Grupo Tarraco Formacion or oh no, not another Master Propio stuff

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    This is from the embassy of Spain:
    "3. ¿Título oficial o título propio? Las universidades están facultadas por ley a crear sus propias titulaciones de posgrados (títulos propios). No obstante, debes de saber que estas titulaciones, tendrán efectos profesionales pero no académicos, y no podrán ser revalidados por el Gobierno de tu país, ni le darán acceso a estudios de Doctorado. Por el contrario, las titulaciones oficiales son aquellas aprobadas previamente por el Ministerio de Universidades y podrán revalidarse en el extranjero conforme a la normativa aplicable de cada país."

    3. Official tor propio degree?
    Universities are empowered by law to
    create your own postgraduate degrees
    (own titles). However, you should know
    that these degrees will have effects
    professional but not academic, and not
    may be revalidated (recognized) by the Government of your
    country, nor will they give you access to
    On the contrary, official degrees are
    those previously approved by the
    Ministry of Universities and may
    be revalidated abroad in accordance with the
    applicable regulations of each country.

    I think this is very clear, they are not degrees that can be recognized outside Spain. We are trying to get them recognized when they were never meant to be recognized by the US. We try to find places like California FCE to workaround the problem but then we end with an evaluation that is not recognized for a not recognized degree.
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    Here is
    No mine don't. It just has University of Arkansas Little Rock.
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    You're right. I think the enthusiasm has been further fueled by the positive evaluations for ENEB, and we may be misplacing that into the whole sector. In our defense, ENEB made it all easier by offering their programs in English and marketing them in a way that they were hard to not take notice of. If it weren't for that, this never would've exploded and dominated so much of our discussions over the past (nearly) two years and made so many of us start searching for more.
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    Here is the conversation through email I had with the Director of Administration


    Can you validate and give an equivalence to an ENEB degree that is certified by Universidad Isabel I? The degrees are Master Propio through the certification with Isabel I. Do your equivalency degrees automatically make the above college degree be considered an equivalent regionally accredited degree.

    The site is
    Dear Carlton:

    California University FCE Diploma and Transcript of Records will add prestige
    to your degree.Attached are sample diploma & transcript.

    Your degree will be given similar evaluation report. All employers will accept your degree if you
    have an evaluation report similar to our reports.

    FYI your degree is NOT acceptable for further studies in Spain, You can not transfer to another university in Spain
    because Universidad Isable I is not recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Universities and the Ministry of Education in Spain.
    I encourage you to get our evaluation report. Your degree will be worthless without it.

    Louis Josh, PhD
    Director of Adminitration

    I'm actually a US citizen here in Arkansas and was thinking about completing the ENEB degree for personal development and enrichment. I was considering using this degree but was trying to get it recognized as a regionally accredited Masters's degree here in the USA. A few NACES evaluations have evaluated the Master Propio from Isabel I/ENEB as a regionally accredited Bachelors's degree, a non-accredited Master's degree, and an accredited graduate certificate. Some won't evaluate it at all and others will only evaluate credit hours. I was just curious rather or not an equivalent degree of his would be a regionally accredited Masters if evaluated with you all.


    Dear Carlton:

    We will give your degrees the equivalent of regionally accredited degrees. However, we do not guarantee that everybody will accept our recommendation.
    Our evaluation report will add prestige to your degrees, when they see the quality of the Security Transcript paper that we used, our licenses, recognition
    and approvals printed on our evaluation repots.

    Compare the attached California University FCE Diploma and Comprehensive Report with the evaluation report done by a member of NACES.
    Look at the licenses, ID's and recognition printed on the Security transcript paper.

    NACES members are NOT allowed to use this type of Security transcript paper. Only those with the U.S. Department of Education NCES School ID, the California Department of Education CDS Code number, the State Board of Education and EDUCAUSE ID's are allowed to use this type of Security Transcript paper for their evaluation reports. NACES members uses the commercial type of security paper only.

    print this specially designed Security Transcript Paper to NACES members and other accredited evaluation services.
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    I would not bother with California FCE, I would just put it my CV as what it is, if the employer asks for an equivalency report then I would just get one for WES or similar that states that is the equivalent of an non accredited US degree as this is what it is. If the employer does not want to hire me, this is fine but some other might be OK with this and end of story.
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  6. RFValve

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    This response is totally unethical, he is stating that "all employers will accept your degree" with the report. I believe a report from this institution would do more harm than good. I would just state that is a non accredited degree and leave it up to your employer to accept it or not, we cannot deceive people into something that we don't have.
    If you hold an accredited Masters or PhD, this can be seen as extra education. I think honesty is the best policy.
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    Those responses are so weird and factually incorrect. Sounds like a scam.
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    Wow, congratulations! And condolences, a little as well. Under those circumstances will you still do doctoral study or is there no point now?
  9. SteveFoerster

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    Well, except for the NACES members that do evaluate them positively.
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    Thanks for posting that. Man, that reply was a mess, lol. Isabel absolutely is recognized by the Ministry of Education in Spain, they're registered in its RUCT database and only accredited schools can be there by their own regulations. So if an evaluator doesn't know that and we do, yeah, that's not good.

