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    I am just finishing my second week of classes with American Intercontinental University’s online campus. So far I love the course. The class seems to cover exactly what I would expect in an intro to IT course: basic HTML, team work, and introductory project management. One of the aspects I really like is the group assignments. We are teamed with 3 other students and have to work together to complete specific tasks. From my point of view, this seems to help me get to know my classmates and gives me more of an actual “college” feeling than some other online courses I’ve taken where you didn’t even know other students existed.

    My only concerns so far seem to be on the student services side of the school. When I first contacted AIU to enroll, I anticipated finishing my associate degree in December of 2002. However, as sometimes happens with small community colleges, one of the courses I needed to wasn’t offered in the fall quarter and I had to wait until winter quarter which started January 1st to take the class. I was scheduled to start AIU the last week of Feb. and I needed them to push this back to the end of March to allow me to complete my associate degree. My admissions counselor at AIU didn’t want to change my start date to accommodate necessary change. He kept trying to get me to CLEP the course and immediately start with AIU. I did not want to do this; I wanted a degree from my community college because I really enjoyed my time there. I didn’t understand why pushing my start date back a few weeks was such a huge deal, but the counselor even left somewhat stern and abrasive messages on my answering machine. Finally I got through to AIU’s dean of student services who made this change for me and assigned me a new counselor. I obviously wanted nothing to do with the person leaving me rude messages over a simple change. Aside from that, I find that it’s rather difficult to contact someone in the registrar’s office. I am presently waiting on the registrar to verify my undergraduate GPA for my HOPE Scholarship, and cannot seem to get anyone to return my phone calls as to why this is taking so long.

    At any rate, I really have enjoyed the class so far and I really think I will enjoy my time at AIU. I just see a need for some improvement concerning student services.
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    I just thought I would write a small update on my course work with AIU incase anyone is interested. I just turned in the final course work for ITB 300 INTRODUCTION TO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.

    The course consisted of 5 weeks which went as follows:

    Week 1: Teamwork skills, basic programming concepts, and flow charts. (light reading)
    Week 2: HTML basic HTML tags and design concepts. (light reading)
    Week 3: HTML frames and tables (light reading)
    Week 4: Project management (heavy reading), use of Microsoft Project 2000.
    Week 5: Project management (more heavy reading) use of Microsoft Project 2000.

    The first 3 weeks really were not that bad, the course work was challenging due to the fast pace, but it didn't seem difficult. I enjoyed creating the assigned flow charts and html pages and had a chance to brush up on concepts I hadn't really used since my first semester at community college.

    Only one word describes week 4: hell. If you have not previously been exposed to project management principles and MS Project 2000 this will be a very difficult week. There is a huge amount of reading you must do to learn the principles of project management. Then you are asked to design a WBS file in MS. Project for a web design project which adheres to those principles. You will spend many, many hours trying reading the appendix, help files, and taking tutorials trying to figure out how MS Project works. Then at the last second when you think you are going to flunk out, you¡¦ll figure out how the stupid software actually works and get it done just in time.

    Week 5 then seems immensely better because it¡¦s a short continuation of what you did in week 4 and you only have to do the reading and change some parameters of your already designed project files.

    On the whole, I enjoyed the class. The instructor was great and he really did his best to help us. I placed several phone calls to him and was always willing to offer advice. On the course evaluation I did suggest they might consider condensing web design down to one week, and making project management 3 weeks it certainly would have been easier that way.
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    This is interesting. I hope you will continue to keep us up to date.
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    Thanks so much for the update indeed Oherra. I've made the final decision to attend AIU as well to obtain my M.B.A. degree. The decision to attend the university was certainly mind boggling because I was weighing the prestige of certain universities versus my decision to attend AIU.

    But, then I followed my gut instinct and went with what was really important to me. I've seen doctors' and lawyers' resumes who obtained "University of Phoenix," M.B.A. degrees so why should I be intimidated by going to another RA online university like AIU. Education matters to me the most than any prestige of a college. As long as the school is regionally accredited that's all I need.

    I'll be starting in the first week of June and I am looking forward to beginning the program.
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    Do you think spending $27K for an Online MBA (non-AACSB or IACBE) while you get a same degree for half the price from other online RA universities like Touro, Northcentral etc.
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    I really cannot comment on the MBA program, as I am working on my bachelors, but I will comment about that.

