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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by TCord1964, Oct 8, 2005.

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    I had a negative opinion about them (I was student there in 2013, maybe they improved since then or maybe not), but well... some free stuff here:
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    I'm sort of getting a negative vibe, too. They say they're accredited (and also offer complete degrees) but they don't say who the accreditor is. And they say that credit for their courses is easily transferable to other schools - just show them the certs you got for the courses here and boom - you're in. Hmmm---

    They also say they're affiliated with SMC (Swiss Management College). We have long, long threads on SMC. One of SMC or SMU - both related - claims legit accreditation in Malta, I think. Possibly using that, are they? Don't like ads that say they're accredited, but do not name the accreditor - or schools that say their courses have ultra-wide acceptance, without a shred of proof.

    Free courses? Sure. But you'll probably get bombarded with stuff for the paid ones...
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  5. Maniac Craniac

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  7. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    No degrees to criticize, no foreign accreditation sleuthing needed, no credits or ECTS to pore over, no FAFSA or student loan hassles. What a concept! It's just like a HOLIDAY! I LOVE IT! :)
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    I’ve heard of “Holiday for Strings.” But this sounds like a “Holiday without Strings” !
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  10. Messdiener

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    Interesting find, @Mac Juli. I only clicked through a half dozen or so courses, but this French site seems to be a directory of free courses elsewhere.

    For example, some of the business & management courses advertised send you to,,, and I think most of us have come across these providers before.

    Some of the technology-related ones pointed towards the Great Learning Academy, which I had not seen before:

    They provide tracks in Data Science, Full-stack Development, and other areas and help you to study a number of short courses to see if they are the right fit for you. Far as I can tell, all of them are free, which looks rather promising!
  11. Johann

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    Great Learning Academy points to a LOT of big-name (e.g. MIT) University-based programs, cert. and full degree, including Master's . Those are great, but pretty far from "free" territory. I suggest the General forum for discussion on Great Learning Academy.

    Both are feeder sites, I guess. Formation Gratuite feeds the less expensive sources and Great Learning Academy feeds, in general, the more expensive ones.

    "Something appealing, something appalling,
    Something for everyone, get your learn on, tonight."

    (Once again, apologies to Zero Mostel.)
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    Good catch, Johann. I didn't spend enough time during my first look-through to spot the 'degrees' button at the top of the site and thus only looked through the free career training.

    Thanks for catching that!
  13. Johann

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    You're welcome. After all, I have to do something to earn my generous DI salary. :)
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  14. Maniac Craniac

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    10 Hour Course.

    At the press release for this program, they showed a sample certificate. For some reason, it has the NFL logo, modified with the word "Alumni". I can't find any information on the website nor Google search as to why that is. I skimmed through parts of the press release video and heard no hint of reference to the NFL, but I didn't listen to the whole thing so it's possible I just missed it.

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  15. Vicki

    Vicki Well-Known Member

    I googled it and found that they are getting marketing support from NFL alumni.
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  17. Dustin

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    I am put off by the Google Ads on that website. A professional school should be able to sustain themselves without needing to sell ads on the same page they're trying to recruit you! Others will need to chime in about whether EuroAccredit is valid accreditation but I'm assuming it's not.
  18. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Right. No accreditation or equivalent whatsoever. They even say so - then bury it in bloofus. Copy here;

    Academy Europe could be a non-formal education institute for adult students. Its non-traditional study programs don’t follow the Ministry of Education’s guidelines since they’re not standard; they’re designed to suit adult student’s needs. As a consequence, certain government positions, professions or occupational licenses require the possession of traditional education channel degrees. In other words, a non-government accredited, free and personal distance learning institution, because it is Academy Europe, awards titles that can’t be utilized in some areas where state licensing is demanded. the popularity of personal distance universities’ degrees is usually discretional. (emphasis mine- J.)
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  19. tadj

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    Here's the full information from their website:

    Academy Europe Legal Status

    Academy Europe is a legal education company in Germany. It is not classified as an university. It is a private educational institution. Academy Europe never offers university degree by Germany government. It is offered life-long-learning education programs with their diplomas or certificates as official proof of them.

    Academy Europe MBA degrees do not need any Ministries of Education authorization. Its statute is recognized by the German operating authorities and government; Academy Europe Publishing Ltd. is approved by the Government of German Registrar of Companies (Act No. 10 of 1996) which provides its legal authority to operate as an International Private Institution. Its incorporation documents are duly apostilled according to the 1961 Hague Convention and legally recognized around the world.

    Academy Europe Accredidation
    Academy Europe is fully accredited and registered. Our academic accreditations include –

    • AdvancED – Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI)
    • EuroAccredit – European Online Schools Accreditation and Organisation.
    • Middle East Association Commission on Academic Schools (MSA-CESS)
    • Accreditation International (Ai)
    • European Council for Private Schools Accreditation (ECPSA)
    • ISO/TC232 Education and Learning Services
    • ISO 21001:2018 EOMS
  20. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Iso Standards? HA! That's been done -often. I remember someone once remarking, "What are the ISO standards for a degree mill, anyway?" Using ISO to simulate degree granting permission has been debunked many times.

    Some of the 7 items may have some value - others definitely not - But I don't see one atom of real degree-granting authority in all 7 items. @tadj, I value your opinion on these things. Let me know if you feel I'm wrong - please.

    These "degrees" may be "legal" - somewhere. But show me a State that recognizes them.
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