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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by friendorfoe, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. Clapper

    Clapper New Member

    The policy is also explicitly described in their catalog which is a legally binding document.
  2. Jmorgan-at-AJU

    Jmorgan-at-AJU New Member

    Hi guys!

    Pug (and a few others), I see you are concerned about the program being discontinued midway through your degree program.

    Let me alleviate those fears. When you enroll at AJU, you will sign an enrollment agreement. This agreement is a legal contract, and will clearly state the tuition costs ($0) and semester fee. As long as you stay continuously enrolled at AJU (and you are allowed to take a semester off once a year), the contract will remain valid, and your tuition rates will stay the same until you complete your degree.

    My advice to you guys, as I would suggest with ANY university, is to read your enrollment agreements thoroughly. If you read ours, you will be comfortable with how this works.

    For those who are having trouble with bounced emails, please forward them to me at [email protected].
  3. Vinipink

    Vinipink Accounting Monster

    Thank you for those clarifications. I am enrolled!:eek:
  4. macattack

    macattack New Member

    How is the DBA going? Did you study for the CPA? And now another degree? You are a busy guy!
  5. Vinipink

    Vinipink Accounting Monster

    DBA is half way, if everything goes as plan, I will enter the research phase in January 09. For the CPA I am studying slowly but surely, I am doing with study guides and software from ExamMatrix, the good thing about this product is you can upgrade for a $100.00 a year until you pass it, not in a rush to do it thought (I am not planning to practice public accounting, just for the resume) . Yes another degree, I can't help my self when this type of opportunity comes along.:eek:
  6. jek2839

    jek2839 New Member

    Jmorgan-at-AJU, Thanks for all your help.

    I will be an officially enrolled graduate student by Monday, July 28 after I speak with the AJU registrar.
  7. pugbelly

    pugbelly New Member


  8. Jmorgan-at-AJU

    Jmorgan-at-AJU New Member

    Thanks Pug!

    And to jek2839 and Vinipink:

    Welcome to the AJU Family!!

    If you ever need anything while you are with us, contact me and I will be glad to help. ([email protected] & 800-429-9300 ext 112)
  9. TCord1964

    TCord1964 New Member

    Question for JMorgan:

    Can unofficial transcripts be faxed to the admissions department, or must they be mailed? I am still waiting on my transcripts from a brick-and-mortar college, but I have already applied to AJU.
  10. Vinipink

    Vinipink Accounting Monster

    Thank you sir, I will definitely take your word on that!
  11. Petedude

    Petedude New Member

    Too bad I haven't finished my Bachelor's yet, or I'd probably be jumping on the AJU MBA bandwagon.

    The only thing I don't like so far about the program is there doesn't appear to be a requirement for an international or global business class. Maybe I'd just have to transfer one in. . .
  12. jek2839

    jek2839 New Member

    Thanks again and I may just email you every once and a while to let you know how things are going with my studies.

    B Blessed,
  13. Vinipink

    Vinipink Accounting Monster


    You can send your unofficial for the evaluation and the process by fax, once you are enrolled you can forward the official ones to AJU.
  14. TCord1964

    TCord1964 New Member

    Great! Hopefully the B&M school won't drag their feet and will get the transcript to me ASAP.
  15. TCord1964

    TCord1964 New Member

    Just to get things rolling, I'm considering sending the transcripts I do have on Monday (SMART and Penn Foster College, which total about 97 credits). The University of Wisconsin transcript will only have 9 credits on it. I'm thinking I could fax over the transcripts I do have, which are the bulk of my credits, for the unofficial evaluation, and see how many AJU will take. They accept a maximum of 90 credit hours in transfer. I can always forward the UW transcript when I officially enroll. At least I'll have an idea of what my starting point is.

    Is this a good idea, or will AJU hold me to my initial transcript evaluation? It is an unofficial credit evaluation, after all.
  16. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member


    Is there a way you could print out an unofficial grade report from the B&M school website you are waiting on? Maybe one of the AJU counselors will see this and comment. The evaluation will be performed on the condition of the formal and final eval being done with verification of the original sealed transcripts anyway.

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  17. TCord1964

    TCord1964 New Member

    Hi Abner,

    No, the only way to get my grades and credits from the B&M school is to send them a check for $7, along with a form I filled out from their web site, which I've done. There is no online access. Since we're only talking 9 credits here I think I'll have a pretty good idea where I stand if I just send what I have now, and have all official transcripts sent when (and if) I officially enroll. Otherwise, I think I'll be waiting for my last remaining transcript for two or three weeks.
  18. Vinipink

    Vinipink Accounting Monster

    I will say contact them first and ask, but to be in the safe side you should send everything you got, this way is likely you get the 90 credits transfer.
  19. theArizonaState

    theArizonaState New Member


    I have a degree from Arizona State in Recreation Management.
    Needless to say it's not that lucrative, will the AJU MBA prepare me and qualify me to sit for the CPA exam?
  20. Vincey37

    Vincey37 New Member

    If by prepare you mean you'll learn some things that will be on the exam, of course. If you mean the MBA will cover even a simple majority of the topics you'll find on the exam, absolutely not.

    As for qualify, I have personal experience with a state board breaking their own written law when it comes to acceptance of qualifications and the NA/RA issue. Unless you want to go to court over this, call the state board or NASBA and get an answer before you do anything. They are the only ones who can give you a definitive response, because they are the ones who will be accepting or denying your application.

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