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  1. Godwulfe

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    Neither would I. I just wanted to point out the free course.
    Especially since it seems to carry the same course coding as other by Dept of HS.
  2. warguns

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    I signed up for this course and got this email response from Columbia Southern

    I hope you are doing well. I have received your application/enrollment agreement for entrance into our NSA Jail Operations Management Certificate program. I have processed your application. At this time, in order to process your enrollment request, an accredited official high school transcript (showing completion) or GED is required to be on file.

    In lieu of a high school transcript or GED, veterans/military service members may submit form DD-214 or a Military Statement of Service indicating high school graduation. Transfer students who have completed an associate degree may provide CSU with the official institutional transcript showing the conferred degree.

    Also, when signing up one must supply SSN and other personal information. Naturally, I used fake ones. I'm not giving out confidential information for the privilege of taking a free one credit course from a DETC school.
  3. Cauble_TXSG

    Cauble_TXSG Member

    I got the same message. What is strange to me is that they want a copy of my high school transcript, and would not accept any of my college transcripts as proof that I completed high school. Very strange to me, any thoughts from the rest of the group?
  4. mdgautron

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    Crime Prevention Throught Enviromental Design (CPTED)

    I found courses for CPTED from the National Crime Prevention Institute (NCPI) and other places, but nothing seems available online. Does anyone know of any sites for online training.
  5. mdgautron

    mdgautron member

    I wanted to say thank you to all the contributors to this thread, sharing information of how we may continue to better ourselves both personally and professionally.
  6. Godwulfe

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    Re: Jail Evacuation course -
    I got the same response, requesting my HS diploma and the refusal to accept my current enrollment in an accredited university as proof. What was really odd though was, after I told them it wasn't readily available they offered to contact my high school for me and request it "free of charge." ??!!
    When I told them to withdraw my application and cited their odd insistence on seeing my HS diploma they said they're reviewing that policy to 'accommodate those in my position.'

    All for a free course.
    Sorry I mentioned it.
  7. edowave

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    I don't think just anyone can sign up for FLETC....
  8. Woho

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    Giving this thread a bump in the hope that the our local certificate guru Michael Gates is still with us and maybe able to share some of his newer discoveries? :)
  9. warguns

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    FREE Blood Borne Pathogens training and other safety course from Michigan State U

    Online Training for First Responders | Hazmat Training | Safe Response

    Here's a source for FREE OSHA compliant Blood Borne Pathogens training
    from Michigan State University

    One note: when you sign up, one of the blacks to fill is "Certificate Name". Enter your name as you want it to appear on the certificate NOT the name of the course like I did. My certificate reads:

    Blood Borne Pathogens completed training in Blood Borne Pathogens
  10. gab0ne

    gab0ne New Member

    Help needed! Thx

    I passed all the courses and the final examination(twice) at the basic level but i can't find the certificate.
    Is there anyone else in the same situation? How do you obtain the certification?
  11. Ogonne

    Ogonne New Member

    Free Online Course with Certificate

    Hello Mr. Gates,

    Please do you know were i can take free online course with certificate for international students on Healthcare Administration and also on Energy Finance.

  12. warguns

    warguns Member

    healthcare and public health certificates

    Good luck Ogonne!

    Hundreds of FREE courses in public health and health administration at www.train.org

    FREE certificate from State University of New York at Albany

    Foundations of Public Health Certificate

    This basic introductory certificate provides foundational knowledge for public health workers with limited formal education or training in public health. These courses are offered via distance learning (self-paced, online course format). The certificate is sponsored by the Empire State Public Health Training Center in partnership with the School of Public Health. While the certificate does not offer academic credit, many of the courses in this certificate program offer continuing education credits for health professionals.

    When can I register?

    Now! Please visit Empire State Public Health Training Center or the NYS Department of Health Learning Management System and select Foundations of Public Health.

    Have questions?

    Please go to: Empire State Public Health Training Center
  13. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Good luck. The College is now closed. Here's a quote from the Government's website:

    "Public Safety Canada continues to provide leadership in emergency management training following the closure of the Canadian Emergency Management College in 2012, through a new learning partnership with the Canada School of Public Service. Federal employees will be able to access emergency management courses through a functional learning community. To support learning across the broader emergency management community, the department is working with the Canada School of Public Service to explore ways of expanding access to training.

    In Canada, emergency management training is available through provincial, territorial, and municipal governments, as well as through community colleges, universities and private sector organizations. Public Safety is engaging the various stakeholder groups to promote common approaches to emergency management, including the adoption of standards and best practices."

    That's from here: Emergency Management Training

  14. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Typical of government goings-on in Canada, they moved the College to a very nice location -- then promptly closed it. Good to know some benevolent US people on this board have taken courses in Canadian Emergency Management. I don't see it as unusual for our Government to count on the U.S. to save Canadians' butts in a domestic calamity -- and I'm glad some brave, properly-trained Americans on this board have prepared themselves to do so.

    Thank you for your support! :smile:

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