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    The course numbering scheme looks to be the same as used by ACT Online, a partnership between University of Memphis and Federal Emergency Management Agency. Therefore, as with the courses offered through ACT Online applicants might need to be screened by the Department of Homeland Security. The process for ACT Online took about 2 months for approval for myself, a Canadian citizen, but once approved I was able to register for any of the courses.
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    The cert is much nicer but they didn't send via snail mail, I receive it in the email a few days later.

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    Im New Here

    Hi, Everyone im new to this sight. I am the firth LT. at the East End Hose and Fire Co. Station 120 Located in Coaltownship Pa. I hope you have heard of us and those of you that have Yes the fire eng.is purple :D I am looking to find online classes that Me and my fellow FF's can take thanks all Merry Christmas and happy New Year
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    There are many on this thread, but the first ones that might benefit you are...

    National Fire Academy


    Fire Investigator Training

    Free, online, certificates.
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    CSX Railraod recently sent me an invitation to take a new online course they have created to educate emergency personnel on how to safely respond to incidents on and around railroad property and equipment. I have completed the course and can recommend it in my roll as a private consultant on emergency management training as one worth taking.

    While not a long course, or overly hard, it does provide vital information that could save a life during a railroad related emergency. The material is even relavant for anyone who is not an emergency responder, and might just happen to drive by at the time of an incident or lives near railroad tracks. An online certificate of completion is available.

    Free, Online, Certificate.

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    Dtic. Mil

    cross-posted from Free Online Courses

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    IS-8.a Building for the Earthquakes of Tomorrow: Complying with Executive Order 12699
    IS-8.a Building for the Earthquakes of Tomorrow: Complying with Executive Order 12699
    Free, Online, Certificate

    Free, Online, On Online Transcript
    Search course catalog by word "earthquake".

    Virtual Earthquake
    Electronic Desktop Project - Virtual Earthquake
    Free, Online, Certificate (Poor Quality)

    Most courses just have earthquakes as a section, and not a whole course.
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    PER 282 Virtual Terrorism Response Academy (VTRA): Ops-Plus for WMD HazMat

    Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium

    PER 282 Virtual Terrorism Response Academy (VTRA): Ops-Plus for WMD HazMat

    Computer-Based Training Courses | RDPC

    Free, Computer Software, Certificate

    Virtual Terrorism Response Academy. This is a great one!

    Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium quote: "This DVD-based interactive course is designed to prepare fire, police, and emergency medical services (EMS) personnel for weapons of mass destruction (WMD) hazardous materials (HazMat) response. The Windows-based program begins in the HazMat Learning Lab with extensive, practical training that builds on the National Fire Prevention Association NFPA 472 standard’s HazMat operations level (i.e., Performance Level)."

    Free computer software on 3 DVDs that will allow you to train at home, to become a Hazmat operations level responder. This is multimedia interactive computer software and not just movies on DVDs. This is the best training software I have seen. It has over 16 hours of training, is very thorough and is fun. I bought this software years ago and have done the course three times. I now do it once a year. Now you can get for free exactly what is still being sold elsewhere for around $35.

    Certificate. At the end of the course you will get a completion code. Enter that code at the website link below, and a certificate will be generated online.

    VTRA - Virtual Terrorism Response Academy

    You will be asked by the RDPC to do a survey at the end of the course to evaulate the software. Do it!

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    1. Thank you Michael, I was already missing your excellent contributions. Any other recent discoveries?
    2. Can you check if this is really the same as the full course? It seems to me as it is just some form of preview and one has still to buy the software (i.e. the simulations are just movies and require no interactions etc).
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    It is the full software. I have both the purchased and free software in hand and they are identical.

    The use of the word simulation means that in a portion of the software you have to move a cartoon-like character around a simulated disaster situation and perform some of the thing you learn in the training. That part is a little like a teaching game in that you will have to talk to other characters, get dressed in a hamzat suit and use tools like a geiger counter.

    Always looking for other courses. FEMA has been putting online more new Independent Studies course than usual.
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    Are there any good free online classes available from a reputable organization on Critical Incident Stress- CISD? Also, Respiratory Protection and Confined Space Awareness? Courses must generate a certificate.
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    They should really consider a sticky for this thread. If there ever was one that was worthy it's this one. :D
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    I doubt you'll find anything online, especially for free, on CISM. The ICISF

    International Critical Stress Foundation, Inc.

    makes a bundle training people for it and, basically, only their training is acceptable for most agencies.

    You should be aware also that the whole concept is controversial.

    A number of studies have shown that CISM has little effect, or that it actually worsens the trauma symptoms.[14] Several meta-analyses in the medical literature either find no preventative benefit of CISM,[2][3][4] or negative impact for those debriefed.[5][6][7][8] On the other hand, Jacobs, Horne-Moyer and Jones [15] argue that CISM has beneficial effects when conducted with emergency services personnel, but does not work or does more harm than good with accident victims.​

    It is utterly condemned by the psychiatrists and by clinical psychologists.
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    Jail Evacuation

    I don't know whether you get a certificate for the single free course. One does get a certificate if you complete four others that one must pay for at $600 each.

    Personally, I wouldn't pay $2400 for a certificate from Columbia Southern.
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    I agree. Plus, MichaelGates has another thread on free online certificates that I REALLY want to give a sticky too. Unfortunately, there are just too many at the moment. We are working on it, and there is no way that I will forget them!

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