    I wanted to look for a program with a campus in Georgia because I get a little bit off from the HOPE scholarship and my employer will pay tuition reimbursement. I looked at several state schools that had distance programs taught via the web, but none of them seemed to offer much in the way of student support. It was mostly reading lectures, writing papers, and taking tests. There wasn't much "classroom" interaction.

    When I evaluated AIU's program they seemed to have a much better setup, they have presentations you watch vs. written lectures, and they have live chats each week, and encourage your participation with other students.

    So I guess I felt this was worth the money, and money really wasn't an issue since I have a scholarship and my employer pays the rest. If I were doing this on my own I'd have probably went with Touro.
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    I chose AIU because:

    1. Money wasn't a major issue as I received tuition reimbursement.

    2. It's MBA program was less expensive then University Of Phoenix.

    3. There was no other university that I could find, which allowed me to get the MBA in just 8 months. Everyone else was a year or longer. I figured the sooner I get the MBA done is the sooner that I can start on a PHD program. I plan on going to Nothcentral for that.

    4. Although AIU isn't AACSB or IACBE, I figured since my focus is to possibly teach Information Technology classes not business classes, that it wouldn't be a factor. If you look at an AACSB accredited school like Indiana State University, they have a PHD in Technology Management, but their AACSB accreditation has nothing to do with it.

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    Mbastudent stated my major reason for enrolling in AIU. It was the time factor. I think no matter which way you look at it, it'll still cost you even if you attend a cheaper school. This is why:

    If I'd enroll in a program like say Touro University International, Amberton, or Northcentral and went the long and drawn out 15-16 months to 2 1/2 years that it takes to get an M.B.A. degree, this will probably keep me back from the salary that I could be making in eight months.

    My main purpose of pursuing the MBA degree is to combine it with an area of law in the future. So it wouldn't matter to me if the degree is AACSB or IACBE accredited. Besides it is regionally accredited and I believe that an individual can always make themselves marketable with the degree. All AACSB and IACBE schools doesn't provide the best educational solutions for some people. So I don't think you will be penalized in the workplace much for pursuing a non-AACSB, only when teaching it'll probably matter some. But you don't have to teach at an AACSB or IACBE accredited school. Plus I've saw someone with an M.B.A. from "Andrew Jackson University," and the school is DETC accredited and he was a business professor at University of Arkansas which is nationally ranked according to USNews. So where there's a will there's a way to get in the position that you want. Plus, there is a new certified MBA test that is coming out, that you can sort of use to strengthen you're resume.

    Like Oherra stated, the student support services is another factor the reason why I enrolled in M.B.A. program. The staff at AIU are so friendly and they have walked me through the admission process so nicely. Ensuring that everything is set before starting the degree program in June. I really feel that I am getting my monies worth already.

    I have an experience in the past of attending a considerably less priced state school, the administration didn't give a crap about you and the courses were horrible. It was a disheartening experience. I rather pay my money to get the services that I need instead of getting mistreated and disrespected by administration.

    Since my plans ultimately would be to attend an ABA accredited law school. So I'll be using many of the business concepts that I will learn through AIU's program and apply it in a legal sense. So I personally feel my decision to attend AIU is quite justified.
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    "Justified". Interesting choice of words.
  10. Oherra

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    Maybe it's not so good....

    Well I am continuing right along with AIU, I’m now in my third course and the classes continue to be OK. One of the instructors I had was really flaky and didn’t seem to have much of a clue, but the other 2 have been good so far. In the instruction department I’d rate them no better or worse than any school I have attended.

    However, the student services or customer service (whatever you prefer to call it) has really gown down the tubes! When I started AIU it was with the understanding that it was on a cohort admissions basis. As I understood it, we were supposed to be in class with the same people we started with for the duration of the program. This was true during the first 2 courses and I made some wonderful friends we all developed especially great working relationships with each other. However, for some reason unknown to any of us AIU has split us all up into different classes now. This is causing significant problems with student moral, instead of being in with “our class” we are now in with other strange persons who equally resent being taken out of “their class.” No explanation has been offered or given as for why this was done.

