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    Great information. Thanks for the post.
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    free audio books: listen online, download, or burn.
    Tons of classic American and English literature.
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    Should be stuck in the beginning!

    As I am very cheap, and always looking for new subjects to cover, I guess I have to thank you very much for this post, very nice work.

    I agree that this thread should be stuck to the beginning of the FORUM.

    Thanks again, you covered a very important issue.
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    Thanks, I found this list very useful.
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    Trial online class session for Graduate Cert. in Theology and Spirituality

    Hello, This is a free preview of the grad certificate offered by the Franciscan Center at WTU. If interested you must contact Dr. Ken Harrington [email protected] or Sr, Ilia Delio OSF, PHD [email protected] The final day for contact for this session is 10/22/08. They will send you username and pass-codes for this session. Hille
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    These all appear to require paying a fee.
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    Now a days every people wants to learn through online.So these are the very helpful courses which are listing here.

    Thanks for posting
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    I registered and viewed a few courses at no cost. As I recall the courses were not in-depth (like many free courses).
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    Free online learning

    I found these links very useful. Thanks.
    I also wanted to add that these courses even though they may not be accredited are an excellent way to prepare for placement exams prior to applying to accredited or degree programs. Online resources are invaluable!
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    It's Holiday Season and I had some extra time so here my recent free-certificate-hunting-news:

    I took the BENEFIT course at Washington University The material is quite interesting and deep in contrast to most other free courses. Still, it's doable quite fast, but there is one problem. The certificate looks reaaaallly crappy, just take a look at the attached screenshot.
    And there is a new course offered by the United States Institute for Peace. (well not so new, I took the other one a few month ago) It's about Interfaith Conflict, the same deal like with the other one and they even send the printed certificate around world for free. You can find it at:

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    Thank you! I have found this list extremely helpful, especially the ones with algebra :)
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    Please introduce me some free online course in Advertising or Media on Marketing

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    Dont forget Cliffnotes... has some great resources to practice many CLEP and DANTES subjects.
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    Courses in Tourism/Hospitality

    Could you please give me links offering couses involving in Tourism studies/management?
    Many thanks!
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