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    My daughter's doing Auburn online right now. They simulcast their classroom lectures. Just one multi-day residency, and this year, they're having Harry Markopolos of uncovering Bernie Madoff fame speak there. She likes the program so far, thinks it's plenty rigorous, and for the price, it's a great deal (her main criterion as a young mother). I'm bragging, but I swear, she might have gotten into any masters of accountancy program in the country with her 3.98, extracurrics and ridiculous work ethic, but she was looking for a big enough program with a good enough price tag, and Auburn fit the bill. (Couldn't talk her into following my lead and going to UMass online for masters).
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    Master in Accounting is Good Option. This field strives to be the most comprehensive resource for those interested in earning a master’s in accounting or master’s in finance. Accounting is a field of study that involves the analysis of a company or organization’s economic activities.
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    How does Auburn place with the Big Four firms?

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    Properly not, if you have no 20 universities; otherwise, it does not matter. However, depends on your location. My classmate at the Imperial College London's MBA program is from Ghana, she graduated from University of Ghana for undergraduate. She has been working for PwC for over 10 years.
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    What is the depreciation schedule for ancient threads?
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    That assumes they have value in the first place. ;)
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