    I tried to call my original advisor, and found out he no longer worked at AIU. I had to call the advising office to be assigned someone else. I spoke to my new advisor, and she told me we must have been given ‘out dated’ information about cohorts, that AIU no longer did that. I tried to explain to her that it was clearly defined as cohort admission in the current student handbook, and she again told me that the 2003 handbook must be “outdated.” She said that as AIU had grown to over 4,000 students they simply could not offer cohort admissions any longer.

    Trying to find someone who could explain why this change was made without any notice or update to the student body, I tried to call the dean of students, who I thought was Tony Lorentz. I did this only to find out he too had been replaced by someone named Marcy Sylvester. I have placed numerous calls to Ms. Sylvester but am only able to get a hold of her voice mail. She did call and leave me a voice mail very late one evening and explained that she’s often not at her phone and asked me to email her. To date I have sent her an email on 4 different occasions, all of which have gone unanswered.

    I’m really disappointed. I cannot seem to get a hold of anyone who will explain this, and at least offer to hear me out and pass on my comments. What adds insult to injury is that that the academic advisors are using their growth as the reason all this is being done. Obviously, if they were growing, they had a formula for class setup that students liked and that worked. I cannot imagine using growth as a reason to start offering crappy student services, and changing policy in mid-swing without even informing the students. If I had wanted to put up with “the run around” there are certainly much cheaper schools I could have gone to. At this point, I would not recommend AIU. If you are going to pay 24K+ to attend an institution at the very least you should enjoy the experience and not be made to feel as if your concerns are unimportant and insignificant. I will update you all if my opinion changes.
  11. Oherra

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    Just thought I'd post an update :D

    I finally got my problems worked out with AIU it just took a bit. I'm still going strong in the degree program. The fast pace is really hard to maintain sometimes, but I keep telling myself I've only 5 more classes to go ;)

    It does seem to take a long time to get a response from thier customer service or financial aid people, but the courses are good for the most part and I am enjoying the program.

    I rate it no better or no worse than any traditional campus.
  12. manjuap

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    Good that it worked out ok.
  13. krazymack

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    I'm almost finished my second term at AIU in their M.B.A. program and I am enjoying it so much.

    I've did really well in my first term. I am so glad that I chose AIU, it's such a challenging and rigorous institution with caring and helpful professors, for the most part. All of them have doctorates.

    The fast paced nature of AIU's program is quite tough as Oherra stated but it is doable. Instructors really care about their students and they want to help you so much through understanding the academic material.

    AIU programs are quite comparable to any B&M programs. I find it to be well worth the price. I guess I found my ideal school.

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    I currently attend American Intercontinental University

    Hello all,

    I am new to this board but I been here several times. I am making my first post because I currently attend AIU and I may be able to help a few people understnad the school alittle better. I strated AIU in january of this year and believe me it is tuff. I work 40 Hours a week and still manage to keep a high GPA. But the work load is not easy The school does give all the information that you would get in a 14 week class in 5 weeks. I have literally went from running for my life to avoid having to learn database systems to learning how to adminastor and design a sql server 2000 enviroment in five weeks. I have learned how to write programs in visual basic and resite some code form memory ( due to excessive repititon no doubt) and before this clas I had no prior programming experience. But there are a few down sides.
    one there is no room for error! If you fail an assignment your grade can suffer so you need to try to talk to your teacher about trying to fit an extra credit assignment in some how if they will do it at all. You learn enough in all your classes to be effective in any career setting,but you really need to learn some fundimentals on your own just the basics(remember it is accelarated and you do about 3 weeks worth or research and work every week). YOU ONLY HAVE THE OPTION OF A ONLINE GRADUTION NO MATTER WHAT THEY TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This created quite a bit of contervesy lately so be for warned. For the most part the school in my opinon is top notch THIS IS NOT A CAKE WALK SCHOOL. I have never had to perform at this level at any school attended and its not because the classes are exxcessively hard but they are so challenging because have to learn so much in suc h a small amount of time. I really would rank AIU to any land based school maybe even better because most people I talk to at the actually are retaning much of what they did for many of there assignments months after the classes are over I can remember most of the assigment from my first class. All and all I would say AIU is a great schooll if need a REAL degree in a hurry . You cant go to a land based campus. And you dont mind there are no extrciricular activities (because there are none) AIU is not a degree mill but it s built like a factory in sense when start your head is empty and they have 10 teachers standing on the convayer belt with hand fulls of knowledge and everyone stuff as much as they can in your head for five weeks then they pass you to another does the same thing after he finished you take a week off so your brain wont start oozing out of your ears and then it continues until your finished. on the way down the line there are no stops (extrcirricular activites) and when your finished they stamp you with a certified stamp (diploma)and ship you in to the work world. No love lost they grab another canidate and repeat the same thing. In other word AIU is the toyota of university they have found a faster more efficent way to train students in a shorter time and in some cases they will perform better that tradition students because of it. :D
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    I currently attend American Intercontinental University