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    I will still complete the AZTECA/ UCN PhD degree. I’ve mapped out my sources so I can start the literature review as my research proposal is complete. I just need to start but haven’t been motivated to do so. It may take me a couple of more years part time to finish it as I don’t see the incentive of rushing through it. Hopefully by finishing it I can get a raise or promotion on my new job. I will be too busy trying to get my EPIC certification which must be completed within 6 months or I will lose my job.
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    The funny thing is the ENEB degree is very similar to ACE and other forms of alternate credit. Master Propios practically equal non-accredited Masters degrees. Yet, other evaluators are giving an accredited degree less than a Masters and terminate at the Masters point which makes sense because the ECTS covers the credits but they do not want to give it a Masters equivalent while accredited because then it would go against the intended purpose of a Master Propio for Spainards and possibly legal trouble for evaluators. Not to mention all of the evaluators will have to put Master Propios and those colleges who award them on a blacklist. I actually can understand why evaluators don't touch Propios. They are a gray area that can go any direction. Same with validation of degrees which I'm taking that risk now with my PhD.
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  14. asianphd

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    Master propio itself is not equal to bad or less rigorous. But because it is not regulated as a regular degree, the quality is not guaranteed.

    You would be surprised to know that MIT, an ivy league, offering a master propio together with a partner university:
    "University of Zaragoza (own degree/estudio propio), ZLC (MIT-Zaragoza International Logistics Program) Master of Engineering in Logistics & Supply Chain Management"
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    They serve a purpose. I'm really tempted to do one of ENEB programs and get an evaluation from IEE. They stated that these would like be evaluated as equivalent to a graduate certificate with 30 credit hours. This is the best outcome from any evaluator I have seen for those who want to either teach or continue on to a doctorate degree. A Master Propio from ENEB has been approved for acceptance into Apollos University DBA programs without a foreign evaluation. Also, programs will sometimes say their entrance requirement is a Masters degree or equivalent. Technically, a graduate certificate with 30 hours is an equivalent.
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    I read those but they claim all of those cases had been resolved and their equivalency degrees were approved and accepted. Either way, that's a lot of red flags.

    The Parliament – National Assembly of the Kingdom of Thailand has recognized California University FCE equivalency degrees as equivalent to the same degrees awarded by accredited, public-state universities in Thailand.

    Thai Minister Thamanat Prompow’s Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Public Administration equivalency degree awarded on May 7, 2014 by California University FCE was confirmed by the Parliament after thorough public hearings and investigations.

    Zambia Minister Chishimba Kambwili’s Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Public Administration equivalency degree is valid. California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education Citation No. 1617023 that was used to defame the Minister has been resolved. California University FCE is NOT a fake university.

    A dozen of other Foreign Ministers were awarded Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Public Administration equivalency degrees by California University FCE. These were authenticated by the U.S. Secretary of State and attested by their respective foreign Embassies in Washington, DC. Their equivalency degrees were finally recognized by their respective Ministry of Higher Education.
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    Well, the system can be fooled. But no one in professional academic wants to take that seriously.
    I personally won't take the shame of using that kind of service, a lot of people's careers were destroyed because publicly called by not using an accredited degree.
    I just wonder why don't take an accredited degree somewhere, for example in a South African, Malaysian, Indian, or the degree offered by UpGrad. Recognized, accredited, without some asterisk, etc as cheap as $5000. Or do people just want the doctor without the hard work?
  18. asianphd

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    A lot of non-traditional master's that are cheap and have a lot of potentials, and clearly not are diploma mills.

    For example, WorldQuant University, offering tuition-free MSc in Financial Engineering. Guess why not a lot of people don't want to enroll? Because it's hard and you gonna spent a lot of time to work through the coursework and assignment. Most people don't want to do the hard work. Just want to write some essay, submit and called themselves a master's holder.
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    Of course, that is often the case (cheap, fast, and easy). There are some unaccredited schools that take years to complete because they are sincere and the academic portion real. Depending on setting they may have limited utility. South Africa offers excellent value for your education dollar if you can navigate the system. The gentleman above is doing his doctorate through the Universidad Azteca and its relationships. Affordable and apparently you do have to put in work.

    Weighing intended use and return on investment is necessary.

    I feel sorry for the people burned by places like Berne University. There were apparently sincere people travelling to St. Kitts and writing dissertations only to have the place implode. So, investment of time and resources is a factor even if you think initially you are getting a relative bargain (saving a few thousand). If I recall Berne was around 12,000 plus for tuition plus the expense of residency. Not bad except when it goes south and a Google search turns up bad publicity. Now you spent more than 12,000 on something of little value. Almost better going with an unaccredited option that has some substance or credibility in certain fields (eg Graduate Theological Foundation) vs things that look a little shady.
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    These claims might be right but it is not very useful if my degree is recognized in Zambia. The positive thing about California FCE is that they do give you a transcript with the evaluation with grades. Many propio degrees have no transcripts, this can help some people that need transcripts but as they come from California FCE, they might not be recognized. The degree looking diploma might help as a translation document and nice to hang on the wall, I guess you are just buying nice looking documents with limited use.
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