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Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by Oherra, Apr 3, 2003.

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    oherra ,
    what two classes would you have to take and what would your 2nd bachelors degree be in I am interested in this I may take advantage of this at least at more time to having to pay back that student loan!
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    I got the information on the dual degree program today. It does NOT apply to IT graduates. It only applies to BBA or MBA graduates and for a fee of roughly 7,000 you can get a second BBA or MBA in another concentration area. At this time the choices are Marketing, Management, and Health care Admin.

    If you have a BBA you can use this to get a second BBA.
    If you have a MBA you can use this to get a second MBA.
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    Hello oherra,

    How is the mit going at AIU? I am wonderin about that program is it really tough cirriculum up to graduate scholl standards ? kinda curious keep us posted !
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    The first class bas been interesting so far. It's a theory course on business information systems. It's kind of a review to those of us who had the BIT at AIU a repeat of some of the database concepts we knew only it has more business information mixed in.

    It's been a challenging class for people new to AIU, but for those of use familiar with AIU it's been a breeze. It is a slightly larger workload we're writing two papers a week as opposed to one in the BIT. But other than that it's not too bad really.
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    How is it going?

    What are the classes like in the Masters Program so far at AIU. I read through this whole thread and was interested in how it is going for you.

    Do you guys have the names of all the courses taught in the BIT that you can cut and paste into a reply? Just wondering, thanks!
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    I really love the masters program. Aside from the first course, the classes have all been very challenging and interesting. I feel that I am learning significantly more than I did in the bachelors program. Some of the concepts are the same but you have to apply them at a higher level of bloom's taxonomy.

    I can give you a list of the bachelors courses I took. They would be slightly different now as AIU has altered its catalog and allows for specializations in the Bachelors program.

    Bachelors Classes
    Introduction to IT ITB300
    Network Operating Systems ITN310
    Network O/S Administration ITN320
    Data Modeling and Design ITD340
    Database Administration ITD400
    Beginning Programming ITP410
    Advanced Programming ITP420
    Web Applications ITP430
    Advanced Network O/S Administration ITN330
    Strategic Management ITB460

    Masters Classes
    Information Systems ITS610
    Enterprise Network Design ITN620
    Object-Oriented Programming ITP630
    Database Design and Implementation ITD640
    Introduction to Information Security ITS650
    Cryptography Concepts ITS660
    Special Topics in Network Security ITS670
    Strategic Information Management ITS685
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    I finished BIT programme at BIT with Summa Cum Laude last February . The last date was February 12th. I receieved e-mail somewhere around there that I would receive my diploma after 4-6 weeks. So I waited for it. I waited until last Monday but nothing happened. So I contacted Student Record Office via e-mail to inquire about my diploma status. I didn't get a reply from them at all; however, the only thing I received is a notification from DHL that the shipment from AIU bookstore departed Arlington Heights, IL.

    Seriously, they should improve their customer service skills.

    Although I earned a degree, it was such a short time and time had passed quickly. I wish I were able to dig in a little more. The last class was not interesting at all. So I didn't really study. I just "got by" but my GPA is 4.0. I am hoping I am the first Japanese international student at AIU online with summa cum laude. But I am not sure. :)

    My BIT degree from AIU doesn't help me get a job since I already work in IT as a system administrator. But it was interesting. I wouldn't do this again because I would like to spend more time slowly to study something. More or less, it has given me an opportunity to study further in computer related areas.

    I am going to a brick and mortar graduate school in Europe (I got rejected by two schools and got accepted to enter 2 other schools). Some friends told me that would be "Academic Laundering". But it's not illegal. However, I noticed some grad schools wouldn't treat my IT degree like the one from a usual college. Oh well. After all, it was my decision and I paid for it but this is the only online programme I deal with in my life, which doesn't mean it's bad. though. Thanks.
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    Congratulations, I'm here in Japan also, working for DoD. I'll buy you a Kirin Beer sometime. I wish you much luck in your Masters.

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    Thanks, Vonnell. But always, always, Yebisu beer for me :)

    By the way, what is the yellow rope that came with the diploma? I can't quite figure out what that is. Does anybody know?

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    Sorry, no rope for me

    Sorry, I didn't get a yellow rope. Where are you going for your masters? Being in Japan you really get to find out who is DL friendly and who's not. I've had crazy issues with books from both AIU and CTU. Finally things are better but I'm almost finished in less than a month.
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    It's over!!!

    I completed my Masters of IT with AIU yesterday! The program was fun and I really enjoyed it, especially the components on Java and SQL but it's very nice to be done.

    The final course IT strategic management was a capstone course building on all of the concepts we learned and it was a very great way to end the program. I had one of the best group assignments I've ever had and it truly made the class memorable.

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    Congratulations on finishing your master's degree.

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    Congratulations on finishing your master's degree.

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