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  1. rickyjo

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    I'm a computer repair guy in colorado trying to conjure up a degree as cheaply as possible. Don't really need it right this second but I'm trying to get it done anyway. I'm married (as of oct 4th) and that's about all I can think of. Thanks for having me, and I've already picked up some good info. Please if you know anything about FEMA/NFA credits and the TESC credit bank I would love to hear from you. Cannot find any info on their credit bank on their site.
  2. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    I agree info about credit banking is hard to find on the TEAC website. Some info is available on this page:

    I see no reason for credit banking for the majorityof students. To minimize costs work out a study plan, earn credits, then enrol when you are within a year of earning your degree.

    In my opinion the Excelsior BS in Liberal Studies (BSLS) is the most flexible degree to earn, in part because it has 60 elective units that can be in academic and/or professional areas - most of my BSLS electives were in engineering.
  3. cookderosa

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    welcome to the board and save your cash. You can take CLEP / FEMA without being enrolled anywhere and without opening a credit bank. CLEP (the College Board) saves your scores for 20 years until you need them - for free!
  4. rickyjo

    rickyjo Guest

    thanks for the welcome and advice; unfortunately, I do need the credit banking as best I can tell. Because the FEMA credit is not ACE evaluated I need a more pungent approach to convincing the schools around here to take some of that credit and turning it into regionally accredited work would probably help (i would imagine). I'm not planning on going to any of the "three" because I simply lack the cash. Also the colleges around here are aweful about providing any useful info on their policies on IT certs, etc, which I have a few. Essentially transforming these things into college credit seems like a good idea to slip some of these through, or am I wrong?

    And again thank you for the advice and welcome!
  5. Chip

    Chip Administrator

    These articles on earning your degree quickly and easily through exams and portfolio are a good place to start.

    The Unofficial TESC Portfolio Guide

    The BS in Levitation

    Also, you may want to check out Lawrie Miller's BAin4weeks.com website, which has some excellent strategies and information as well.
  6. rickyjo

    rickyjo Guest

    Thanks for the links will investigate when I have more time. :)
  7. cookderosa

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    ummm...my best guess is that this won't work...but I could be wrong. The problem I see is that the school you are going to won't take FEMA off the TESC bank since TESC doesn't teach the class (original issuer of credit), thus this won't be an official transcript for that credit earned, it will have been laundered. The credit bank is third party. I could be wrong, but I just don't know...my gut tells me this is going to be an expensive denial of credit. Anyone else have two cents on this?
    I'm thinking it would be cheaper to CLEP your electives than pay for 1 year of TESC banking. At $500 (if that's still the price) you could take 6 exams. If the exams were 3 credits each, that would only be 18 credits, but if you hit a few of the 6 credit exams, you could earn up to 33 credits (5 @ 6 and 1 @ 3)
    CLEP exams can be all in liberal arts, making them count as general education requirements, then general education electives, and then still overflow down into free electives. High utility here. FEMA can't flow up, in otherwords, you can only use them for free electives, no FEMA count as general education electives or as general education requirements. Lowest utility.

    Don't get me wrong- FEMA fill a need, but at this time, it is for a small portion of degree seekers. (and most of them are attending TESC).

    *Check your school's CLEP policy before you start taking exams. There may be a cap, and you also want to avoid duplicating your existing credits.
  8. Shawn Ambrose

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    My thoughts on credit banking

    Here is the link to the TESC application for credit banking:


    Now that I have posted that - I will reiterate what others have said; that credit banking is a waste of money for most people. The only exception could be for a member of the military who has a good deal of ACE evaluated military training and wants to get the training on a transcript for promotion points. That's worth $250.

    For everyone else - to transcript 1 - 60 credits is $400. That money can be used for four CLEP exams:

    English Comp with Essay 6 credits
    Analyze and Interpret Lit 6 credits
    Humanities 6 credits
    American (or English) Lit 6 credits

    IMHO - 24 credits is the better investment than a credit bank for FEMA.

  9. Ian Anderson

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    Unless you are attending a state college or university I doubt if you can earn a degree for less than one of the big three - especially if you take advantage of CLEP and DSST exams and with many of the low cost courses mentioned on degreeinfo.con (such as Clovis and LSU).
  10. cookderosa

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    Why not throw out there some more info- people here will help you get on the right path. What degree were you thinking of? Are you near a local community college? Do you have any college credit, or are you starting from scratch? Have you taken any FEMA already? What about things like certs that might translate into credit?
  11. Ted Heiks

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    Do a search on Michael Gates for info on FEMA credits.
  12. rickyjo

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    Thanks for all your input. I've posted more specific threads since I first joined and have gotten some of the info I need. As for Michal Gates...I've been researching his threads for some time now, I've been corresponding with him on this forum since I got here. He cleared a few details up for me already.

    I do live near community colleges and state colleges, the community colleges here are cheap. Red rocks in denver will take about a year of FEMA credit, but I've been having issues making it all work out the way i need it to so that I can continue working and being self employed.

    also BS in levitation...funny stuff. I think I get TESCs credit system now a little better. Thanks :-D

    I'm just looking for options and I want this on a transcript so I can put it on my resume. A lot of entry level jobs around here are intended for college students and this would help me make my case if nothing else.

    Anyway thanks again for all your replies. I will continue to monitor this thread and see what useful info arises.

    You guys are great!
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    LOL zap. You're quick.

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