of research. Substantial additional work and writing will inevitably be required, by the way.

    These programs are not for those who do not have that body of published academic research. For them, a "regular" doctoral program would be appropriate.
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    This was discussed before so there are few threads about this. I have tried this before and encounter few road blocks, first you need to have at least 3 to 4 research papers in journal publications that are related so they can be put in a thesis. Second, each University has a different idea of what the quality of the journal should be, some Universities only accept journals that are ranked high with SCOPUS or other indicators while others have lower standards. Third, you need to find a research supervisor that is willing to supervise.
    As Rich was stating, this is a route for faculty or researchers with a vast number of publications that cannot afford to go back to school because they already hold faculty positions so the PhD is just a check mark for promotions or to help them to apply for research grants.
    A traditional PhD is actually less work and not more work than the research PhD for those that are just starting a research career.

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