Is it just me or does anyone else HATE working for a living?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Xarick, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. japhy4529

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    Whatever happened to that dude?
  2. AV8R

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    That's what I think, too. The days of being able to land a good job and stay with that job for most or all of your working years are over. Job security is a thing of the past. These days people change jobs and even entire careers multiple times in their lives.
  3. Johann

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    He's still around. He has a website and maintains a Wiki page on himself. You can easily ask him yourself, because, as he says, he's not at all hesitant or afraid to post his contact info - address, email, phone/fax etc. out where people can see it.

    His website is here - and you can click at the bottom for contact info.

    That's all I have. I don't know Gregg personally, and he appears to have made his exit from these fora about the time I got here.
    ...And I don't read anything into that. :smile:

  4. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    I have to agree. Here's an article (one of many similar that I found) on the marked increase in disability claims in America. Yes - many of these people are genuinely disabled and cannot work - but I find it undeniable that the "entitled" faction is swelling the numbers.

    Here in Canada, the proliferation in number (and types) of diability is not new. Last I heard, 20% of Canada Pension benefits are paid to those under 60 - disabled, rather than retired. I know personally far too many system-scammers among the "disabled" - drunkards, life-long "benefits" recipients who got themselves on the "dole" at 18 or 20 and never left, people who claim work-related injuries, yet perform all manner of heavy construction tasks "under the table" - you name it!

    You want to file a disability claim here? You can find an "expert" who will guide you through the process, help you find the "right" medical opinions, use the "correct" language in your claim, etc. It's an industry!

    RAM - you are right. Yes, everyone, there are many genuinely disabled. More than ever. But there are literally millions of "entitled" among them. :sad:

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  5. SurfDoctor

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    I don't hate my job, in fact, I rather like teaching junior high students. What I don't like is the other teachers; something about teaching attracts control freaks. And they seem to go off when we are at the end of a school year. I'm sure there are exceptions, but not many at my school.
  6. iankyoko

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    I totally agree with you. I reckon mankind has never gotten their head around work. Usually the attitude is that it's duty and responsibility and from there the multitudes march to work. I think there is a reverse responsibility on the part of society to ensure us satisfying work. If the majority of people dislike work (which they do) then apparently society is not ensuring satisfying work. Another assumption is that this is the nature of work - that work is in fact drudgery. This is from people with no imagination. Today's work is drudgery but work itself need not be.
    I believe that work needs to transmit 'community'. It can't be just business. Today it is just business. The most over-riding characteristic that proves it is business and not community is that all transactions today are between people who are strangers to each other. Somehow we have enabled perfect strangers to transact. And how meaningful can that be?
    I look out on a street full of strangers and think, " You have got to be kidding me".
    We never think of the reverse - that society has to live up to our expectations. If it doesn't then society has failed us.
  7. RichC.

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    I used to have a job I loved or at least liked a lot. Being a Marine was great but after nine years of active duty and multiple combat deployments my body couldn't take it anymore. I've been out for four years now and I have hated working ever since. I hope to someday find a job I like again or win the lottery. My current job is unchallenging, unrewarding and requires very little brain power.
  8. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    I hated working -- for all my working life of 30+ years. But it paid the bills. The only thing that made life livable was going back to school (at night) that I started when I was around 40. I retired the very instant I qualified, according to company rules -- 20 years ago.

    Best thing I ever did for myself. I would have retired with more money if I'd stayed a while - but NO MONEY ON EARTH would have been worth that... I'd probably have died in harness - instead of being the healthy, bothersome old git I am now. :smile:

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  9. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Plus -- this way, I'm getting to see my four grandkids grow up. Bonus! :smile: Living this long would have been a crapshoot at best, if I'd stayed working ... and even if I did survive, it's not at all likely I'd have come this far still healthy, either.

    Ask me again in another 20 years - I think I'll still be around -- and I'll tell you the same thing. :smile:

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  10. Kizmet

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    Oh Johann, you're really not all that bothersome (on most days).:no:

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