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    Good Morning.

    Looking for someone who is in a huge bind. This person has had a marital split and has no high school diploma. I know the GED is a possibility but is there another option for someone that has been out of the school scene for over 20 years. Online study is a possibility. This person needs to find work immediately. Kind suggestions are appreciated.

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    PennFoster and Ashworth are some cheap and online options.

    Most states have some kind of adult high school program.
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    I never had a company check for my high school diploma, but in saying that I'm not suggesting your friend just put the high school she went to down on her resume and don't mention graduation dates. I haven't had to submit resumes or do online applications for quite a few years now, but when I did I never put down graduation dates, and now many companies avoid asking for them because of the possibility of being accused of using the dates to engage in age discrimination.

    Anyway, if online is her best option in terms of flexibility, I would choose Penn Foster. Regional accreditation usually doesn't matter much with high school but PF's program is regionally accredited (and nationally accredited), so there's that.
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    Maybe this will work for your friend?


    Adult, Fast Path High School Diploma, students are able to transfer their credits from the public school to Excel High School and complete the remainder of the credits required to earn an accredited and legitimate high school diploma.

    Adult High School Diploma

    $99.90per Month

    Excel High School is Regionally Accredited by AdvancED, The parent organization of The North Central Association CASI and Southern Association of Colleges and School CASI and the Northwest Accrediting Commission.
  8. Steve Levicoff

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    Warning / Consumer Alert: Excel High School is run by Rod Clarkson, who occasionally posts here on DI under the name rodmc. Rod has made questionable claims about his own credentials, and used to run Excel College, which flew the coop a couple of years ago.

    I'd avoid Excel like the proverbial plague.
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    I have encountered the same thing.

    Also . . . . I few people here at work that did not graduate High School, but enrolled at the local Community College and 1.5 years later received a Associates degree, then completed his BSBA at another school . . . .all without graduating high school.

    In fact one of them applied for some Aid and didnt pay a dime for their Associates Degree, because they didnt graduate high school.

    Sometimes a High School diploma doesnt provide any benefits.
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    If you can't pass the GED, probably smoking too much weed or drinking too much booze! It's not that hard! Throw a lucky rabbit foot, a couple other lucky charms in a bag, shake it up and you too will be a High School grad!
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    Well, if she needs to find work "immediately" then she's going to have to either omit graduation dates or lie about having graduated from high school, because any online high school program is going to take some time to finish.
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    Adult students seeking to complete a regionally accredited high school diploma online can expect to take 3-6 months, minimum, to complete each grade level. High school age students can expect to take 6-8 months to complete each grade level. Completion time depends on how many credits transfer, how much time a student dedicates to their studies, and the students’ overall aptitude. Regionally accredited online programs take time and effort.
  13. rodmc

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    Steve Levicoff is a belligerent old fool and has no experience concerning Excel High School, which is a highly regarded, regionally accredited, online middle, and high school. Read the third-party reviews. Steve Levicoff talks a lot of trash and likes to bully people online. FACT. In reality, Steve Levicoff brings no value to the conversation. I have made no false claims about my credentials. All of my degrees, including my doctoral work, was completed at accredited colleges and universities recognized by the US Department of Education and CHEA. FACT.

    But what's more, this isn’t about me. It's about the wonderful 50+ people (and growing) that work for Excel. All instructors and course designers have at least a master’s degree and many years of teaching and instructional design experience. FACT. 30% of our instructors hold Ph.D./Ed.D. FACT. Keep taking, Steve. Excel strives to hire exceptional talent. Does that sound like a degree mill? I have never heard of a regionally accredited degree mill. Excel High School is regionally accredited, and directly recognized by several States, is approved by the College Board for Advanced Placement offerings, and by the University of California a-g. FACT. Sound like a diploma mill? Further approvals and accreditations are in the works. It’s interesting that Levicoff has 0% experience with our schools, ignores regional accreditations and approvals and keeps tracking trash. Hey Levicoff, just because you don’t value regional accreditation, the rest of the world does. FACT.

