James White's Bogus Doctorate

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    Clearly, those who engage in such banter via blogs have a lot more time on their hands than I do.

    As for me, I'll keep doing what I do...and look for the next academic pursuit. (And...enjoy my grandchildren...#8 just arrived on 4/1!)
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    I guess you make better use of your time than I do.
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    Congratulations!! :banana: :fest30:
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    One man's take:

    "I like your Christ, but I do not like your Christians." - Mahatma Gandhi

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    While I'm not into the "I'm a Christian...and a Buddhist, and a Muslim, and a Jew and etc. etc. etc." that Gandhi espoused, I sure have to agree with him as applied to many of my former associates in that neocalvinist church.
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    Me neither. I'm strictly "none of the above." However, I've certainly met professed Christians who are poor examples of any faith. Unfortunately, all too many of them were preachers - various denoms.


    PS - I believe in God, but have nothing against those who don't. (I didn't for 40+ years.) I don't like formal religion in any form, but I have nothing against believers.
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    I follow Jesus, but had to get away from those sundry pastors and self-anointed leaders, many of whom I believe to be destructive narcissists (there's recent scholarly research on clergy out of Canada which supports this belief: http://www.darrellpuls.com/images/AACC_2015_Paper_NPD_in_Pastors.pdf), to preserve that faith. I do not think one is likely to find the truth by looking to the average church pulpit or TV preacher--rather, look to the disregarded little old lady or misfit of the congregation who treats people kindly and isn't always telling you about their calling or their great ministry. Many (perhaps most) pastors I think need a kick square in the seat of their pants.
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    For what it is worth, Columbia Evangelical Seminary had its DTS (doctorate) evaluated by Oregon (ODA). They gave it equivalency to an accredited doctorate and allowed its use in Oregon without the usual disclaimers. Oregon was pretty tough on unaccredited degrees (especially doctorates).

    I cannot speak to James White's Th.D. process and quality. I too have issues with what comes across as arrogance and his obsession with Ergun Caner. The situation with the suicide of his (Ergun Caner's) son and what appeared to be online bullying by clergy was terrible. White was not directly involved in that other than the unrelenting pursuit of Caner wherever he turned up after leaving Liberty U. It was ugly and uncharitable.
  9. Johann

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    AMEN! :smile:

  10. Steven Avery

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    My understanding is that this was a very minor school operation, (I would have to check if there were any physical locale classes that James actually attended) and he got the PhD for a book that he had already published, The Forgotten Trinity. Sans any review procedure.

    Please feel free to correct me if anything I have shared is wrong.

    This is, I believe, why his "doctorate" should be considered bogus, more than accreditation issues.

    To be fair, many of the Christians who disagree with him also tag Dr. in front of their name without academic warrant.

    While I do have an opinion about his scholarship, and have written a bit, I really don't want that to interfere with the very valuable "degreeinfo" approach.

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  12. Kizmet

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    OK, so there's a few things going on here. The first is that an old thread has been resurrected without a clear reason. The second is that our necromancer talks like he's been involved in this thread from the beginning when in reality this was his first and (so far) only post. The third is that he sounds like some sort of insider so I'd be interested in hearing how our new member is connected to this topic. I'm just sayin'

  13. Vonnegut

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    Curious, what have you wrote? What's with the user name?
  14. Steven Avery

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    Thanks for the info. That would be essentially a confession that any previous and current usage of "Dr." should be rejected.
  15. Steven Avery

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    Some of the topics where I have written a bit involving James White include:

    His boomerang attack against any scholar who does not get the Tischendorf Sinaiticus story straight.

    His two-sided position involving 1 Timothy 3:16.

    The very interesting interaction with Brandon Staggs on Acts 8:37.

    These writings on on various forums, including Facebook group discussions and are often archived at www.purebibleforum.com , a spot which I use as a research blog-forum. However I just moved to Xenforo so the searches currently work better at the site itself than in google.

    You will find that James White is not particularly logical or bright (even putting aside the arrogance issue.)

    So his tacking a Dr. on his name was a crafty ruse.


    Note: I have often followed this degree issue. And had previous writings involving James Trimm, where the Steve Levicoff research was very helpful. Actually a lady named Kathy had done most of the degree research, while I wrote on the plagiarism issue of his new version.


    The last decade has been all Steven Avery, although my full name is Steven Avery Spencer. Around 2000-2005 I would post under Schmuel and Praxeas at times.

    The last few years have seen a special emphasis on the studies of Codex Sinaiticus, since after the 2009 Codex Sinaiticus Project, and web help in study, it became clear that this is an 1800s production involving Constantine Simonides. See, e.g. the web site www.sinaiticus.net .

    Steven Avery
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    Not so crafty. We've seen it a million times.

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