    This Is My current class:eek:

    Assignment List for ITP410 View Printable Page
    Unit 1 - Introduction to Visual Basic

    Reading Assignment:
    Chapters 1 - 3 (Shelly, Cashman, and Quasney)
    Assignment Type: Individual Project Due Date: 7/26/2003
    Points Possible: 100 Project Duration: 1 - 2 hours
    Deliverable Length: N/A

    You've just started a new semester and you've become friends with one of your classmates, Tomislav. Tomislav tells you he has just moved to the United States from Europe and he's having a difficult time adjusting to the English units of measurement. In his country, most liquids are measured in liters, not gallons.

    Tomislav tells you that he's been having an especially hard time buying gasoline, since he doesn't have much of an idea how much a gallon is. He also mentions he's having a tough time understanding how much is in a pint.

    Since you got an 'A' in your last Visual Basic .NET course, you volunteer to write Tomislav an application to convert liters into pints and gallons.

    Project Details

    Create an appropriate user interface.

    Include a Reset button, which will clear the interface controls.
    Be sure to center the form on the screen.
    Create a button that the user will click to complete the conversion.
    Provide an appropriate title for your application window.
    Create necessary labels for all fields.
    Display the pint and gallon conversions in TextBox controls that cannot be edited.
    Write code to complete the conversion.

    Use the Internet or other resources to find out the conversion rates between liters and pints, as well as liters and gallons.
    Deliverable Details

    Using the drop box submit your application.

    Submit only ONE file. The file should be a zip of all necessary files to run your program.
    Assignment Type: Discussion Board Due Date: 7/26/2003
    Points Possible: 45 Project Duration: 30 - 45 minutes
    Deliverable Length: 2 - 4 paragraphs

    Use the AIU Cybrary to find resources on Visual Basic. Select your favorite three and explain what they have to offer. Also discuss the differences between OOP and OOD. Offer examples of how each can be applied in real life. Use proper terminology and find original sources of face. Be sure to cite your sources.
    Unit 2 - Building Applications

    Reading Assignment:
    Chapter 4-5 (Shelly, Cashman, and Quasney)
    Assignment Type: Individual Project Due Date: 8/2/2003
    Points Possible: 100 Project Duration:
    Deliverable Length:

    Assignment Grader

    Design and develop of project to assign a letter grade to a student's Assignment based on a test score and other criteria.

    Use a NumericUpDown control to allow the instructor's assistant to enter a test score between 0 and 100.

    Use a group of RadioButton controls to determine the grade on Extra Credit Project #1: None (0 points), Average (3 point bonus), Above average (5 point bonus).

    Use a second group of RadioButton controls to select whether a student handed in the assignment on time, with the default being On Time. The other choices are 1 to 2 days late (5 point penalty) and more than 2 days late (automatic score of 0).

    Display the final total grade in a read-only TextBox control. Use global variables to keep track of which RadioButton control is checked before determining the final grade.

    Deliverable Details

    Create user interface similar to the one pictured in this link.

    Submit only ONE file. The file should be a zip of all necessary files to demonstrate your program.

    Assignment Type: Discussion Board Due Date: 8/2/2003
    Points Possible: 45 Project Duration: n/a
    Deliverable Length: n/a

    Please post your troubleshooting questions on the Discussion Board.
    Also, review all of the threads, and respond when you know the answer.