    Excel scaled back on our college division years ago to align with student needs at the time. Despite what this bully has to say, Excel now owns a regionally accredited, post-secondary institution recognized by USDOE and CHEA. FACT! More to come on new college offerings. The only reason I am responding to this post is due to Levicoff’s continued slander. It is rather comical this ass clown sits behind a keyboard and talks trash. There is no way Steve Levicoff would ever talk trash to my face. Nope, wouldn’t happen. Why? Steve Levicoff is a weak troll and has no life. No one respects you, Steve Levicoff. I have received several emails from community members that share my beliefs. FACT.

    Steve Levicoff, why spend time taking shots at regionally accredited schools? Aren’t there low-quality schools that might make a better target? Just goes to show your overall lack of care and concern for online education. Steve Levicoff, anytime you want to meet in person and discuss things face to face, just let me know. I will even pay for your plane ticket. Anything short of you manning up and meeting me face to face, just makes you a fool. Steve will generate some long, drawn-out meaningless response. Steve, unless you man up and agree to meet in person, your opinion means nothing. The reason Steve takes shots is that he does not like my conservative values. Reminds me of Antifa. Just because Steve yells loudly, he brings no value to the conversation. Do you own research and don’t listen to this head case. Steve, just know that whatever you have to say, my reply is, “are you ready to meet in person and talk smack to my face? Yeah, didn’t think so!

    To the DI community, please forgive my vigorous response, but I have always been one to stand up to bullies. With that said, I am going to get back to work to make education great again.

    Avoid Steve Levicoff like the proverbial plague.
  14. Lerner

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    A few months ago I mentioned Excel HS to a friend who is a single mother for her son who never completed a high school and needed HS diploma for a job.
    I have been asked a few times, and recently by a friend mentioned above about AdvancED accreditation and its recognition.

    I'm familiar with what the web site states, I also knew some adult students who earned HS diplomas accredited by AdvancED and got accepted to colleges and universities
    and/or got jobs where HS diploma was required. Some had CASI SASC accredited HS diplomas from other online high schools.

    I also read some discussions about AdvancED.

    Can you expand on AdvancED

  15. copper

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    Simple question. Is the G.E.D. not a good choice over these numerous costly online High Schools? It seems to me to be an undisputed route to High School diploma equivalency making one eligible for college, military, government jobs, etc. It seems more logical to cram for the GED and use your time and money on taking college courses for credit towards a degree or certificate?? What am I missing?
  16. AsianStew

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    Hille... I would recommend the GED as well, for individuals who score high on the exams will get college credit awarded (at some schools). I believe it's up to 10 credits total for the 4 exams. That's a start already towards college... Further to that, has your friend looked at homeschooling herself? She can graduate immediately! I would also get them started with some CLEP & FREE college credits, then all the cheap credits from ALEKS & CSM Learn, TEEX, onlinedegree.com, Saylor, etc... for electives towards an Associates/Bachelors.

    If she goes with Excel High School or another online high school, it'll take "time" to complete just the high school requirements. I would rather use that time for GED and extra college credits for a much cheaper price. The value of the Associates Degree at COSC for example, will be much more valuable than that high school diploma. Associates degree at COSC can be had for under $1500, for a high school diploma, you're paying $1200+.
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  17. Steve Levicoff

    Steve Levicoff Well-Known Member

    I never said you made false claims, I said that you made questionable claims. To wit, in your current sig file, you claim to hold:
    I normally wouldn’t have looked at your credentials. But while reviewing some old computer files a couple of weeks ago, I came across the 2015-16 catalogue (Vol. 3, No. 1) for Excel College. In that publication, your degrees are listed thus:

    I listed Dr. Ulven’s credentials because they appear immediately after yours. Comparing the two profiles shows a style difference worth noting: The schools from which Ulven graduated are spelled out, but the two schools listed in your own catalogue are abbreviated.

