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    Yeah, well so is Axact.

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    I just found this old topic, seems to be another propio DBA.

    http://www.ipe-paris.com/ says

    "Our other Institutions that are wholly owned that are part of the GES Network include:

    • PPA - Paris Pôle Alternance - delivers Undergraduate and Post Graduate Degrees in Paris
    • EIML - Ecole Internationale de Marketing du Luxe - Degree programmes in Luxury Management
    • ESGI - Ecole Supérieure de Génie Informatique - Computer Science degrees
    • ICAN - Institut de Création et Animation Numériques - Digital technology and game design
    • ECITV - Ecole du Digital l’Audiovisuel en Alternance - Web and Audiovisual"
    I couldn´t find any of these schools on Anabin.
    Does anyone see through this thing? Which is the actual state-accredited main school?? I would like to see what Anabin has to say about it.
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    IPE claims it is a Grande Ecole*, State Recognized and owns these other schools as part of the "Réseau des Grandes Ecoles Specialisées (GES)" - the GES network. I guess that makes IPE Management School the "state-accredited main school." That is, if IPE's claims are all true.... I'll leave that to you.

    *Here's something to start with: (Google):

    Grandes écoles, which are part of an alternative educational system that operates alongside the mainstream French public university system, are dedicated to teaching, research and professional training in single academic fields such as engineering, architecture, business administration, academic research, or public ..."

    So -if they operate alongside the mainstream Public schools - exactly how are they recognized? As what? Can they award Doctorates?
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    Again, I don't believe there is such a thing. The compass has been completely lost, here, in regard to "propio."

    All cheap wine of suspect origin is not muscatel.
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