Grupo Tarraco Formacion or oh no, not another Master Propio stuff

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    I wonder that too. He was doing to MBA programs simultaniously. Just in 2020, he was doing or finishing around 9 programs at the same time. That really does not make sense!
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    He needs his own thread.
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  3. manuel

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    I just saw the typo but...
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    Imagine how much money he spent on all those degrees (if he's not lieing that he studied them).
    He can never possibly earn that back.
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    That's true of virtually everyone, though.
  9. LearningAddict

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    Interesting to see people listing so many credentials. I get that it's linkedIn, but I think concision is still best. Some of these people just look crazy to me, lol.
  10. cacoleman1983

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    It does look crazy to have a lot of degrees like we are seeing. A vast majority are only getting the ENEB / Isabel I degrees because of the price, a hobby, or to fill in some competency gaps on a very short-string budget. I try not to fall into that category but I can see how easy it is to do when you are paying less for a degree than the average person would for some basic courses. Even one graduate credit at a traditional university would be more than an entire ENEB degree in 90%+ cases.
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  11. sanantone

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    The first guy has a regionally accredited master's degree. How do we know these people are using their ENEB degrees? They look like useless credential hoarders.
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  12. SteveFoerster

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    Agreed. I could maybe see doing the International Trade one someday because I'm interested in the subject and the cost is negligible, but I can't imagine doing a bunch of them and then posting them all on LinkedIn.
  13. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    Yes but you have the career progression data and year of MBA degree earned from Isabel. One would need to collect data and see if there is a potential impact between career development and Isabel degrees, this would make an interesting study.

    I have seen people from Spain living in Canada and many post 4 to 6 Masters degree that I assume are propio degrees. I completed one propio masters in one year of readings and multiple choice questions so I can see how I can accumulate 4 to 6 if they have some overalap. I completed another propio degree from CLEA in 12 months of readings, multiple choice questions and case writing.
    There is no need to commute, attend long lectures, group assignments, presentations, etc. These type of degrees are to the point and are based on readings, open book MCs and some case writing.
    There is no need to have a GMAT, GRE or high GPA so anyone can enroll at anytime.
    This just shows the potential future of fast track cheap degrees, if coursera starts reducing cost and convenience for Masters degrees, we would see people holding multiple credentials and then it becomes a game of how many credentials do you have to get one job. A job might ask for one masters but then you have people with 6 or 7 competing for the same job so this just increases the bar.
  14. sanantone

    sanantone Well-Known Member

    Among the examples you've shared so far, I don't see any career progression that can be linked to the ENEB degrees. The majority of Americans don't have a 4-year degree. A smaller percentage of the population has a graduate degree. We're a long ways away from the norm being earning multiple master's degrees. There's a chance that more people will turn to alternative credentials instead of going to graduate school to be more competitive.

    After earning a regionally accredited master's degree, I wouldn't want to taint my resume with an ENEB degree, but I've mostly worked for government agencies, which can get very picky. As a matter of fact, if I tried to pass off an ENEB as an accredited master's degree, I could be fired from my job and barred from future employment with the federal government.
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  15. sanantone

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    We're becoming increasingly reliant upon LinkedIn and online applications. I guess you can leave some degrees off your online application. Recruiters are looking at LinkedIn profiles for potential job candidates, so having that craziness on your profile could be ruining opportunities unbeknownst to you.

    When you apply for a job outside of LinkedIn, employers may still check your LinkedIn profile and other social media profiles. That first guy looks mentally unstable, dishonest, and a bit clueless. I wouldn't want to hire him.
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  16. LearningAddict

    LearningAddict Well-Known Member

    People with foreign credentials get hired into those positions all the time. Foreign credential evaluations are asked for at times in these situations:

    In ENEB's case, evaluations of its degrees have resulted to U.S. regionally accredited equivalence from a couple foreign credential evaluators, so there wouldn't be anything to pass off as the credential is legit. I can understand not having interest in it though. It's not for everyone.

    As an aside, I'm surprised WES isn't on the list in that link. It does however have ECE which is one of the evaluators that evaluated an ENEB degree as equivalent to U.S. regionally accredited.
  17. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    I have a propio degree and got it evaluated in Canada as a one year graduate degree as this is how I list it in my CV. It has not made a huge impact in my career but it shows continuing education. The Isabel degree would need to evaluated, I believe some people have evaluated and it came as an unaccredited degree. Each evaluator has its own criteria. In general, these propio degrees are legal but controversial because cost and because they are not being delivered by the University but by a partner company. In the case of ENEB, the transcript comes ENEB but degree from Isabel and this might cause an issue.
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  18. manuel

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    Most jobs don't require for you to double check the accreditation. ENEB is not an accredited degree in the eyes of some people in the US. However, it is a valid degree based on the laws and regulations in Spain. If you earned it, you should be proud of it because it is not a degree mill. In Spain, the cost of education is way cheaper than the US. But, that does not mean that the education you get is less. I personally do want the ENEB degrees because you can find online offial degrees for less than 2k dollars in Spain. It is just a matter of looking for a university that has online official masters programs.
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  19. LearningAddict

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    The degrees from the ENEB program have had known evaluations of U.S. regionally accredited Bachelor's (ECE), U.S. regionally accredited Graduate Diploma (IEE), and U.S. non-accredited Master's (WES). Like you said, all from different evaluators. Two others (SpanTran and ACEI) both evaluate propios for graduate credit.

    I know you already know those things, but I just wanted to re-post that for people who may not have been watching this as closely.
  20. manuel

    manuel Member

    Even in the US you will find courses that are just reading, writing, and some multiple choice quizzes. So, that should not be a problem for the degree.

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