    Then argue whether the If/Then/Else method or the Case Statement method is the best suited for the Unit 2 Individual Project. Also discuss what type of situation best suits each of these methods and why. Be sure to address your fellow classmates’ comments.
    Unit 3 - Building Complex Applications

    Reading Assignment:
    Chapter 6 (Shelly, Cashman, and Quasney)
    Assignment Type: Individual Project Due Date: 8/9/2003
    Points Possible: 100 Project Duration:
    Deliverable Length:

    Design and develop a program that validates the value a user enters into a TextBox control to ensure that the entry is a valid telephone number. The application should accept a maximum of 12 characters. When the user clicks a button, the program should determine if the entry is of the form 999-999-9999, where the character 9 represents any number.

    If the entry is determined to be a telephone number, display an appropriate message, along with the separate substrings that compose the telephone number without the dashes. If the entry is not a telephone number, then display a message as to the reason why the entry is not a valid telephone number, clear the TextBox control and set focus to the TextBox control. Use String class methods to solve the problem.

    Here are a few hints to help you code the String methods:

    Check that the user has entered two dashes in the appropriate spaces.

    Break the string into 3 substrings, represented as 999,999, and 9999.

    Use the Visual Basic .NET IsNumber() function to determine whether each substring is a valid number. The function accepts one parameter and returns a True or False value. You can loop through each character in the string. The following may be a helpful resource:
    IsNumber method

    Assignment Type: Discussion Board Due Date: 8/9/2003
    Points Possible: 45 Project Duration: n/a
    Deliverable Length: n/a

    Please post your troubleshooting questions on the Discussion Board. Also, review all of the threads, and respond when you know the answer. In addition, you should argue the advantages, disadvantages, and provide usage examples of the following:

    For Next Loops

    Do While Loops

    Do Until Loops

    Unit 4 - Programming Tools

    Reading Assignment:
    Chapter 7 (Shelly, Cashman, and Quasney)
    Assignment Type: Group Project Due Date: 8/16/2003
    Points Possible: 400 Project Duration:
    Deliverable Length:

    Create an application that either sums or averages the rows or columns of a two-dimensional array depending on user choices. Use the following data for the array: 5 7 3 9 12
    4 8 9 13 4
    0 -1 -7 13 8
    4 4 4 4 0

    Create a menu bar with a File menu that includes a Perform Action command and an Exit command. The Perform Action command computes either the sum or the average of the rows or columns in the array and displays the result in a message box. The Exit command exits the application.

    Create a second menu on the menu bar called the Action menu. Add a Sum Rows command, Sum Columns command, Average Rows command, and Average Columns command to the Action menu. Use the RadioCheck and Check properties of each command to allow the user to select a command on the Action menu. The Perform Action command checks to see which command is selected on the Action menu to determine which operation to execute when the user clicks the Perform Action command.

    Note the commands on the Action menu do not require any event procedures. Include appropriate shortcut keys for all commands. After the Perform Action command executes, the program should display the results in a message box. The message box should display results for each row or column separated by a ControlChars.NewLine character. The message box also should ask the user if she or he wants to continue or to exit the application.
    Submit your files to your instructor via the drop box.
    Assignment Type: Discussion Board Due Date: 8/16/2003
    Points Possible: 45 Project Duration:
    Deliverable Length:

    Explain what a one-dimensional array and its components are. Explain why arrays are useful, and how they are created within Visual Basic .NET. Finally, explain how two-dimensional arrays are different than one-dimensional arrays. Please address your fellow classmates’ opinions and comments.
    Unit 5 - Error Checking and Debugging

    Reading Assignment:
    Chapter 8 (Shelly, Cashman, and Quasney)
    Assignment Type: Discussion Board Due Date: 8/23/2003
    Points Possible: 20 Project Duration:
    Deliverable Length:

    Post your troubleshooting questions on the Discussion Board.
    Assignment Type: Individual Project Due Date: 8/23/2003
    Points Possible: 100 Project Duration:
    Deliverable Length:

    Complete Programming Assignment #2 (pg. 8.75-8.76) in your Shelly, Cashman, and Quasney textbook. Follow this link to the Weekly Revenue folder. Submit your updated and error-free project in ONE zipped file.

