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Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by Oherra, Apr 3, 2003.

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    Oherra ,

    Had the same exact problem for the last two classes. I will tell what I did, it is impossible to make other people do work and I was in a group with 2 member that made up every excuse in the book and turned in some of the worst work I have ever seen . What I did was upload any litlle change I made to the drop box made sure that there name was only there 2-4 times and mine was 17 - 20 and I made sure they knew that I was going to turn in the final assignmnet. The fact is the next three classes are going to be weeder classes people are going to stop being so helpful in group project because they dont understand them. I know this because I looked at there work and it was horrible I had to fix some group member code before it even worked at all. I also dont want to put all this on your sholders at one time but you will be programming in vb for the next 2 classes and advanced programming is the hardest class at aiu! So you will see alot of this comming up unless you have programmers in your group and I had a programmer ask me about code and he was mcsd. The class im in now web programming out of the 4 group members only 3 did anything at all. The teacher caught that right off did have to say anything we actually where going to let him slide but the teacher wasnt. The more you post makes a difference make sure the professor can see how you were trying to organize the team from the disscussion if there is one thing that all teacher like at aiu is to be proactive. But hang in there if you make it through advaced programming (web programming ) is not that bad I am actually gearing up for advanced network administration we are using RED HAT I built a linux box this weekend from parts I got at computer ware house
    cost me 41.00 all 100% linux works fine we will see about this class Im not sure. One thing I can tell you once you make it to
    web programming you begin to get this overwheklmming sense of accomplishment and you start to realize that its almost over and that I did it feeling is the back of your mind but you dont want jinx it. Hang in there it almost over and you will a engineer with a bachelors shortly and it will all be worth it then!

    Just like that Marine slogan says the few, the proud ,The Aiu grads!!!! yeah ha ( added that part)
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    Thanks for the advice codekiller! I ended up spending the entire weekend and doing the project myself for the most part. Finally on satruday one of the group members came arround and helped out a bit with some of the sub procedures. But it's over and I do believe the professor saw who put forth an effort.

    LOL and yes I am already starting to have that "Whew it's over!" feeling.

    I am actually looking at masters degree programs. I am leaning very hard towards the MLS at Fort Hays.
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    Re: Update

    Just my two passing cents, but I find it sad that AIU includes two weeks of basic HTML as part of an "intro to IT" course. Basic programming concepts, flow charts, and project management? Sure - but those two weeks of document formatting appear to me to be WAY out of context. Students would be better served by spending those two weeks on other, broader IT topics, such as networking, system analysis/design, cost benefit analysis, etc.

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    AIU trys to pack a good deal into the intro to IT course but they do spend a fair ammount of time on HTML and with good reason. Many students come into the program having little formal IT expereince and are not familure with HTML. Several of the first real IT classes require a small working knowledge of HTML and so AIU trys to tuck it into the first course to ensure everyone is prepared to handle the work in the upcoming classes.
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    Have you taken the web applications class yet? If so, what was covered in that course ?
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  6. codekiller

    codekiller New Member is what we are using now it is fairly hard and time consumieng to master but it is a skill that could come in handy.
    asp. net or active server pages is basically a way to put computer programs on to the internet. one you learn it it can be a valuable tool to know but it takes more than five weeks to master it !
  7. codekiller

    codekiller New Member is what we are using now it is fairly hard and time consumieng to master but it is a skill that could come in handy.
    asp. net or active server pages is basically a way to put computer programs on to the internet. one you learn it it can be a valuable tool to know but it tkaes more than five weeks to master it !
  8. Oherra

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    Well I made it through Advanced Programming the course and the instructor were wonderful. The class dealt mainly with programming front ends for access databases and aside from the fact that it was extremely time consuming, I enjoyed the work.

    I am however, becoming less and less satisfied with the quality of AIU’s student services. As the university has grown it seems they gear more and more to automating services and it becomes increasingly difficult to speak with someone by telephone. Most of the time when I call with a concern I am sent to a voice mail box and must wait several days for a return phone call, if I get one.

    One of the major issues I have with AIU concerns graduation. When I enrolled I was assured that I would have the opportunity to participate in a graduation ceremony at the AIU campus in Atlanta. This was important to me because it’s important to my family, I am one of the first in my family to finish a 4 year college degree. However, AIU has since changed its policy and we are now told we will only be allowed to participate in an “Online Graduation.” I have tried several times to get information on the online graduation and each time am told I will be given details closer to graduation. I now have only 3 courses left to finish at AIU and I still know nothing about online graduation or how it works. At one point, AIU had a student webpage where you could order things such as diploma frames, graduation announcements, class rings, etc. but this has been taken down.

    I know these are minor annoyances, but they are really starting to add up and it only seems to get worse. At this point I am not sure I would recommend AIU when there might be cheaper alternatives.
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    I had the Same Problem at The End

    I had the same problems at the end. I think it's the growth and everyone has been promoted to the next position up the food chain. I also wanted a real graduation :(

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    Let me tell you toward the ednd of your program is when they really let you know how bad the administration is I am really getting tierd of them losing email and not returnin my email i email the dean henever got back to me and i emailed my advisor and she did get back to till 4 weeks into one of my classes at this point I would NOT recomen aiu to any one untill they get there administration together at this point they should be treating us like family I am more alumni that student know I will remember this treatment when they call and ask for donations in the future !


    the asp class really blows it is the worst class I had at AIU make sure you get other books to supplement this first 2 assignment arent so bad the 3rd and foruth are the worst the 5th is right out of the book be careful in this class !


