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    patryk65 ,

    Sounds like a good plan might I suggest touro university. They are also are very fine school and offer a bs in computer science and seem to be one of the least expensive schools on the board. I also suggest studying for a couple of the clep and dantes tests to test out of some of the classes you are fammiliar with( I hate to go over something I already know !) and it also might make tuition a lot cheaper. Alll the books are included in the tuition on cd rom it is definetly worth checking out ! Also if time and money are not a concern I would also sugesst RIT they have a bachelors program and are also a nationally ranked institution ! and would provide one of the best degrees informaton technology ive seen and last university of Illinois online the best engineering schools in the mid west has a computer science completion program along with florida state university ! hope this helps
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    This is almost my final report !!! one more left ! well just go out of advance network administration. This class is not as hard as the programming classes but it is a mid range class . you install redhat you learn alot about adding users and groups and red hat assecibility option . beware of the group project this is a rough on shell scripting is hard and it is real programming make no mistake. but other that if you try to stay focused then you should make it through ok ! The hardest thing about this class is that you are really tierd of studying at this point and its hard for not only you but your classmates are tired too. 5 weeks left and my journey will be complete all of the people that are in the same boat im in I just want you to stick with it is almost over and all those starting the program stay focused !

    see you next month for the final review !:D

    ps. get a book on basic shell scripting before class starts and try to get familiar with it early. :cool:
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    Good luck Codekiller! I have 10 weeks to go myself! I am very excited.
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    I just finished my M.B.A. program with A.I.U. last week and graduated yesterday, I am very exciting right now.

    It was a terrific program, plenty of work, tons of paper writing and projects and I work full time. But I am so glad that I've endured through it. I would recommend A.I.U. to anyone hands down. It's such a lovely DL university.
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    Good Luck

    Good Luck Guys!!!! I'm in my first week of CTU Online's (MSM-Security) and its hard to crank up the old study habits. I'll be back in academic shape soon in another week so.

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    This will be the ast report on classes being as though I just graduated ( woo hoo!) the final class is not to bad It is similair to the first class first have you reseach a few compan's from hoovers they usually provide more than enough information to complete you assigment . the last 2 weeks are to show how to search for a job and what to you want to do when you gradu ate etc . If you get professor grayson he will go above and beyond the call of duty to help you with any problem you may have! You don have to buy any extra books for this class the books provided are good enough fro most assignment in most cases over kill. If I havent siad it before good luck on you studies and hope you are all sucessful for you remaning time at AIU My experience has good even though I ran in to snags to get here!


    The next report will be on the graduation ! march 27 probabaly 28


    congratulations! krayzy mack and ohera

    see ya and good luck!
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    Congrats Codekiller!

    I just finished ITN330 Advanced Network OS which is a course on Red Hat Unix. Anyone who has unix experience will find this class a breeze. The hardest part is the group project that covers shell scripting I recommend reading up on that prior to week 5.

    All I have left now is ITB460 Strategic Management. I can't wait! It's all over on 4/24/04!
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    graduation review


    I went through the graduation ceremony yesturday and I would have to rate it about a 5 on a 10 point scale . Iti starts off witha few short speeches then a relly good speech from al gore . It then move to the degree presentations. They are are amimated the speaker says youname then a qil pen writes your nameout and said if you graduated with honors and moves to the next name. then at the end you can chat with your teacher and fellow alumni one last time and thats about it . I would still perferred the b&m graduation but it wasnt was very nice i WOULD RECOMEND broadband for the graduation. well it has been nice posting my classes on this board and I hope that it keeps going so that everyone gets a chance to find out about our clasees once you graduate post on the message AIU graduates so that we can keep track of one another and find out what bussiness are saying about our degree and new jobs and promotions since we have no other way of staying in contact.,

    its been fun! GOOD LUCK ALL!


    julius brown

    AIU Graduate
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    Good luck to you too Codekiller! I will most certainly be around, I've become a degreeinfo addict. :)

    I'm planning to continue on with a masters after I finish at AIU. I am currently torn between the MS-ITM at Touro or the MA in Humanities at CSUDH.

    Do I get a masters that relates to my hobby, or one that relates to my job... who knows LOL I may do both!

    One comment on the ITB 460 class, Strategic Management.... they saved the most boring one for last! I can hardly do the reading without falling a sleep :)
  10. codekiller

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  11. etech

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    Re: graduation review

    sounds like a weird graduation ceremony. There is no replacement for a physical graduation ceremony. I bet you will still long for such a graduation ceremony and your desire would not be filled with this kind of ceremony
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    Not a replacement for land based graduation

    This is true! The most I can hope for is to walk the stage for my graduate diplomas. So many distance schools are taking this route nowadays and If I attend another distance institution I will make sure that I will get all the rights an privilages the land based students have including walking the stage form the beginning .there is one plus family members that would otherwise not be able to see me graduate where able to attend so It wasnt all bad.
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    Re: Re: graduation review

    It is very weird and it's also not what AIU promised us originally when we enrolled. When I enrolled AIU was still a much smaller school, it was not yet offering degrees in fine arts, or criminal justice, and if I'm not mistaken only had around 950 students.

