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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by Randell1234, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. Randell1234

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    My sister has decided to do a masters in accounting. She already has 190 credits with 80 in accounting she she has plenty for a CPA.

    She said she is looking at Kaplan for an MSAcc. Does anyone have any suggestions? She would like it to be reasonably prices (Kaplan is $25K) and relatively short (Kaplan is 30 credits compared to some she had seen that was 42 credits).

    A school with a "name" and/or AACBS would be great.

    Any suggestions?
  2. major56

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  4. major56

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    Auburn (AACSB): 30-semester hours
    Master of Accountancy |

    St. John’s (AACSB)
    Online M.S. in Accounting and M.S. in Taxation | St. John's University

    Stetson (AACSB)
    Master of Accounting Degree Online from Stetson University | Accounting Masters of Science Programs & Schools

    UNC-Kenan-Flagler (AACSB)
    Master of Accounting MAC Program - Accounting Masters Degree - UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

    University of Miami (AACSB): 32-credit program
    Online Master

    Regis University: 30-credit program
    Regis University - Masters in Accounting Degree, M.S. Accounting Overview

    Florida Atlantic (AACSB): Executive Master of Accounting with a concentration in Forensic Accounting
    Master of Accounting with a Concentration in Forensic Accounting : Florida Atlantic University - College of Business

    Syracuse-Whitman (AACSB): 30-credit program
    Accounting@Syracuse | Online Master of Science in Accounting

    UMass-Lowell (AASCB): 30-credit program
    Master of Science in Accounting
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    Check out University of West Florida. Last time I checked, they offered in-state tuition for out of state DL students. I think they are AACSB also.
  7. Phdtobe

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    I did the master of accounting at liberty. It meets the cpa requirement. The customer service was excellent. The price was under $20k. Many of the online discussions had a religious component. I.e what is the biblical point of view on trust, integrity, paying taxes etc - I googled the research.
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    I heard LaSalle Extension in Chicago was good back in the day.:tongue:
  10. jra

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    I suggest Southwestern College in Kansas (RA but not AACSB)

    The accounting program is 18k and it is only 30 credits. The nice thing about her is that with all the upper level hours she has in Accounting, some of the required classes could be waived and she could pick electives or a finance concentration.

    Its goes pretty fast, classes are 6 weeks.

    It is not AACSB but will probably be the most flexible regarding coursework and speed.

    If you send me a pm I could give you the contact information of my advisor. He was great!
  11. Randell1234

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    Sounds great - thanks
  12. major56

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    If the eventual goal is the CPA qualification … several state boards of accountancy will call for accounting coursework that is completed from B-schools that have programmatic accreditation in addition to regional. I’d strongly recommend that your sister check the state board requirements before enrolling in colleges /universities with only regional accreditation. Also, some states will require that upper level accounting courses be completed via traditional means (e.g., not all via distance). Just saying...
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  13. major56

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    Texas State Board of Public Accountancy for example:

    The Board may recognize higher education institutions that are regionally accredited by one of the following associations provided that the institution's business school or accounting program is also accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business-International (AACSB) or the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), which are professional business accreditation organizations:
    1. Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools;
    2. North Central Association of Colleges and Schools – Higher Learning Commission;
    3. New England Association of Schools and Colleges – Commission on Institutions of Higher Education;
    4. Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities;
    5. Western Association of Schools and Colleges – Commission for Senior Colleges.

    The Board will accept at least 30 passing semester credit hours of accounting courses without repeat from the courses listed below. The courses must meet the board's standards by containing sufficient business knowledge and application to be useful to candidates taking the CPA Examination. A Board-recognized educational institution must have accepted the courses for purposes of awarding a baccalaureate degree or its equivalent, and they must be shown on an official transcript. At least 15 of these hours must result from physical attendance at classes meeting regularly on the campus of the transcript-issuing institution.
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  14. Randell1234

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    Thanks for the information. She did get her AS in accounting from a community college - on campus and her BS online. She is in NJ so I will reminder her to check the requirements.
  15. edowave

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    Rutgers has been advertising an MBA in Professional Accounting that will make you eligible to sit for the CPA in NJ. They also have several other accountancy programs offered online designed to meet NJ CPA requirements. MBA in Professional Accounting Program | Rutgers Business School
  16. Neuhaus

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    SUNY Polytechnic Institute has an online Master of Accountancy.

    It is AACSB and qualifies recipients to sit for the NYS CPA exam.
  17. hariandro

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    There are many online learning resources but Ill go for University of Miami..High class standard there because my bro finished his studies there..Better if you go for it... :)
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    They're a fine school but that's one expensive program. If you have the money, though, have at it.
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    I realize I'm a bit late to the party, but AACSB Accounting master's degrees by distance learning include: University of Connecticut, University of Hawaii, University of Maine, University of Michigan Flint, Morehead State University, University of Nebraska Lincoln, New Jersey City University, Rutgers Business School Newark/New Brunswick, Southern New Hampshire University, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, State University of New York Institute of Technology Utica/Rome, Syracuse University, Tennessee Technological University, Wayne State University, and University of Wisconsin Eau Claire.

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