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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by warguns, Feb 13, 2007.

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    I'd be fascinated were they to offer PhD programs one who is not from Hong Kong could do at a distance, but I've never heard of any of the universities there being accommodating to foreigners. Perhaps that's only because no one's pushed that particular envelope?

    In fact the entire top 500 list from Shanghai Jiao Tong University seems like an interesting starting point for someone looking to see what's out there internationally.

    In fact, a lot of different countries have at least one university on the list, some of which surprised me: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, the UK, and, of course, the USA.

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    Am I losing it in my old age, or do I recall from an old Bears' Guide that someone was able to work with Hong Kong Open by using a convenience address via a HK post office box (where have we heard that trick before)?

    There are probably countless opportunities out there we don't know about. The last he was heard from in these parts, member Earon Kavanagh was working on a Ph.D. in Social Sciences with Tilburg University in The Netherlands.
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    Around here when you read about a post office box, that's usually the so-called university, not the student. :D

    And that's the thing; it's all about knowing about those opportunities. I would have finished through Charter Oak several years earlier if only I'd known about it.

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    I am more interested about how he/she can manage to take the exams with OUHK. I believe their exams are taken in Hong Kong.

    As for the PhD programmes, they don't even offer PhD programmes for local students.....so can't expect much from them.
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    You got it right. If I'd known DL law school was an option while I attended SFSU full-time, I would have been a lawyer by now.
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    Other professional doctorate programs are offered:
    Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) -

    Doctor of Education (DEd) -
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    Anyone know how its viewed in North America?

    I'd love to get my DBA and not spend $25k US at NCU or $50 Can at Athabasca
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    Are you actually in Hong Kong? That seems to be a requirement at HKOU.

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    This is what OUHK said about overseas applicants:

    Applicants from overseas

    If you live overseas, you can still study with the OUHK. You will need to provide a Hong Kong correspondence address, and you must remember that all tutorial support is only offered in Hong Kong. You will normally be expected to take examinations in Hong Kong. In certain circumstances, students may apply to arrange overseas examinations. These would take place at the same time as in Hong Kong. The University does not provide accommodation, and overseas students are normally not eligible for financial assistance.

    Overseas applicants who plan to pursue their studies in Hong Kong must obtain a student visa. You should make your own enquiries to your local government about entry visa requirements.

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    So what's it take to do an exam overseas? A HK address can't be the hard, right?

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    Try this. It might just work. Regus allows you to purchase international office and mail forwarding solutions. They offer a mailbox plus option. Regus has six Hong Kong corporate addresses that you may choose from. Your university mail will be sent to your home address from your Hong Kong corporate address. Here is what I would do. Set up a sole proprietorship and use your home address to receive mail from your Regus address at Hong Kong. The cost for the Hong Kong mailbox plus option is $80-$90 a month. This includes a Hong Kong corporate address.

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    I'd try just going on Craig's List and offering someone there $200 per year plus the cost of mailing me things that come in. It would be a lot cheaper.

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    Im sure something can be worked out. However, the person seeking offshore services from an individual in Hong Kong should proceed with great caution. There is the potential for fraudulent offers at craig's list.
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    Well the next entry date is fall, they only take on 5 students per year and have told me its difficult being outside of HK! Still tempting
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    5 international students per year?
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    I'm guessing that these suggestions for getting around the residency rule have been made in jest as I wouldn't think that people would actually advocate for prospective students to lie on their admissions application, especially since, if discovered, it could lead to the loss of some substantial time and effort (aside from other, less tangible losses). Beyond all that I have just one question. What is so special about OUHK that would make anyone want to lie in order to gain admission?
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    Not necessarily. If the reason they want a local address is that they don't want to have to post materials internationally, then perhaps they wouldn't care where the student actually is. I say that because all I've read on this thread is that they want a correspondence address.

    If it's low cost that could be very exciting. There aren't that many decent universities that offer doctoral programs that are friendly to internationally distant students. And Hong Kong is one of the most advanced cities in the world -- why wouldn't their open university potentially be interesting?


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