    I am so glad it is almost over and I dont have any graduation to show for it it has been a long year and a hard one I would have liked to walked the stage too I do think we have been shafted no one has contacted me about the online graduation or even explian to me what it is supposed to be like I know we are supposed to have one but who knows what it will be like !the article I found on the web are vague at most and they dont even have a sample onthere website like theyare tryin to keep it secret or something !
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    Who did you have for advanced programming The teacher I had was great too!
  12. Oherra

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    I had Barry Meinster, he was wonderful. I really enjoyed having him as a professor.

    Thanks for the warning about the ASP class.
  13. patryk65

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    Starting AIU in 4 days


    I set to start this Sunday. I can still back out and after reading some of these posts I'm seriously considering it. AIU is RA, which was one of my first concerns, but the work load and $ are freaking me out a little. Also, do they really only work with VB and Access? No C or C++ ?

    Anyway, just wondering what your final impressions are and if you have any advice..


  14. codekiller

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    Sorry, we are not trying to freak any body out ! But if you going to attend aiu there is a few things you need to be aware of

    1. This is a solid commitment ! do go it to this thinking this is going to be easy or a breeze its not ! you will find out real soon that youe get out what you put in !

    2. Make sure they put it in writting ! no matter what they tell make sure you have the ability to get it in writing they will wiggle out of any commitment that is not written down ! (ie graduation)

    3. Dont expect anything more than what it is ! This a school there to make you earn a diploma period. they will not invite you to there campus . they reall y dont like you talking with other students as they took down our discussion board!

    4. You will earn your degree! you will also know more than your peers I just recently got a new job and im telling them thing they never thought of they went from giving me jobs of a rookie to giving me jobs that they have problem figuring out and most of that I contribute to the skill i aquired at Aiu.

    5. If want a real degree and you want it fast this is the only legitimit way to get it. Other school will offer degree in the same length of time but either there a degree mill with AIU is not or there not regionally acreddited or there ciricculum is just horrible and you wont learn anything.

    6. If your looking for experience like you would get from a b&m then this is not the scool for you. For the most part your not going to meet alot of new friends maybe bussiness contact though ! no extra curriculur activities at all , No student goverment or forums, You do have a news letter but it is almost like a advertisement and it doesnt tell you any issues that pertain to you at all ,but they tell you alot of personal information about the teacher that you have (which you probably never physically meet )

    All and all it is up to you Im not singign it praises anymore because the administration ticks me off to no end and i also am not really talking about the ciricculum what you learn is very sound and you learn alot it really the administration that is the problem I am not going to lie to you administration sucks bad but
    YOU WILL BE PROUD OF YOUR DEGREE! and when you finish not only will you have a degree that you can be proud but bragging right out the whasoo !

    as for your second consern and thc sharp code are so similiar after you learn vb it will only take roughly 2 months to learn the other so I would be concerned about it. Also as for the level of programming that we do I talked to a guy they said he had his MCSD cert and he said the programming classes challeged him

    Also you may want to talk to oherra maybe he doesnt agree with some of what I said and can give a different out look on it ! I am just bringing up points that I see .
  15. wfready

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    Do your self a favor and do not drop out until you have atleast done one course. You have already spent some money on admissions, transcripts and whatnot; correct? Try a course or two. Read into this thread and you can tell that both Codekiller and Ohera enjoyed their coursework. It seems they are frustrated by the administrative part of the school (who isn't it happens at every school).

  16. codekiller

    codekiller New Member

    I do agree with wfreddy that is the only true way to decide if you like it !
  17. Oherra

    Oherra New Member

    If you have already enrolled I definatly say you should give it a try and see how you like the first class. The application fees and such as that are not refundable.

    I doubt you will have reason to complain about as many things as codekiller and I do. We're a but unusual in that when we started at AIU they were administratively based out of the Atlanta, GA campus. Now everythig for AIU onine is out of illinois and the administration is completely different. We were told a lot of things by the old admin that the new admin simply isn't living up to. It may not be intentional but it is annoying.

    But it certainly doesn't detract from the quality of the instruction. I would still rate AIU on par with any other college in that area.
  18. patryk65

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    Thank you all very much.


    I have a plan. I ordered the Bear book on DL computer degrees, I'm going to work with Tom Nixon and get some advice from him on the best choice for me and I'm going to tell AIU that I'm not backing out, but I do want to wait for the next session to start. If they give me too much grief about it, I believe that will say a lot about the character of the school administration. At that point I will most likely choose another path.

    I really don't need to get a bachelor's degree THAT fast, but I can't take 4-6 years either. Maybe something in the middle is more my speed.

    Thank you all very, very much for taking the time to respond to my concerns. You have helped me so much.

    I'll send an update on my progress, if there is any interest.

    Thanks again,

  19. DaveHayden

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    Re: Thank you all very much.

    Sounds like wise planning. If you get a chance look at Troy State's dl program in CS. Tuition is low and with prior credit and CLEPS it looks like a 1-2 year program. It is more of a CIS than CS program but the CS name will give it additional utility. I believe there are 2 or 3 people here already enrolled in it if you need feedback.
  20. wfready

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    More Regarding Troy State

    That Troy State BSCS program is ideal for active/prior military too if you happen to be. You can plug in a lot of ACE credits in their Military Science minor and 18sh electives. I am currently in my 4th term and like it so far. Let me know if you would like to know more about it.

    Best Regards,
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