Let the Betting Begin - Biden's VP

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by SteveFoerster, Mar 5, 2020.

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    That's it? Yes, I did read about that a couple of days ago (it's old news at this point). It's certainly a "tip," I guess, but I wouldn't rely on it as anything but speculation at this point.

    But it's interesting to consider that Rich puts his trust in a Fox news story. (I actually read the Newsweek version.)

    As for speculation, that's about all I've seen in this thread. Plus opinions. Lots of opinions. All of which are unsubstantiated. And, frankly, quite boring.

    Besides, even if 'twere true, Amy may have blown her chance with the gaffe. No one will know that until an official announcement is finally made.
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    It's a discussion group. That's what people do, they discuss. If you find it boring then go elsewhere. Troll.
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    That wasn't the source. But thanks for playing!
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    In the debate tonight, Biden committed to picking a woman for his running mate.
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    Well, there are certainly a number of terrific options.
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    Of those, Klobuchar is the one most likely to bring him a state he might otherwise not get. (Some people say that about Abrams, but I don't see Georgia turning blue in 2020. Soon, but not yet.)
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    Warren's two main handicaps are her age and that she would be replaced in the Senate by a Republican governor.

    I expect it to be Amy since it is the Midwest, not California, that is of most concern in November. But adding Abrams would be a fierce statement...if she'd take it.

    Hillary Clinton? At 16:1, I'd take that bet....if I was the house. There is no way--NONE--that she will be offered the spot on the ticket. The odds of her accepting it would be about the same.
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    Thanks, for the post. I agree completely, especially with the chance of Hillary being picked. That is either an insane idea or a Trump supporter engaging in wishful thinking.
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    I'd like to emphasize that the list was created by a set of gambling establishments. Some people will bet on anything.
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