    © 2001-2003 AIU Online. All Rights Reserved.
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  16. codekiller

    codekiller New Member

    Whoa, Im the man !,

    I just finished class scored a A in the class but did i work for it . I had to read 2-3 chapters a week and some times twice this class is definitely a 400 level class there was no hand holding or babying at all in this class the teacher was top notch she pushed me to the limit and didnt give any grade away( not that any other teacher did) I didnt apply 100 % on a project and got a 65% on that project and she didnt pull any punches about my lack of effort . So believe me when you apply to AIU you get what you give they are not going to walk with you holding you hand all the way through your class you are expected to work and if you dont you will fail. I was looking at the roster for our current class it has gotten quite a bit smaller since the last class. But on the other hand no other class has made me feel like I really accomplished something like this one has . I battled the beast and I won !!!!! I need a beer and a cigarette! well any way I 'll keep you posted on the next class im in ITD 420 advanced programming right now in about 5 weeks.
  17. Oherra

    Oherra New Member

    Hi codekiller

    I'm glad you are doing well! I just finished ITD340 the access class, so far I've managed to keep a 4.0 GPA but it does take a lot of work :).

    I loved the ITD340 class though, the instructor was really good. I'm currently in ITD400 and I'll let you know how that goes.

    Thanks for posting your experience with the VB class, I've never been much of a programmer so I'm glad to hear you were able to pull out an A.

  18. codekiller

    codekiller New Member

    No problem Oherra!

    I will try to post as much as possible for the next 4 classes. I want everyone to know how good the school is and us aiu alum have to stick together also! Oherra have you heard anythng else about the online graduation I heard it kicks off next week. If you know anyone that is going to attend please have them post there experiences since we dont have our own disscussion board anymore. Word of advice for 410 if cant attend live disscusions pick up the book by microsoft labeled visual step by step and make sure you understand the chapter on strings that is one of the most difficult skills to master and I have talked to programmers that have been in 15 week classes who could not understand it still and I just recently trouble shot code that I didnt create for my last assigment and made it work (make you proud to be a AIU alum). Also read the entire chapter before you begin your assignment and make sure you understand the skills before start your assignmentbecause this will hurt in future assignments if you dont,also the cbts help put everything in prospectve so view those last .By the way congrats on the 4.0 gpa I had one but I got a B in one class but I dont think a 3.9 gpa will hurt my chances in the real world!LOL.


    Do you plan to go to graduate school at AIU? If you are not do you know if any top tier schools that have accepted AIU allumni?
    Do you think they would have a problem accepting AIU grads?

    Good Luck in your next class!
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  19. Oherra

    Oherra New Member

    Thanks for the book suggestion.

    I'm not planning to go to graduate school at AIU. I love the school and it's insturction model but it's just too expensive. I don't think my employer will shell out another 20-30 grand that soon.

    I am am actually hoping to go to law school at some point, I talked with the dean of admissions at Georgia State and they told me they would have no problem accepting an AIU degree.

    I've heard nothing about the online graduation. I'm actually very upset about this. When I enrolled my advisor told me all about how I would be able to go to the graduation in Atlanta and mentioned that they had a big ceremony twice a year at the Woodruff Arts Center. Now it seems that we're no longer allowed to participate...that bothers me because I had family who are all very close to Atlanta and many planned to attend.

    If you find anything out about the online graduatoin I'd like to hear about it.

  20. codekiller

    codekiller New Member


    Congrats on law school. I dont think I will go to the graduate school at AIU either and its not because I dont like there because as far as ciricullum goes it cant be beat. But I will frrank I want walk the stage if I am expected todo all that work for 13 months and put my life on hold for this. I agree with you they told me thae same thing and I was waiting for the day I would get to walk the stage of a prestigious university with a diploma in my hand and throw my cap in the air. But that will never happen I will watch my graduation or atleast my name and listen to some guy sit in a chair and talk to a camera. Then the coup de grat I will watch my name flash across the screen for thirty seconds ooooooh!( for a example goto click on online graduation). But I do love my school the students are so cool they will anwser question any time you have a problem and they are usually very intelligent the teachers are very well educated and I do appreciate the time the scholl put in picking qualified teacher I have dealt with enough unquailfied teacher in my life to know this is truely a luxery. But I also hate the fact there is nothing to do at the school ! I would love to have some sort of frat or something. Below are some articles on a web based graduation there going to be a nfl hall of famer speaking at the september graduation. the article goes on to say how they are going to send tickect for the online graduation cerimony I dont know what they have planed yet but I sure am curious from the article I hope I atleast simmiliar to a land based grduation. if find out any more information please let me know ! Thanks

    AIU Online graduation infromation

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