Investigation into ACICS

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    ACICS accredits more than 900 schools! How? I've been to their offices and I have some insight into their processes. If anything was going to trip them up, it was financial aid.

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    I love this stuff. The only thing I don't like is that they are so slow to spin out. It will be interesting to watch it happen.
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    I've been to their office too, and it's very, very nice. DEAC, meanwhile has a smallish office that's perfectly serviceable but not at all fancy.
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    I don't know as much about ACICS as I do about DEAC. For starters, DEAC accredits far fewer institutions than 900. I had no idea ACICS had so many accredited institutions. But I also believe DEAC has a significantly fewer number of their schools accepted for Title IV funds. Many of the DEAC schools seem to make their money off of government tuition assistance, GI Bill and just having low-ish tuition rates that a person could theoretically self-fund.

    Seems to me that the federal funds are really the hot button item in this whole for-profit hate fest. But, there are a number of schools that simply fly under the radar and don't bury people in debt. The debt load that some Everest students report for an associates degree could have paid for a bachelors and masters at AMU/APU four times over.

    I'm glad to see that ACICS's claim at ending the investigation was shot down. USDOE has, honestly, done a poor job of policing some of its accreditors. And USDOE is very unlikely to investigate itself in a way that is going to highlight their own inaction. So, yeah, sounds like a long overdue investigation.

    Does this mean that presidential candidates won't be telling us how Full Sail University is the best place in the world this election cycle?
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    Following this quote is a chart listing 17 schools of ACICS's 900+ accredited schools.

    One of the problems I have with this present course of action is that Senator Warren basically wants accreditors to yank accreditation without conducting an investigation. State sues you? Yank the accreditation.

    The problem with that sort of system should be obvious.

    I would think all of that posturing would do a number on one's back.
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    Not that it makes much of a difference, but they listed about 28 colleges owned by 17 different companies. I believe all of those colleges are accredited separately.
  10. SteveFoerster

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    Interesting. Normally it's Dick Durbin who is the Designated Grandstander on this issue.
  11. Neuhaus

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    I'm sure when the quarterly poll numbers came in and Elizabeth Warren saw she might score a fraction of a point with the "money is evil" crowd she was willing to jump on the Dick Durbin bandwagon.
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    Ironic for someone who constantly rails against the cost of higher education, but was paid $350K to teach a single course at Harvard Law School, a position for which she lied about her ethnic heritage to obtain.
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    Back on topic.

    ACICS has halted accepting new applications for accreditation. They're also putting together an improvement plan. I've read it; it doesn't look very good. Kind of slap-dash with no goals or measures.

    It reminds me of universities that get in trouble with their sports programs, then investigate themselves, institute some self-punishment, and implement improvements--all in the hope that the NCAA doesn't do it for them.

    I doubt this lame effort will forestall the USDoE and Congress: ACICS | Press Release: ACICS Announces Hiatus on New Members, Other Reforms to Strengthen Student Protection and Quality Standards
  15. SteveFoerster

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    I doubt that even a great effort would. Federal scrutiny is a like a freight train, it may not start easily, but it's tough to stop it once it's rolling towards you.

    There's a reason that it's considered a curse to say, "May you come to the attention of important people."
  16. Bruce

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    I didn't know there were any non-mill schools left that ACICS hasn't already accredited.

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