Is DSc also Inferior to PhD ?

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  1. carlosb

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    My pleasure.

    I believe it is important to back up one's opinions with facts. That is why I usually supply links and quotes to make it easy for people seeking accurate answers to find the truth. It really takes little time to get it right and counter misguided opinions that are not backed up by facts.

    I agree with you that some schools are watering down the DBA. I don't believe the AACSB would allow it but it looks like the ACBSP does.

    When I first saw that Northcentral was requiring PhDs for their fulltime chairs I disagreed. Now I'm not so sure they are wrong.
  2. carlosb

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    Agreed. Usually a DBA requires real world work experience so a few credit less is no big deal IMO. But this is way too many.
  3. ryoder

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    The DBA at NCU is so similar to the PhD it almost makes no sense to go for the DBA. It requires 1 less research methods course, no advanced statistics course, and one less of some other course which I can't remember. The dissertation format is the same. Learners must have a comprehensive literature review. The main distinction is that the dissertation requirements to create new knowledge are lessened. People still have issues getting through the dissertation process in the EdD and DBA programs at NCU though so I am shooting for the PhD. Also, I think the extra courses in the PhD will better prepare me for the dissertation.
  4. dl_mba

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    Online only school are trying bring their own logic to distinguish DBA from PhD. AACSB and Dept of Education clearly defines that DBA's are academically equivalent to a PhD. NCU should accept a AACSB DBA applicant.
  5. JBjunior

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    NCU can set whatever criteria they want for hiring. The bigger issue would be with AACSB, if they consider the DBA to be equal, in allowing any school that they accredit to offer a degree that they view as equal to have less rigor.
  6. me again

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    Live chat dialgoue with Capella University sales

    The following is a live chat inquiry with a Capella representative concerning the credit disparity between the Capella Phd in accounting (120 credits) verses the Capella DBA in accounting (82 credits):

    The information that was emailed by Capella provided links that had already supplied to the Capella representative in the above dialogue e.g. no new information or links were provided.
  7. JBjunior

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    From that conversation, correct me if you interpreted it differently, I got that both require a master's degree but they count part of the MA as filler credits for the Phd but don't allow the same filler credits for the DBA. She said that they were entirely different programs but I wonder if, considering a person have the exact same credits going in but have them attributed differently depending on Phd or DBA, the difference is just superficial and makes the PhD look, at least credit wise, like there is more involved. Obviously the dissertation focus is different.
  8. carlosb

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    Interesting. Equal degrees should offer equal opportunities.
  9. JBjunior

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    Do you think if you were working for a company that was paying tuition assistance for you to attend a doctorate program that they would prefer you to pursue a PhD where research wouldn't be applied to their business or DBA where the research is applied and can help them make more money potentially (better systems, profit generation)? General question, I am neither in the business world or academia (at least not as a long term career path at this point) and we continually talk about the acceptance in academia but not the business side of things.
  10. foobar

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    Speaking of Capella, does it bother anyone that a student can be admitted to doctoral study in accounting without ANY prior coursework in the field? Or that a graduate of this program could have less coursework in accounting than a third-year undergraduate accounting major?

    A required course in their Ph.D. program in accounting (and the DBA) is BMGT8014 - Accounting and Finance Principles and Practice. There is no accounting prerequisite for this course. In fact, the only prerequisites are courses in academic writing and management leadership.

    There is no way I could take either of their doctoral degrees in accounting seriously.
  11. RFValve

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    Sadly, this is not the only program with this issue. I know few PhDs in Accounting that wouldn't be able to fill a simple tax return.

    Many schools would allow MBAs with little accounting background to do a PhD in Accounting. For this reason, most schools prefer a CPA or CMA with a PhD for accounting teaching positions.

    At the end of the day, PhDs are research degrees and not professional degrees. It is acceptable for academia to grant a PhD in accounting to someone with no coursework in taxation or auditing as long as the individual contribues to knowledge in Accounting.
  12. Ian Anderson

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    In the UK and a few other countries the DSc is sometimes a higher doctorate per Doctorate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  13. carlosb

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    D.S.W. TO PH.D. CONVERSION OVERVIEW (for $600.00)

    Columbia University

    Needed to have the request submitted by May 31, 2011. Apparently some people do care about the differences in designation.

    BTW: The University of Kentucky is another AACSB school that changed from DBA to PhD.
  14. Ted Heiks

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    Ted Heiks: The [Capella] DBA degree assumes that you already have a master's while the [Capella] PhD program only requires a bachelor's.

    Doctoral degrees typically entail EITHER 60 semester hours after the master's OR 90 semester hours after the bachelor's OR 90 quater hours after the master's OR 135 quarter hours after the bachelor's. I would be suspicious of anything too far outside of these parameters.
  15. JBjunior

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    According to Capella that is not their policy.....

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