Is ASIC an end run around recognized accreditation?

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    Oops. I guess I ought to actually try reading these things first.:pat:
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  3. I came across this thread yesterday. I read through the replies. I am new here. Now here is my thought. ASIC accreditation would probably be best as a stepping stone for seminaries of obscure religions. Such as a Pagan seminary. There is no set standard or consensus on ordination on a large scale. Just my personal opinion. I am no business genius or expert on accreditation. Now setting up relationships with accredited schools would help too.
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    Reviving dead threads is not always smiled upon so please excuse the resuscitation.

    Was introduced to ASIC this morning via reading the CV of a person who lists being a professor at an ASIC accredited school in Canada (St Bede).

    In trying to figure out if it is legit or not I read their explanation that, "ASIC is recognized by UKVI in UK, is a member of the CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG)in USA."

    I did indeed find them listed with CHEA/CIQG as a UK based accreditation agency. What I do not know/is not clear to me, is what bearing, if any, that has in US acceptability.

    This thread was started some years ago and, if the CHEA/CIQG is recent since ASIC was first discussed, I am wondering if it now makes a difference in acceptability.
  5. Mac Juli

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    To make things short, de facto: none.
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    Thank you.
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    No worries, it's something of a tradition around here!
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    ASIC accreditation has no bearing on the degree-granting status of schools it accredits. "Accreditation" means something quite unique in the US, and that thing ain't it.
  9. Mac Juli

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    ASIC accreditation is not only discussed on this board, of course. I found the following rhetorical gem on another board: "ASIC accreditation does not give the right to issue degrees. It's like a coffee shop using a sanitation certification to claim it's an operating theatre."

    Best regards,
    Mac Juli
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    Maybe - but how else can they get to charge $5,000 a cup? :)
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    You are absolutely correct! This is exactly the scheme of AIU and for many, the degree will be enough. It will never be valuable in the US and even some other countries. However, seeing a US school (granting legal degrees) with some accreditation is enough for many countries. In fact accreditation is often not even checked as it doesn't mean the same thing or carry the same weight in many other nations. Depending on your situation and where you plan to live and work, AIU could benefit a student (such as my situation) but pretty much not in any western country.

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