    Moreover, neither “WNU” or “PBU” live with the schools listed in your current DI sig file. And if you extend the abbreviations with an .edu suffix, you end up with dead web pages.

    Now, I call that questionable. There’s not enough information to blatantly state that you have made false claims, but comparing your sig file to the Excel catalogue, your claims are, at the very least, suspect. My take, quite frankly, is that you are sleazy, but I do not purport that is any more than a subjective opinion.
    I never said that Excel High School is a diploma mill (in fact, I hardly ever use the term diploma mill). I said that its executive director has made questionable claims, and that I would avoid Excel like the plague. Keeping in mind that my primary teaching field was law, and that two of my five books were legal texts, you can bet your buns that (1) I choose my words very carefully and with high regard to defamation law, and (2) I mean exactly what I say, not what you presuppose I mean or what you misinterpret.
    Every time you mention your new “regionally accredited, post-secondary institution” without specifying that its regional accreditation is from Middle States’ high school division, not their higher education division, you’re merely providing another example of your sleaze.
    Well, Rod, I’m delighted that you have found something on which we agree: There is, in fact, no way that I would meet you, and I’m delighted to graciously decline your invitation. (To think that you think enough of me that you’re actually calling me out. What a hoot!)

    You are hardly the first person to threaten me, whether blatantly or in a veiled manner. You might, however, be the most potentially psycho. I encourage our members to check out your Twitter page at https://twitter.com/rodmclarkson and go to Rod’s tweet dated 4/28/15, which contains a photo of a holstered gun on his belt with the caption, “My new Taurus 9mm. Dead accurate. Love this new pistol.”

    I’ve met several DI members over the years, Rod, including a few who have not been fans of mine. But, frankly, you sound like too much of a whack job for me to risk meeting. Moreover, I find you both boring and insignificant. But it is fun to expose your foibles.
    Ah, a little MEGA to go with your MAGA? (Rod is a big-time Trump fan – you can read about it on his Twitter page, cited above.)
  18. rodmc

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    Point and case, Steve. You are the gutless whack job.
  19. rodmc

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    Lerner, AdvancED is the umbrella organization for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools CASI, and the Northwest Accreditation Commission. A diploma from an AdvancED school is accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools CASI and the Northwest Accreditation Commission.

    Basic information can found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AdvancED

    These accreditation agencies were separate organizations until 1994 when CITA was formed. CITA is the predecessor to AdvancED. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commission_on_International_and_Trans-Regional_Accreditation

    AdvancED is recognized by the States' Department of Education as the regional accrediting organization for public schools located in the Southern Association region, the North Central Association region, and the Northwest region. AdvancED is also globally recognized. AdvancED accreditation is recognized by all colleges and universities throughout the US and overseas. There is a lot of information available online concerning AdvancED, but I think the most important thing to note is AdvancED is the premier accrediting agency for most public schools.

    By the way, Excel schools are soon to submit for candidacy with Middle States Association to expand accreditation to our K12 schools. Having regional accreditation by two respected regional accrediting agencies never hurt. Choosing a school with recognized regional accreditation is key. Because of Excel’s AdvancED accreditation, Excel has never had a college, university, or school reject the EHS diploma or credits. Not all schools are the same, but any online school holding regional accreditation will provide a high-quality learning experience and will ensure your credential is accepted by stakeholders. I hope this information is helpful.
  20. Steve Levicoff

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    Let's see if I understand this . . . I raised several substantive issues, including (1) inconsistent claims about your degrees, (2) misleading claims about your "regional accreditation," and (3) the threatening nature of your wanting me to schlep to Minnesota to meet you and "talk smack" to your face.

    And this is your one-line response? As I've said in the past, the mark of a true con artist is consistency, never backing away from the con, and denial in the face of truth. And just think, Rod, when people Google you, they'll find these threads. You really oughta rethink your strategy.

    Meanwhile, here's some entertainment that was written about guys like you . . .


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