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    In India anything can get approval if you warm Politician's hands. Its a shame that there are so many bodies like this who are of no value but approved by the government.
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    This mill might have a government approval (or whatever they like to call it) in India, but their credentials have no professional or academic value. Please STAY AWAY.
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    Well i am an Indian and i would not tolerate a non-resident commenting on such practices in India. If you really think anything is possible in India by warming politician's hands, i would like to purchase a couple of States in India and would also like to become the President for a couple of months. Please warm the politician's hands and let me have them!!
    It is best you look into your own country's well-being which at present is much worse.
    And i think the question here was whether the institution is legally authorized to operate or not for which i requested documents from IBAM which clearly indicate so and anyone who is genuinely interested in the field can request the same from the institution or i can upload it too.

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    If you have enough money to spread around it seems that you could get your wish.

    The Global Integrity Report | Global Integrity
    Corruption in India - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Corruption in India: A rotten state | The Economist
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    BBC News - India's corruption scandals
    Corruption in India: 'All your life you pay for things that should be free' | World news | The Guardian
    Corruption In India
    Real Drivers of Corruption in India and the Rest of the World - [email protected]
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    Your patriotism is definitely appreciable, but please look at what you arguing about.

    The question here is not just whether the institution is "legally authorized to operate". Words can mean different things in different countries. There are many institutions in India that are 'authorized" to award certificates and diplomas in various fields. What we are debating here is the value of such diplomas.

    IMHO, the degrees provided by this Institution can be of any value to anybody if:
    - They are recognized by the University Grants Commission (which is the APEX body for University Accreditation) or Association of Indian Universities.
    - The degrees are recognized by corresponding professional bodies (like Medical Council of India)
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    A few days ago, a CBI Judge (CBI is like FBI/CIA here) was bribed ($6 Million) to get a bail by one of the guys Janardhan Reddy who is accused in illegal mining scam.

    This shows you can bribe anybody in India and get things done.
    If you want, i can produce thousands and thousands of pages of evidence on all the scams in India including 2G, Coal Scam and Illegal Mining in many states.
    In education, you can easily bribe an Education Minister and get your school approved/accredited.
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    Email to chip at degreeinfo dot com and I'll see that it gets posted for you.
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    Fake doctors had IBAM "certificates!"

    Hmmm -

    I read the article and note that some of the "fake doctors" arrested had certificates from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines.

    That should be proof positive of how the authorities regard the papers of this "institution."

    "Most institutes or boards which have supposedly given them certificates are non-existent. These include the Indian Multipurpose Medical Welfare Society, Indian Board of Alternative Medicines (affiliated to the UN!), International Association of Educator for World Peace and Rural Medical Practitioners Association of India. The majority of these quacks practised allopathy." - emphasis mine, J.

    Kizmet 8 - Rajiv 0 :lmao:

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    See No. 13 of this page and decide ...

    See No. 23
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    Please see UGC website University Grants commission ::Fake Universities

    There is no position 23 at all

    Position 13 refers to school in Uttar Pradesh, Indian Board of Alternative Medicines is registered in West Bengal, and under West Bengal law.

    This school is accredited because of Calcutta court order which "directed the West Bengal government, the West Bengal Medical Council (WBMC) and other respondents to file affidavits within three weeks on an application by Indian Board of Alternative Medicine (IBAM), Kolkata, challenging a government circular against them... while directing to file affidavit further directed to maintain status quo in this matter"

    So students, and their degrees are recognized by West Bengal Medical Council, but students still need registration with professional bodies according to their alternative medicines profession, like with NIMH if someone is a herbalist in UK, or with other bodies in different professions and have valid insurance certificate.

    You easily blamed IBAM, what you have me to say about British MSC degrees that are training alternative medicine practitioners and have 6 subjects only, no anatomy no phisiology, no practice of medicine, no professional body accreditation, but are one of the biggest and recognized universities, lets say more prestigious universities. Is it everything ok with them, or they just use they political power?
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    Brother - please look carefully. The state is mentioned on the top of the entry - not at the bottom:

    West Bengal

    13. Indian Institute of Alternative Medicine, Kolkatta.

    Courts (specially the state courts) do not have the powers to make an institution accredited. In India, the only bodies that can accredit an institution are UGC/AICTE/NAAC for now. Period.
    If you follow Indian DL scene regularly, you might have noticed that many DL universities/institutions that mushroomed in the last few years under the "state laws" either had to wind-up, or comply with UGC norms and become good citizens. IBAM is doing neither. Instead, it's trying to use power and politics to make a forced entry - hence this thread.
    True - try an IBAM certificate with Medical Council of India (the apex body of medical discipline) and see what happens.
    The point of focus here is IBAM and it's status in India. If you have information on genuine, accredited universities elsewhere that offer qualifications in alternative medicine by DL mode, you are welcome to share in this forum.

    FYI - IBAM, IIAM, AltMedWorld - they are all either similar institutes, or operated by the same people.
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    I love having smart knowledgable people who know the laws of other countries. Thanks msganti.
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    Board of Alternative Medicine?

    Wonder if they approve smoking peyote?
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    I didn't think that people smoked peyote, I thought they just ate it.
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    Peyote can be eaten, smoked, snorted, etc...
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    Thanks, Kizmet. I have been studying the Indian education scene (specially the DL scene) for the last 25 years or so, thought sharing my thoughts would be useful to others.

    I came to know of these AltMed mushrooms about 20 years back. One of my old buddies did their Phd/MD - about 10 courses in all, each with a 50-70 pages "Course Material", open-book exams (they send the question papers to your home. You answer them, and send back by mail - no time limits). His (ailing) mother's last wish was to see him as a doctor. But he couldn't to be a "real" doctor, due to family economic situations.
    So, he took the short cut and did this course - just to satisfy his mother's last wish. AFAIK, he never practiced with this certificate. And he stopped mentioning it after her death.
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    Yes, I see now you have right, UGC should marked more clearly this issue :happysad:

    But I'm not crying anyway that I paid them 700 dollars, some of these herbs and ayurvedic drugs I lernt about are rescuing my life, good book is anyway more then 100 euro. I will also not use their diploma title, but still keep affiliation wit them.
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    Some clarity for all concerned.

    1. Open the UGC website and click on Universities and colleges > Universities >> Fake University

    2. View the list. Under west Bengal you will see INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE not INDIAN BOARD OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE. Two totally different entities.

    One who is able to read and understand plain English, will see that the INDIAN BOARD OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES is not one of the entities listed with the UGC as being FAKE. However, the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE is. There again, two totally different entities.

    The Indian Board of Alternative Medicine won it's case in court regarding its validity, degrees offered, course subjects and whether or not graduating students had to registered with the Medical Council of India. The Indian Board of Alternative Medicine has not been challenged again and is NOT on the UGC's list of FAKE universities.

    When one seeks true information, addressing the source is where one will find the answers. Please visit the following links for information regarding the validity, legality and government registration of IBAM.
    INDIAN BOARD OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES - Extracts from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines Memorandum - Government Registered

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