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  1. TCord1964

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    Some schools will do so, some won't. There are many regionally accredited schools which do have policies for provisional admission. Try Chadron State College. They are also in Nebraska and have one of the most affordable MBA programs around.
  2. Vinipink

    Vinipink Accounting Monster

    I guess everybody wins, AJU gets paid, the sponsors will get paid by possible selling your email info (there is always a catch), and the students by getting a degree. Anyway good deal, because at least your are getting something for something, whereas in other circumstances you get nothing and others will do the same exact thing without your permission. It is all about the marketing.
  3. kozen

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    Hi Jarrod,

    It seems like AJU is using the latest instructional technology and current college-textbooks to deliver course content. So do we have to purchase textbooks for the MBA program or are we downloading from the Myclassroom? As i am currently studying MBA (Finance) in China. I might have difficulty in buying textbooks here or even delivery.

    Btw, i tried to login to Sample Course but it shows invalid course id.
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  4. Jmorgan-at-AJU

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    Vinipink: This IS a win-win for everyone, and we are very excited about the buzz it is generating. Let me clear up one thing you said though: your email address will never be sold to any marketer through this program. The only marketer who will have your information is the sponsor that you sign up with to access the program (such as pupilcity). While we are doing everything we can to lower the cost of attending college, quality education and business standards are still our #1 priority.

    Kozen: Sorry to hear of your confusion with the sample courses site (http://samplecourses.aju.edu). If you create a login or click the "login as guest" button, you should see the everything you need.

    As far as textbooks go, we are working to move as many courses as possible to an ebook format. This will make it easier on students overseas, like yourself. Graduate courses have proven to be a challenge, as most graduate material isn't available in an ebook format at this time.

    Our Student Services department works with any student that has difficulty finding books, so if you were to experience an issue obtaining them, we will help you find a solution. :cool:
  5. pugbelly

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    I've looked at them before. They are very reasonably priced, but I'm not sure I'm in love with the program. I'm not even sure if that the MBA is even my main academic focus, but I would have done one with AJU as an "add on" for the resume just due to the price. I've been looking VERY hard at the MA in Education & Human Development (in Human Resources Development) at George Washington University, in a classroom setting. The GW program looks FAR more interesting to me. If I were to consider an RA MBA in an online format, I think I'd go with California State -Dominguez Hills. It's more expensive than Chadron, but still reasonable at $12k. I like the program content a bit more, the program consists of 30 hours, and the delivery method allows completion of the degree in 15 months taking 2 courses per term. If I were to do the MBA in a classroom I'd go with a local state college here in Maryland called Frostburg University. Tuition at Frostburg is a hair more than Chadron, but it's AACSB.


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    It is still invalid....


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  7. Vinipink

    Vinipink Accounting Monster

    I am not saying that AJU will sell it, but the marketers that will sponsor my tuition, I have no problem with that because as you indicated is a win-win situation. But thanks for the feedback. I am waiting on AJU for the next step.
  8. kozen

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    Thanks for your help. Yeah. I do have problem obtaining all this books if i am to register with AJU. I will appreciate if you can solve this issue before i apply for Master with AJU.
  9. Cade90210

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    This is great information. This is my first post on the site and I'm curious about the utility of a graduate degree that is accredited by the DETC in comparison to one that is regionally accredited. This seems like a deal that is too good to pass up.

    I earned my A.A. from American Intercontinental University and my B.G.S. from Fort Hays State University and am currently looking at technical colleges for computer hardware programs simply because I have found too many graduate degrees to be too expensive. I would probably be looking to use this degree in an educational office rather than to teach with.

  10. kozen

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    I tried and the sample course is still not working.
  11. kozen

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    Yeah. I know it's still invalid. Thanks, you have Nice Signature too.
  12. macattack

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    Are there any RA doctorates that will accept a NA masters from AJU in transfer? NCU?
  13. TCord1964

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    I'm sure NCU would, as well as Liberty University.
  14. scaredrain

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    I want to add that I have too decided to jump in on this offer, I just cant beat the price! I did pay the application fee and the person I spoke with said that I would probably not make the August start date, due to transcript evaluations, but I could start in September. They will ask you for your unofficial transcripts so if you have those or need to scan those I suggest those of you who are going to take AJU up on their offer to go ahead and start scanning! The evaluation takes 3 to 5 days or so I am told. I hope this bit of information helps.
  15. TCord1964

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    Please let us know the results of your transcript evaluation. Are you looking to transfer from a graduate program to AJU?
  16. scaredrain

    scaredrain Member

    I am going to transfer some of my business courses to their MBA program, for the price, I really can not beat the steal. The person I talked to said they would accept upwards of 18 semester graduate credit hours into their MBA program leaving me with I think around 6 or so credits and at the price, I cant beat it!
  17. Ted Heiks

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    So, how do I get a sponsor?
  18. pugbelly

    pugbelly New Member

    The only thing about this program that makes me a little fearful is that there is no guarantee that the special will last throughout your enrollment. When I asked the school how long the special would be running, I was told, "Until the funds run out." So if you get half way through your program and the special ends, you're stuck with 2 options:

    1) Paying full price for the rest of your program in order to complete the degree, which is comparable to the cost of many RA degrees.
    2) Dropping out of the program and perhaps looking for another school to accept the credits. I'm sure finding a new school would not be difficult, but grad programs are generally pretty stingy when it comes to the amount of credit they will allow in transfer.

    I'm not saying the funds will run out, I have no idea, but I think anyone that enrolls should be prepared to pay significantly more than the special price just in case. It would be different if they guaranteed the special throughout your enrollment, but it is my understanding they do not. Just something to think about...

  19. kozen

    kozen Member

    Hmmmm..I think the best option is to ask them whether we can pay the Full amount for the 4 semesters if we are to take 3 courses per semester. The rest is between the sponsor and AJU... Just my 2 cents..
  20. Vinipink

    Vinipink Accounting Monster

    This is from the catalog: See the following page to find out how to apply for tuition sponsorship and radically reduce your total program costs.

    Notice the word total! Not partial or some. I did not see any indication in the catalog that says until the fund runs out.

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