Homeland Security/Emergency Management Free Certificate Courses

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    Thanks for the link.. I know someone who is looking for that kind of certificate.
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    Just curious, what are these online certs for? Will they be useful for any credits?
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    West Virginia University

    West Virginia University

    • Hospital Emergency Management: Concepts and Implications of WMD Terrorist Events (Course AWR-128-W)

    • Crisis Preparedness Planning for School Administrators (Course AWR-127-W)

    • Campus Public Safety Response to WMD Incidents (Course AWR-124-W)

    Homeland Security Planning for Campus Presidents (Course AWR-125-W)

    • Forensic Epidemiology: Joint Training for Law Enforcement and Public Health Officials (Course AWR-126-W)


    Free, Online, Certificates, Non-college.
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    Bum listings..Not all freebies!!

    Quite a few cost moolah,some links not good.....
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    Can you be more specific which sites are charging for the courses now?
    Saw you on the other thread complaining as well. Come on, these are free, almost all are issued by government institutions or universities, and some even send them printed on paper through the mail. I don't know what you are complaining about.
    Michael really provides a tremendous service to those wanting to enrich their personal knowledge and their CV with expertise in unusual and unique areas.
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    I'm not one to usually get defensive but you are right. Michael has been one of the most productive and helpful posters on this board. Instead of leaving a one liner complaining couldn't you (Redwingsguy) provide the links which are broken so that the mods here can fix them. Web sites get updated over time and some links get broken in the process as new url's are used. Thanks again Michael for what you do here. I have taken several of the courses you provide and I personally appreciate all the time it must take to find these. :D
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    Likewise, I appreciate the effort Michael puts into finding these courses. Without his research I doubt I would have found the ACT / FEMA ITSec courses which are a good supplement to and means of testing the knowledge acquired during my previous studies towards the Computer Forensics and Digital Investigations certificate offered by Champlain College.
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    Naval Posdtgraduate School

    I've taken two of these courses so far (5 are offered)


    the courses themselves are excellent. The exams are pathetically easy, like most government/ military exams.
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    Free, Online, Certificates.

    Military, Homeland Security courses.

    The NATO Course Repository contains all the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) courses which support NATO and its Partners Education and Training requirements. Access is available to all NATO and Partner for Peace Nations (PfP) staff who have a requirement for accessing ADL courses. A military/government/academia email address is needed. Hotmail, Gmail and other non official addresses will not be approved.
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    Homeland Security Training through LSU


    • Preparing Communities for Agroterrorism: Awareness-Level
    • Prevention and Deterrence of Terrorist Acts – Law Enforcement Version
    • Prevention and Deterrence – An Overview for all Disciplines
    • Foundational Awareness of Weapons of Mass Destruction/Terrorism
    • Nurses on the Frontline: Preparing for Emergencies and Disasters
    • Effects of Weapons of Mass Destruction/Terrorism
    Incidents on Mass Feeding
    • Effects of Weapons of Mass Destruction/Terrorism
    Incidents on Bulk Distribution
    • Effects of Weapons of Mass Destruction/Terrorism
    Incidents on Mass Sheltering
    • Disaster Mental Health Considerations
    During a Weapons of Mass
    Destruction/Terrorist Incident
    • eCDLS (eCore Disaster Life Support)
    • CitizenReady
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    General Aviation Security Training Programs

    There are four free courses under the General Aviation Security Training Program. If you have trouble accessing a course because it asks for a password, try going and editing your profile. Change the "Airport Level" and updated the profile each time and the next course should be available for enrollment.
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    WVA U courses

    I couldn't find any way to register online for these courses for FREE. The course descriptions said they were free but the registration process charges for them.

    I sent a query to administrator [email protected]

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    What do think AWR stands for? I was trying to list on a training section but I ned to know what it stands for.
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    WVA U courses

    I received this reply. Registration must be emailed or faxed.

    On each HSP course (Full Description) webpage ( http://elearn.wvu.edu/Continuing/Emergency_Response/index.html):

    "To Register

    Download and fill out this Homeland Security Program Registration Form and fax or mail it to Extended Learning. You will be given class access by email within five business days. Call 1-800-2Learn2, or email [email protected] if you have any questions."

    Registration for HSP courses cannot be done online. If you have further questions, just let me know.


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