    Now they have way more, and it seems like everything is geared to be totally automated so that you rarely have to speak to a staff member. This is nice... except when you need to talk to someone, they're hard to get in contact with. They have front line operators who are nice, but getting to anyone who can make a decision is tough.

    When I started we were told we could participate in a graduation with any of AIU's campuses. Then they started saying there were too many of us to accommodate that, and so we get the online graduation. Somehow it just doesn't seem the same.
  14. Oherra

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    I just received my AIU graduation invitations today. Our online graduation is Sat. May 1 at 1pm CT.

    I'm a bit disappointed, we are only allowed to invite 4 people. I've so many family and friends who are rooting for me that it's really hard to pick out just 4. One would think that an online graduation could be slightly more accommodating than an on campus affair.
  15. codekiller

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    congrats its almost over !!

    you will have the option to replay the graduation for other member if they cannot attend and trust me it lok exactly the same so they will not miss any thing actually if you have dial up it look better after the live feed. congrats on your completion and keep us posted on your last 2 weeks.
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    Thanks for the info Codekiller! That makes me feel a little better.

    Why doesn't AIU explain all of this stuff before hand ?

    The last two weeks are doing really well. So far it looks like I'm on track to graduate Suma. I'll let you all know the final results :)
  17. Oherra

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    It's over.. but not really :)

    My grades were posted for the final class today! It's official I have completed my BIT from AIU with a 4.0 GPA and will be graduating suma cum laude.

    Despite my concerns with some administrative practices, I have enjoyed the experience at AIU and more to the point I really learned a whole lot more than I ever thought I would in an online program. The technical coursework was excellent but far more than that the fast pace of AIU's classes taught me to be a more diligent and disciplined student increasing my ability to acquire knowledge quickly. A skill that I think is invaluable.

    I've been doing course work in my spare time for so long that I really don't know what to do with myself not having classes this week. I'm not taking much of a break however, after talking with AIU's admissions staff, weighing their program against other programs I was interested in I have decided to apply for and have been accepted into AIU's Masters of Information Technology program with a concentration in Internet security.

    I was worried about the cost of the program, coming in at a bit over 29,000 dollars the cost is quite high. However, working with my admissions adviser and financial aid, I was able to receive a couple of grants which helped make the cost much more reasonable. If anyone here is a current AIU student or is considering AIU I urge you to read the course catalog and speak to your admissions adviser. AIU has several grants that are available and all you have to do is apply for them and write short essays, which is something my original adviser never mentioned to me.

    Also, I will say this.. do not let your admissions adviser treat you like a used car salesman. My first experience with AIU online admissions for the bachelors program really wasn't very good. I was literally fighting with my admissions adviser over when I wanted to start the program. He wanted me to ditch Okefenokee tech and immediately start taking AIU classes and I did not want that. It took my going over his head to the dean of students to get it fixed. If you dislike the admissions adviser you are working with, I would suggest politely asking for a new one.

    This time, for my masters program I am working with Kevin Stewart who is absolutely wonderful. He has not pressured me at all and simply answered my questions factually and honestly. He also pointed out an additional grant AIU has for returning alumni that while small (only about $500 plus they waive the application fee) was something I wasn't even aware AIU offered. I have been very pleased.

    My online graduation is this Saturday March 1st. I will let you all know what that is like and will also keep you updated on my progress on the masters program.
  18. codekiller

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    congrats oherra,

    Graduating summa is great honor you should very proud of your self. I am glad to hear that you also enrolled into the master program I hope you keep us all informed! I didnt know much about AIU's scholarship programs but The masters program I am thinking about is only 6,789 total price plus scholarships so theres no way they can beat it ( if you like to know more let me know ). Sorry for getting off the subject but I am glad to know that you are now AIU alumni and wish good luck in the future.

    good luck!
  19. Oherra

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    Our online graduation was today. While it lacked the "experience" of a traditional graduation it was decently nice. I'd rate it 3 out of 10.

    It was basically a flash based presentation with one real video stream of Al Gore. A couple of my guests had trouble with the audio.. and had to refresh the page several times to get it to start.

    At the end they do give you a link to an archive of the ceremony though.
  20. Oherra

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    I received a call today from a new admissions adviser who explained Kevin Stewart had been promoted. She was nice and competent. One interesting thing she tells me that by taking just 2 more classes I should be able to pick up a second bachelors degree if I want it. I'm not sure how useful that would be to me aside from having additional things to hang on the wall, but I might consider it.

    She is to call me Monday at 1 with all the details on how that works. I'll keep you all posted.

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